How often do women swipe right on Tinder?

How much do girls swipe right on Tinder?
What is the average match rate for women on Tinder?
What does Tinder look like from a female perspective?
How do girls use Tinder?

Let’s assume that those are questions sent by the readers, and not a nice bait for the search engines. Yeah… let’s assume so ;)

Fact is, my friend, that no matter how you bumped into this blog, I’ve got you covered with an entire post discussing the above questions and more. And as a bonus, it also contains a comment from a girl reader who was kind enough to share her perspective on using Tinder:

Women show us how they use Tinder

If you are in a rush, here’s an exec summary for you:

● Tinder data provided by 6 girls
● Ranging from 18 to 25 years old
● Swiping for a period between 1 and 60 months
● Swiped right on 4.1% of profiles on average (!)
● Matched with 58% of those right swipes on average (!)

And since I’m so generous, here’s also the summary table from the other post:


Pretty grim outlook for men indeed. But the good news is that attendance on your part is not mandatory. I myself tried Tinder back in 2017, and wrote it off completely within a month or so. Here is the story:

Understanding women: after online dating

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