Glasses and Sunglasses: common mistakes

Two things to avoid, and one to get

There is some unawareness and/or misinformation when it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses or sunglasses. In particular, when someone goes for one of the following items, they are making a mistake:

Round glasses
✗ Non-polarized lenses (sunglasses)
✗ Blue lenses (sunglasses)

This is what you should keep in mind instead:

✓ Avoid round glasses
✓ Get polarized lenses (sunglasses)
✓ Avoid blue lenses (sunglasses)

Quite a few people don’t realise that they are either hindering their looks by wearing round glasses, or they aren’t doing their eyes a favour going for non-polarized and/or blue lenses when it comes to sunglasses. I was guilty of using non-polarized lenses myself until three years ago.

Avoid: round glasses

The first mistake has to do with selecting glasses/sunglasses having a shape that doesn’t go well with the shape of your face, and here round glasses are the biggest offenders. Let’s look at the image below:


Growing up into adulthood with a chiselled jawline and a conventionally attractive face is something people don’t have a say on, and that’s fine, we accept the unchangeables. On the other hand, what is not fine is getting the changeables wrong, and making the situation worse as a result.

Simply put most, the great majority of people would be better-off without wearing round glasses. “And why is that?” you may ask. Because both through the changeables we have some control over (e.g. haircut, stubble), and especially through the ones we have full control over (e.g. glasses/sunglasses), our task is to get as close as possible to having a “conventionally attractive” face.

Unless your face is nicely chiselled, round glasses will do damage to your Looks, and the rounder the shape of your face, the bigger the damage done by those round glasses. Just look at the girls in the top line of the above collage: round glasses on round faces, not the way to go, they are literarily shooting themselves in the foot. In the middle line, the two girls with the green tickbox can pull off round glasses just fine, but they are pretty lucky to have such beautiful faces to start with. Remaining in the middle line, the girl to the left with orange tickbox can still manage to pull off them somehow, but think about that: how much sexier would she look with a different pair of more rectangular and narrower glasses? YMMV, but to me the answer is “much more”.

When it comes to the guys, the three dudes with the green tickbox can still pull off the round glasses, without doing themselves a favour though. The guy in the bottom left is just borderline, and he’s shooting himself in the foot.

Let’s look at some different images.


The girl on the left-hand side is hindering her Looks like that, while the girl on the right-hand side still looks nice wearing those round glasses, but seriously, look at how beautiful she is to start with!

So let’s move the comparison on equal level, and let’s look at the image below.


In my opinion, both the girl on the left-hand side and especially the one in the middle are getting much more from their glasses in terms of image. When I now look again at the beautiful girl on the right-hand side, the shape of her glasses seems just clumsy to me. Picture her wearing the glasses of the girl in the middle: breathtaking.

Let’s move on to a comparison which is relevant to us guys.


It should be clear by now, but the dude on the right-hand side has a fairly elongated and chiselled face, so he can wear those glasses just fine. Also, if you look closely, they are not even completely round but elongated sideways on the top. The dude on the left-hand side has a much rounder face, and he’s shooting himself in the foot like that.

Let’s wrap up this initial section with some more girls:


With respect of their sunglasses only, the sweet smiley girl on the left-hand side is not doing herself a favour going for the fully rounded frame, while the Diva-looking girl on the right-hand side has a much better frame, and her nice sunglasses barely compensate for her entitled attitude. Think about that: if you were to swap their sunglasses, the smiley sweet girl would be on top of this game, and the wannabee Diva would not get a second look from you ever again.

And all this should have made my point clear on why round glasses and round sunglasses are best avoided.

But I just spent a nice sum of money on a pair of round glasses?

I can imagine how you feel right now, and I really mean it. You are now in a “sunk cost fallacy” scenario, and we will cover this topic in great details at some point in the future, since nobody can really be High Value as long as they haven’t fully understood the reason why that decision-making mechanism is completely flawed. Once that is clear, you will notice how people around you take flawed decisions all day long, in many different and common everyday scenarios, and at that point what they say will sound just cringeworthy to you, since you will clearly see their hamster taking decisions on their behalf, before they start rationalising those decisions backwards out loud to be in peace with themselves: yes, the human mind is flawed indeed.

For now, let me just ask you a few questions: assuming you can financially afford to buy a new pair of glasses straight away, what would you rather do? Keep using the round glasses that will make your round face even rounder, hindering your Looks as a result, just because you have to “use the product you bought” to be in peace with yourself? Or would you rather go and buy something that makes you look way better straight away? Fact is: you have now spent that sum of money on the round glasses, fine, but using those glasses for a certain amount of time will not give you any of that money back. If your hamster (we all have one in our head, don’t worry), if your hamster manages to convince you to go ahead and use those glasses for say six months before buying a new pair, so that your mind will be able to rationalise to itself that the money wasn’t completely wasted, then guess what? For the next six months you will have hindered your Looks quite significantly, only to then spend the exact same amount of money that you could have spent tomorrow, to buy a more rectangular pair of glasses which look way better on you. Don’t let the flawed human mind control yourself with its hamstering. It’s not your fault that the human mind is flawed, but it is your fault when you let that flawed mechanism control your decision-making process.

And today’s psychology course is now over :)

Get: polarised lenses

My eyes are light, and I’ve been always sensitive to sunlight and glares.

I thought it was a myth?

Let’s put it this way: my eyes are light, I’ve always been sensitive to sunlight and glare, and then whether the two things are related or not doesn’t bother me in the slightest :)

As I was saying, I’ve been using sunglasses all my life, and up until three years ago, every time I had to buy a pair of sunglasses all the discussion with the vendor plus all my decision-making process was focused on the shape of the glasses, on the colour of the lenses, on the width of the side sticks, etc. Fact is, nobody ever mentioned two key parameters to me, which I then discovered by myself eventually, making the best out of the Information Age:

● Category of the lenses
● Polarization of the lenses

If you look at the internal part of the side stick of your sunglasses, you will find a number-letter combination, where the number refers to the category of the lenses, and the letter to polarization (P) or lack thereof (N).

Let’s have a look at the lenses by category:

● Cat 1 = for fashion purposes only, they provide very limited protection.

● Cat 2 = for general use, they provide good protection from visible light and from UV rays (this is the most common category of lenses).

● Cat 3 = they provide extra protection from visible light and UV rays, and will usually only allow less than 20% of visible light to penetrate the lens.

● Cat 4 = they provide the highest level of protection from visible light and UV rays.  They are for specific situations (e.g. mountaineering in white snow, navigation in open sea) and not for everyday use. They are not to be worn when driving, because they are too dark and only allow less than 10% of light to transmit through the lens.

Let’s move to polarization, and let’s look at this image.


Looks familiar? Glare can be a real pain in the ass, and the most common example I can think of is the glare from the car just in front of you while driving. And not only does glare have a negative effect on your eyes, but also on your face, since your skin is all contracted while you squeak your eyes to fight the glare and limit the amount of light entering into your eyes: stay long enough with the skin contracted in such a way, day in and day out, and you will end up with some not-so-fine lines as a result.

Back in the day, after reading an interesting piece of article explaining everything from lens categories to the benefits of polarization, I reached for my then sunglasses, and guess what? 2N, meaning lenses for general use (2) and not polarized (N): no wonder my eyes kept suffering while driving, after spending the day at the beach, and generally speaking after spending long periods out there in the sun.

At that point I mentally went back to the conversations which had happened while I was buying the previous two/three pair of sunglasses: a lot of smiles, a lot of focus on the shape of the frame and the colour of the lenses, but not a single word on category and polarization of the lenses! Either they didn’t want to introduce additional variables into the equation, since a buyer may be confused by all those variables and may postpone the purchase to “think a bit more about it”, or they just had no clue of category and polarization, but this latter scenario is less likely.

Polarized lenses reduce eye strain and also provide protection from harmful UV rays, and these are the reasons behind my recommendation. Keeping things very simple, let’s just say that it’s the horizontal light waves which are responsible for the blinding feeling you have when the sun reflects off the bumper of the car in front of you. What polarized lenses do, thanks to a special chemical applied during the manufacturing process, is to block the horizontal component of the light, and this eliminates glare. Et voilà, these are the wonders of polarized lenses for you.

Armed with this new knowledge, I proceeded to buy this pair of 3P sunglasses:

● Prada Sport PS54IS 5AV/5Z1 Gunmetal (65mm)

I then proceeded to buy another two pairs, and one of them I leave it in the car at all times, literarily that pair is not allowed to come back up here in the apartment lol. Let’s see the reasons why: at times you set off in the morning leaving your sunglasses home, since the sky is all cloudy and grey, you don’t need them and actually they seem like a burden on top of your head while driving. Then the sky eventually clears up, and you are forced to drive back without sunglasses and with full sunlight, glare, reflections and all that: not an ideal situation.

For the additional two pair of sunglasses I went with a less famous but still high-quality manufacturer, as high as it gets in terms of value for money since you only pay for the lenses/frame and not for the brand. And since the above Prada model works just great with the shape of my face, I decided to go with exactly the same frame shape also for the additional two pairs, because:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Let’s wrap up this section with a real-life example. I was in my brother’s car and we were driving in the countryside outside the city. In the past I had already mentioned to him more than once how good my polarized lenses were, but he just wouldn’t listen. The sun was in a particular position and the glare from the cars in front of us was just horrible (what I mean is that even with the polarized lenses the eye fatigue was a bit more than usual, but the situation was still very much acceptable). And I went like:

How about we swap sunglasses, I wear your 3N for the rest of the trip, and you wear my 3P to see if you like the polarized lenses?

He didn’t say much while he was driving. Then, after an hour or so, as we were back in the city, he drove directly to shop where I had bought them before going back home, and he now he uses them all the time. Polarized lenses are that good, I recommend you always go for 3P.

Avoid: blue lenses

Keeping this part quick and simple, let’s just say that the colour of your lenses is the colour of the component of light that the same lenses let pass through them. And if you get yourself a pair of blue sunglasses, then guess what? All the blue component of light passes through them and reaches your eyes, defeating the very principle of wearing sunglasses in the first place.

Blue lenses are just for fashion, avoid them at all costs, just like you would avoid these two entitled bitc… ehm… just like you would avoid these two entitled women wearing them.


I know my friend, those haughty looks are not the best way to end this conversation, but it’s for the best: in this way you won’t ever forget to stay away from blue lenses ;)

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