Nightgame “Quick Turnaround” Method

Especially good when going out alone

When I went back into the dating market roughly 30 months ago, online dating and nightgame were my initial default options for meeting some new girls, and I’d say most guys tend to follow a similar pattern initially. Fact is, in terms of “barriers to approach” nightgame and especially online dating are much more forgiving compared to other types of Game.

As you know already, I wrote off online dating pretty quickly, labelling it as the most inefficient and the most displeasing way to meet women in the Western world nowadays (see here and here). We have talked of this already, but online dating for the vast majority of guys triggers:

● Decreased self-esteem, due to the fact of being assesses as “not enough” by a large group of women in rapid succession.

● Feeling of being “not worth it”, due to the fact of being pretty much invisible on those apps.

● Frustration, due to the ridiculous intersexual dynamics governing a reality where guys are pretty much commodities with inexistent leverage on the final outcome.

● Feeling of being trapped in a feminised society where men are powerless and treated as accessories only.

I keep insisting on my campaign against online dating simply because there are a lot of guys who feel exactly like what I’ve described just above, but at the same time they are too scared to approach women in real life. A very close friend of mine is like that, and to be honest he’s not doing himself a favour by relegating all his chances to Tinder, Bumble and the like.

Guys, another way is possible, do not passively accept the online reality where misandry and female privilege are the status quo!!

Back to my story, at the time approaching girls during the day surely seemed scary to me, and so I focused on nightgame only for roughly four months, going out between two and three times a week almost every week. I interacted with a significant number of girls in a variety of situations, and I got a lot of experience as a result. Most importantly, I identified along the way some “best practices” for increasing the odds, and making what I considered to be a not-so-pleasant experience a bit more pleasant. Fact is, I don’t like nightlife, and I’ve never liked it. If I was to go out with my cool friends back in my home town, we would surely have a hell of a night together, like we have done many times already. But that kind of fun has nothing to do with seducing girls, it’s mainly a group of “lads” not giving a shit and having some real fun.

Me becoming newly single coincided with me moving to a new city in a different country. I literally knew nobody there, and most importantly, I had no intention whatsoever to join a social circle. Based on previous experience, I knew that the expat circles tend to be made of guys who don’t have much in common, apart from the fact of being alone in a new city. And local social circles were surely more difficult to access. But in all fairness, I just couldn’t be bothered by the social burden and constraints necessary to be part of a social circle, all the more when the social circle is made of people I don’t really click with. You also need to consider that I’m a lone wolf, I’m extremely independent, I’m not shy at all, and I can be extremely outgoing when I feel like it.

Having considered all that, I started going out alone at night. And I went out alone all the way during those four months, except once when my brother was visiting.

These were the advantages of going out alone:

● Complete freedom in terms of what time to go out, which places to go, when to leave the venue, when to go for the pull, etc.

● No risk of having someone with Nice Guy game/creepy game killing the vibe of the interactions.

The two above advantages are priceless, but there were also some disadvantages though:

● Constant need to reduce the downtime between approaches to a minimum: you can only play the James Bond role long enough (i.e. alone at the bar, leaning up against a wall, etc.) before being considered as lame.

● Awkward to remain alone for long time in quieter areas, like an outdoor terrace for instance, while waiting for suitable groups of girls to arrive there, or while waiting for a good moment to approach them without appearing as uncalibrated. Outdoor smoking areas are different, since guys can go there alone to smoke and they have a good reason to be there for a while, but I hate smoking.

● If a group of two girls are out to both get laid, you may be the perfect hook-up partner for one of them, but if the other girl can’t find a suitable guy, your hook-up is not happening (been there twice, and in both cases I got the girl’s number and I saw her again a few days/weeks later, but there is a risk to that: in one of the two cases, the girl was “now looking for something serious” when we met up again).

● Especially when talking alone to a group of two girls, there may be some jealousy going on if you like one of them, but the other wants you / your attention, and at some point she gets her friend and they both leave.

● If you are talking alone with a group of girls and then you try to isolate/escalate things with one of them, she will be subject to a big deal of social pressure which may be a deal-breaker.

● All girls I interacted with were in groups of two minimum, and I never saw any girl alone at the bar looking for a hook-up, contrary to what I’ve read on some of the dating coaches’ websites (they write to make a buck, contrary to me). Hence the last three points were always valid.

To be honest, it looks like a big set of disadvantages. But I had no intention whatsoever of going out with a colleague, both for privacy reasons and also because they all seemed to have a big Nice Guy stamp on their foreheads.

Initially I was going out and staying in the same place all night, interacting with a few girls first, playing the James Bond role for a while then, interacting with some more girls later, etc. It wasn’t only ineffective, but is was also boring as hell to me.

Hence, my nightgame strategy evolved into what I like to call the “Nightgame Quick Turnaround Method”. It’s best used in cocktail bars, lounges and pubs, rather than loud nightclubs, and consists of these simple steps:

1. Enter the venue;
2. Scan for possibly receptive groups of girls;
3. Go talk to one of the groups, immediately but effortlessly;
4. Engage in some light and fun conversation;
5. Create a false time constraint on a high note;
6. Get one solid phone number;
7. GTFO.

1. Enter the venue

You arrive at the entrance, and if there are doormen there, you make eye contact with them and greet them cordially. Simply put, you need to behave the opposite of a Try-Hard, who walks in ignoring the doormen, while judging them as “inferior” compared to his “high status” (sure). If you are a regular you can also shake hands, but keep behaving the opposite of a Try-Hard: you are not shaking hands with the doormen to boost your value, to show that “you know the staff”, but rather you are shaking hands with them because you value them as individual persons who are doing their job.

At times, especially if you are a new customer or if the doormen are known to be dickheads, they may scan you from head to toe, they may look at you dismissively, etc. Consider that a shit-test, and just keep your cool while holding your frame, since you are not easily intimidated. In these initial moments when you arrive outside the venue, keep a relaxed and confident smile on your face, life is good (just the opposite of what a Try-Hard would do, lingering there with a snob and serious expression on his face). You need to signal that you are the shit by the way you enter the bar/club/pub, and this starts outside. You are not the shit yet? Pretend to be so for now, and keep working on your Fundamentals.

When you walk in, don’t rush at the bar to get a drink. Not at all. You walk in, calmly and confidently, you plant at the entrance for a short while, you have a relaxed look around, like if you are assessing whether the venue is good enough for you, with a relaxed expression on your face, and you start thinking of your next move. This phase here can be tough, since you need to do all that effortlessly, calmly, confidently, and most people would feel just the opposite of that when entering a venue with loud music, flashy lights, girls dressed provocatively, etc. Practice makes perfect, and at that moment in particular is when you need to remember of the external conscious movements associated to confident Vibe. You need not to look tense while entering the venue.

2. Scan for possibly receptive groups of girls

Experience will make you perfect here. On one side, you don’t want to burn the venue immediately by getting rejected by some girls as soon as you enter, especially on smaller bars/lounges where everyone sees everyone else in there. On the other side, you don’t want to be hiding in a corner waiting for the “perfect moment” to go talk to the girl you saw before.

I’ve seen guys who were torn inside while they were waiting for that “magic moment”, and you could see the internal conflict taking place inside them, between their resolute side who wanted them to go and do the approach, and their timid and anxious side who wanted them to forever procrastinate it. That’s the seducer’s internal approaching conflict, and as a result of that conflict, those guys were stuck hesitating just next to a group of girls. I saw them going through that internal turmoil, and rest assured that the girls saw them too.

Just remember not to scan around like if you were on lookout duty, you scan the venue nonchalantly and you also make good use of peripheral vision.

3. Go talk to one of the groups, immediately but effortlessly

You identify some girls who look sweet and feminine, rather than entitled and bitchy, and you casually open them. Effortlessly, like it’s no big deal, because it isn’t really. We’ll see my field-tested and “secret” nightgame openers in the following post. They are so “secret” that I will publish them on the Internet! They have worked very well for me, and they can do the same for you, especially if you have worked on your Fundamentals already.

4. Engage in some light and fun conversation

Some groups will be more receptive than others: some will welcome you warmly, others indifferently, and a few minority in downright bitchy way. It’s all right, it’s all part of the game. You ignore and rise above the bitches, you see whether you can warm up the indifferent girls, and you engage in some fun and light teasing with the girls who welcomed you warmly, or at least warmly enough.

Not much to say here, it’s all about Social Calibration at this stage, just remember to steer the interaction towards the fun/light side, rather than the serious/deep side. Girls are out to have fun. Sure, you could also steer the interaction towards the sexual side, but you need girls who are receptive enough for that, and it all boils down once again to Social Calibration. In my experience though, the only way to go with most girls was the fun/light way, rather than the sexual way, also because they were in groups (meaning social pressure, slut-shaming, social conditioning, etc).

5. Create a false time constraint on a high note

This is the key to the entire process. I managed to pull some girls from their group of friends directly home, but those were the girls I liked the least, and it was a hell of a lot of work (let’s remember that I live in a provincial European city with high slut-shaming and high social pressure on girls). Also, I prefer FWB relationships to hook-ups big time, since I like to have a human connection before sex, and after sex I like to see the girls a few more times before we go our separate ways in life (I especially like going on some fun dates/meet-ups where I can tease the girl real fine, and we share a lot of good vibes together). Hence, at some point I stopped going for the pull altogether, aiming at getting solid phone numbers instead.

You approached a group of two or three girls, you engaged them in some light and fun conversation, targeting mainly one of the girls but not ignoring the others either, and after a short while (this can literarily be 10 minutes), you say that you need to go but would like to see her again (similar technique to the one used in daygame).

6. Get one solid number

If she agrees to meet up again, you take her number. Otherwise, you wish her well and go.

[Keep this in mind please: supplication and persistence are not the way to go, and not only because they will lead to a major waste of your time, but most importantly because, were you to somehow manage to finally get the girl’s number or even the girl herself, that would simply be the case of her thinking that she sucked enough validation out of you, and that you let yourself be humiliated enough by her, in order for her to finally throw a little bone at you. And also, all that work and all that humiliation would be just to get together with a girl who is a manipulating and spoiled brat at best]

In my case, just by the way the girl was giving me her phone number, I usually had a good idea of whether she was going to reply to my first text or not, but there have been a few false positives nevertheless.


That venue is now burned for the evening, since you need to be consistent with that false time constraint of yours. This is real life, where girls are not going to be impressed if after taking their number you start hitting on the other girls there. Always remember that real girls in real life tend to behave differently from what they are pictured to behave by some guys on the Internet (that “some” comes with an understatement alert associated to it).

You are leaving that venue but the night is still young, hence you move to another of your venues, and you just repeat the same process. Remember how you greeted the doormen on your way in? You will do the same on your way out, saying goodbye or wishing them a good evening, while making eye contact. If they open the door for you, you thank them for that. The name of this blog has the two “High Value” words in it for a reason: we are confident but also humble, we are strong but also kind, we don’t take shit from anyone but we are also respectful of others. Simply put, we are High Value over here.

In my case, especially when I was leaving fairly soon after entering the venue, either because I didn’t like the place itself or only that particular night in there, I tended to say something to the doormen like:

Quiet tonight, isn’t in? I’d better come back next time/later on, when people are back from holiday/it doesn’t rain/people start to go out/etc.

It’s always important to distinguish yourself from the many unimpressive and ordinary dudes going through that door, hence you use your Social Calibration with the doormen too, without overdoing it though.

Final thoughts

We have just broken down the Nightgame Quick Turnaround Method, which successfully worked multiple times for me when I was still going out at night to meet girls. It’s best used in cocktail bars, lounges and pubs, rather than loud nightclubs, and is made of these steps:

1. Enter the venue;
2. Scan for possibly receptive groups of girls;
3. Go talk to one of the groups, immediately but effortlessly;
4. Engage in some light and fun conversation;
5. Create a false time constraint on a high note;
6. Get one solid phone number;
7. GTFO.

It’s was my favourite nightgame method and it can do wonders for you as well, especially if you are more of a FWB rather than hook-up kind of guy. It works both when you are alone and when you are with one friend, but you need to be well synchronised with your friend for this method to work smoothly. Just to give you an idea, when my brother came to visit me, I took two solid numbers in a very short timespan by using this method.

Things don’t necessarily get easier with this method compared to e.g. spending the entire night in only one place and then going for the pull at 3AM, but it made going out to meet girls at night much more enjoyable to me.

For this method to work, the underlying assumption is that people take notice of you when you enter the venue, girls are happy that you go talk to them, they react well to your fun conversation and teasing, and eventually they will agree to meet up again. This “underlying assumption” is achieved getting the Fundamentals right (see below).

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