What?! Another pick-up website??

And this would be a very legitimate question indeed, my friend. The World Wide Web is currently clogged by material revolving around the modern men-to-women dynamics, and just looking at the sheer volume of resources available on that subject, one can quickly have an idea that something is not quite right. Because if things were right, there would be no need talk so extensively about it.

Let’s take an example: when did you last heard about a bootcamp to help you better shop at the supermarket? If you are like me, the answer is “never”. And this would be perfectly normal: why on earth would someone need to hire a coach to perform such a basic task like going to the supermarket and getting some groceries?! Now it must be said that in the wonderful Information Age, where there seem to be a guide for everything and a blog on everything, such a service may even exist, and maybe it’s being marketed as “experiencing a stress-free shopping experience”, or “optimising time and cost of your shopping routine”, or even “reducing carbon footprint of your shopping cart”. But even if such a service existed, let’s call it a niche thing, shall we? That would not be a response to a primary need, but more the result of a society where people have nothing bigger to worry about.

Now someone could argue: “ok there are no bootcamps to help people better shop for groceries while there are bootcamps to teach guys how to talk to girls, but shopping for groceries depends pretty much just on you and the approval from other people is not needed to be successful, so this comparison is not valid”.

Fair enough, let’s take another example, let’s consider job hunting. Surely finding a job is a primary need, and surely there is a demand for agencies acting like intermediaries, for coaches to help you improve your interview skills, for websites to share their wisdom through articles such as “10 tips for impressing your recruiter”, for books to hone your skills, and so on and so forth. So, the resources available to job applicants can relate somehow to the resources available to aspiring seducers. Let’s look at the dynamics of the job market. Most applicants still manage to find a job if they really want to. And maybe it’s not their dream job, but at least they get to pay the bills at the end of the month. Conversely, some recruiters may struggle to find straight away the exact profile they are looking for, and maybe they will find it eventually, but otherwise they will just hire someone that looks promising and will develop the sought-after requirements after a period of training. Some people hand over the resignation letter to the company so that they can pursue new job opportunities, and conversely some companies hand over to the unfortunate employee the dismissal letter because their services are no longer required. Without going too deep in the analysis, let’s just say that there are quite a lot of similarities between the job marketplace and the sexual marketplace, but there are also some key differences: the first-world dating/relationship scene has an element of tension, bitterness, hostility and protest movements that the first world job hunting/recruitment scene has not; the latter may not be perfect but still works, while in the former something seems to have gone terribly wrong. 

And the reason for these key differences is that the modern men-to-women dynamics in the western world are quite simply fucked-up! (excuse my French)

Simple as that.

Looking at things from men’s perspective only, this situation has led to an exponential increase of resources available to help men navigating the sexual market place, and of virtual areas where men can gather to discuss, advise, seek help, complain, protest.

On one side we have countless dating coaches offering their services through phone coaching, bootcamps, books, videos, podcasts and so on.

On another side we have aspiring seducers congregating in forums to share techniques and advice on how to be more successful with the opposite sex.

Then we have gatherings of men that have had enough of women and want nothing to do with them ever again.

Then we have congregations of men that would like to have some action with women but they find themselves cut out of the equation.

…etc etc etc…

And finally, we have blogs of people who want to share their opinion on the modern sexual market place and/or their journey in it, and prefer to do so in a more structured way (i.e. in a dedicated blog) rather than in a forum. At one end of the spectrum there are authors who take a very theoretical approach and describe the macro-level dynamics between men and women with the same rigour that you can find in a book of Subsonic Aerodynamics. On the other end of the spectrum there are authors that focus only on sharing lay reports and dating adventures. Nothing wrong with any of them of course, we all see things from different angles and through different eyes. 

Me I prefer to take more of a pragmatic micro-level approach rather than a theorical macro-level view, and I’m planning to share more first-hand learnings and observations and less detailed reports of my adventures.

As of now the posts will be divided in four categories:

Out of the matrix: macro-level reflections on the status of the SMP and their micro-level effects

Building you aura: some tips to maximise female attention

Using your aura: my experience in converting (or at least attempting to) female attention into something more tangible

Diary: observations from some of my experiences


The Essentials:
• Fundamentals