The Daygamer’s gym outfit

Distinguishing yourself the right way

The gym can be an interesting place to meet girls, if you do things right. It’s actually one of my favourite daygame environments, and I will write several dedicated posts about it when I finally start writing on Game. That moment is getting closer guys, but for the time being we need to wrap up the section on Fundamentals first, since the gist of my game is letting my Fundamentals do most of the work for me, or at the very least most of the initial work. Hence, in this post we will focus exclusively on getting the gym outfit right.

Based on what I’ve personally seen over the years in different gyms around the world, I’d say that conservatively speaking a good 95% of you guys reading this post are going to be somewhat angry/bitter at me for what I’m about to say here, so let me mention three things before we get started.

First, the “I’m not taking a shot at you post” was written for a reason, and considering that it’s also quite funny to read, you may as well read it. Then, if you get the gym outfit right, you will gain a hell of a lot of extra points thanks to it, since most guys get this point either completely wrong or at the very list partially wrong. Finally, the usual dose of reality before we get started: once you get the gym outfit right, you won’t become a chick magnet overnight just like that, drawing to you all girls present at the gym plus also a few passer-byes thanks to your new clothes; no, but you will move from losing a few points due to your clothes to actually gaining some, and this gain can be considerable if you do things right.

Those conservative number of 95% of guys I was referring to before, whose gym outfit is suboptimal at the very best, can be split into the following categories:

● The Major Offenders
● The Clueless
● The Try-Hards
● The Bros
● The Nice Guys
● The Athletes
● The Fairly-Cool Guys

Without further ado, let’s start looking at some images I found online.

The Major Offenders


This is really as bad as it gets. The major offenders have white socks up to an unspecified point above the ankle, and at times they are drenched in sweat like the above guy with the orange vest (chick repellent trait). They also exhibit a few items which are shared with some other categories, like those full-hand high-grip gloves circled in red (Try-Hard trait), or “lifestyle” shoes that don’t belong to the gym (Nice Guy trait).

The Clueless


Typical traits here are the shorts, a not-so-cool vest, and possibly some old-fashioned white runners just to add insult to injury. The key item penalising guys in this category is the vest, since it’s simply cringeworthy when used like that (in all fairness, those vests are simply cringeworthy all the time).

The dude on the top left could easily be promoted to the Nice Guy category if he went for a T-shirt rather than the vest, but as long as he wears that not-so-cool vest with that huge white image, he stays in here. The dude on the top right could be upgraded to the Bro category if he had at least some real muscle under that vest. The second dude from right could go into the Nice Guy category if he had at least an armhole vest model covering some more of his skin, or to the Bro category if he had a looser and less old-fashioned vest, and if generally speaking he upgraded his clothes to a more “pro” finishing.

The Try-Hards


These guys are not real athletes, and they simply try too hard. Typical traits here are a “compressor” top (either T-shirt or full-sleeve shirt), looser sweatpants or shorts, and the unmissable… the one and only… the try-hard flagship… yes, you guessed it right… the airpods!

Try-Hard flagship

Guys, it’s not that I’m taking a shot at you if you go to the gym with the airpods, it’s just that, after being leveraged by an army of not-so-confident guys (and girls) to be perceived as “cool”, it’s only natural for the airpods to be perceived as try-hard. Girls are “naturals” when it comes to figuring out people based on their body language, and the try-hard vibe which is most often typical of the person whose ears the airpods are hanged to, well that vibe is simply unmissable. There is a niche of girls who is attracted to that kind of vibe though, and we talked about those girls already (Gold Diggers & Co.). Fact is, your screening mechanism should be fine-tuned to screen girls like that out, not in, but then it’s up to you.

Just recently I noticed a Try-Hard at my gym. He doesn’t have any “compressor” items, simply because he can’t pull those off, but he has the airpods, and he walks just like someone who is trying “a bit” too hard to be cool. The other day he was on the phone discussing some “serious stuff” while training, and then something magic happened: he stopped talking halfway during the conversation, he started doing some machine-assisted pull-ups (with a fair amount of extra help from the machine), moaning all the way through the set, for the pleasure of his interlocutor of course, and then he continued discussing his “serious stuff” when the set was over. Guys, don’t be like that please, since those profiles are repellent to the emotionally healthy girls. Be strong, damn strong; and be confident, damn confident; but also be humble, sociable and in peace with yourself. This is the key, and it shows in the way you carry yourself.

In theory, it’s possible to wear all the above items while still being a confident, down-to-earth and sociable guy at the gym, and maybe this is your case. But in all the gyms where I’ve trained so far in my life, I’ve never seen this happen.

The Bros


A gym’s classic. Their outfits are just too revealing, and they tend to project an over-the-top narcissistic vibe. They may possibly be doing well with their niche of girls (their female equivalent), but if you do things right, you can beat them with the girls in that niche too.

Usually these guys are more interested in taking selfies of their huge muscles in front of the mirror, or in filming each other executing sets, rather than socialising with the girls training there at the gym. Most likely they never read my post on the concept of “sweet spot + negative returns” (see here). Still, they like building muscle, they are passionate about that hobby of theirs, and that’s fine by me.

When you, a guy one third their size, and who lifts a fraction of what they lift, position yourself next to them to perform an exercise, and their vibe is perturbated even just a tiny bit by your presence, then you know for sure you are doing something right with your Vibe. We will talk about this in the future.

The Nice Guys


Getting better already, but still not gaining any points on the outfit alone. Typical traits here are the shorts, and a cotton shirt of regular/tailored fit (hence a bit too large for the standards we aim for), with maybe a couple of big-but-not-huge signs or sentences printed on it.

The Athletes

These guys are serious about lifting weights. They are pros compared to the Nice Guys, and they lack the “revealing” & show-off vibe of the Bros. They have a huge amount of muscles, and they wear “compressor” tops and bottoms for a reason. Contrary to the Bros, their tops don’t leave all that skin exposed, and they hardly take any selfies in front of the mirror. At times you may see them being recorded while performing a set, but it’s mainly to check proper technique and record a possibly important moment in terms of the weight they lift. If you look at the image of the Bros category again, the dude on the top right may be considered an Athlete depending on what he wears as tops.

The Fairly Cool Guys


These guys are a step ahead of the other categories in terms of gym fashion. I spent a few years myself in this category in the past, but my clothes were not as branded as the ones shown in the pictures above.

The principle here is simple: shorts & armhole vest, either in shiny polyester or in a more “technical” fabric which looks just the same. A possible variation is going for a fitted T-shirt rather than the armhole vest. Bottoms in polyester/technical fabric and tops in cotton is also possible, and actually it’s better, since it brings you one step further fashion-wise. The right fit is essential here, as well as the right colour combination.

The Fairly Cool Guys usually keep their radar on while training, and they tend to be sociable since they too are playing the Game at the gym. More often than not they are also fairly big, hence if you cannot beat them on muscles, you beat them somewhere else. Without even disturbing things like Vibe, Social Calibration, and grooming, let’s see where you can gain an important extra boost in terms of Looks, let’s look at the Daygamer’s gym outfit.

The Daygamer

All previous categories share two common mistakes: first, they get the bottoms completely wrong; then, they all get the tops wrong, but with different degrees of wrongness this time. Yeah, they are quite comprehensive in getting the gym outfit wrong…

In all previous categories, the bottoms consist of either shorts, leggings, or regular-fit sweatpants. This is what we need to correct first, so let me introduce you to the game changer.

The game changer

With a tracksuit like that you already position yourself miles ahead compared to the other guys, since it’s much more stylish. The right fit is essential here: length just above the ankle but not short [2], tight at the calves and then a bit looser from the knee up (it’s not a pair of Bro/Athlete leggings). I recommend you steer away from white and bright colours, since they don’t deliver in the same way as stylish colours like the ones shown above do. If you get the right tracksuit but with the wrong colour (e.g. bright red, green, yellow, white, light bright blue, etc) you position yourself above the other categories (sort of), but you don’t fully belong to this category here, since you miss the extra boost because of the wrong colour.

The tracksuits I own, in different colours, are:

● Adidas – Tiro 15 climacool
● Adidas – Tiro 17 climacool

I’ve seen a few guys with similar tracksuits, but in cotton rather than technical fabric. Those different tracksuits I’m referring to have a tight elastic band at the ankle, and then they are a bit looser all the way up to the hip. In terms of fashion they still work (they lose a bit in terms of fit), but I’m just not sure how warm they can get during the workout. While selecting your tracksuit, I recommend you also steer away from big “air max”, “just do it” or “originals” sign, since those big signs would bring you back to a different category.

After sorting out the bottoms, you need to get the tops right. If you look closely at the image just above, you will notice that the length of the T-shirt is just right, and the fit impeccable. It needs to surround your body like a glove, but without constraining it like a compressor item. Ideally you want the T-shirt to envelop chest and shoulders almost like a compressor top (the only difference being that it’s your muscles compressing the T-shirt, and not the other way around), and then a little bit more relaxed around the waist. Just to be clear, “a little bit more relaxed” doesn’t mean regular fit, it means that it doesn’t proactively compress your waist, but rather envelopes it gently [3]. It’s also important for the sleeves to go a bit below the shoulder, but not halfway between shoulder and elbow, otherwise the T-shirt looks like an old-fashioned vest.

After testing a lot of models by different brands, I found the best T-shirt in terms of fit and colour at Decathlon:

Domyos 500 slim-fit gym T-shirt [edit Mar-2020: no longer recommended]

The material is not the best, considering that there is a full 34% of polyester and no “climacool” nor “Dri-FIT” technologies, but this model is the best I could find in terms of fit, and it also costs pennies. I tried (and bought) a couple of climacool T-shirts from Adidas, and they are actually great for cardio and aerobics, but in terms of fit they are just too loose and too long. The Decathlon T-shirt sucks at cardio, it really does, but for workouts is just perfect [edit Mar-2020: this is no longer true]. I also tried some 100% cotton T-shirts from Nike, but their fit was just horrible (too long, too loose).

[edit Mar-2020: after one year of being used and then washed on average once a week, each of the Decathlon T-shirts I bought and which I was previously recommending started to stink of something synthetic during the workout. Hardly an ideal situation, especially considering that any kind of smell is particularly repulsive to women.

I went back to Decathlon, only to find out that not only did the T-shirt still have 34% of everyday polyester in it, but to add insult to injury said cheap polyester now was even recycled, and the previously tight V-shaped neck had become a tight vest-like round neck. As such, my only choice was to write off that T-shirt model and remove my previous recommendation.

For now, I have settled with some Zara “deluxe” T-shirts made of 100% cotton. They are a bit too loose around the waist for my liking, but they are tight enough around the shoulders and the chest, the neck is not vest-like, and most importantly they don’t release a synthetic stink during the workout. Let’s see if this is still true in one year’s time – end of edit]

When it comes to shoes, use your fantasy: they are mainly a cherry on the cake if you have done the other things right. I recommend you stay away from Nice Guys shoes (e.g. Converse, casual Adidas and Puma models like the “Stan Smith”, Nike “lifestyle” models, etc) and from Clueless shoes (i.e. old-fashioned white runners). Icon models like the Air Max are not ideal for lifting weights, and powerlifting shoes are an overkill for most guys, but if you like this latter model, just go ahead with it. I personally went with the:

● Nike – Zoom Winflo 4 Shield (black/orange)

In terms of comfort they are just fantastic, and they also look nice. You also need a chronometer to keep track of rest times, but you don’t need a “connected” watch displaying heart rate, steps you have walked, texts you have received, and all those similarly induced (rather than real) needs, you really don’t. You just need to see how long it has been since your last set, and I got myself this 20-euro watch which works just fine:

● CASIO Collection W-800H-1AVES


We have covered the most common gym outfits which guys use at the gym, and conservatively speaking, 95% of guys belong to one of the initial seven categories. While that’s fine in terms of working out, that’s a bit less fine in terms of generating attraction. When you switch to the Daygamer’s gym outfit, you immediately distinguishing yourself the right way, since it looks just much more stylish. And as a bonus, it’s also extremely practical for working out.

Sure, there is still a lot of work to do if you want to successfully approach and escalate things with the girls at the gym. But by getting the outfit right, you at least make sure that your clothes will help you in the process, rather than slowing you down / block you.

Maybe you know someone who uses one of the initial seven outfits, and that someone is doing very well with the girls at the gym. This is a perfectly possible scenario, we saw a similar situation when we were talking about suits, and we already drew some conclusions there. As a matter of fact, I spent most of my gym years in a Fairly-Cool outfit, while still doing well with the girls at the gym. But having seen both sides of this fence, let me tell you that when you switch to the Daygamer’s gym outfit, all else being equal, things just get much easier in terms of generating attraction.

[1] I consider the gym to be a “Vibe amplifier”, meaning that the amplified version of your real Vibe is exposed there, and hence you’d better make sure your dominant Vibe is on point. In addition to that, top-notch Social Calibration is essential to first approach and then escalate things with the girls at the gym, since the gym is one of those environments where you go regularly, people know you, and both your reputation and the reputation the girls you approach is extremely important there.

[2] The way I do it is I pull the tracksuit slightly up before the set, and then down afterwards. Unless you are interested in attracting male attention, try not to look gay at the gym. A short tracksuit ending mid-calf is not the “straightest” of the looks, and as such I recommend you to avoid it. Originally only girls were wearing clothes that short, and for good reasons I’d say.

[3] If you have a belly and you are still working in getting rid of that, just get some slightly looser T-shirts for now, and then switch to the fit I was recommending once you are at 15% of body fat.

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