The Law of Equilibrium of Interests

The most important concept of all

Let’s consider the gym, a typical location where Routine Circle Game is applicable. There is a typical weight room, where some guys and a few girls are working out, and this girl is one of them.


Actually guys, let’s keep this post real and let’s consider a different girl, since I’ve never seen such a stunner working out at the gym, and the situation would be too extreme for the concepts described in this post to work properly (i.e. she will be overwhelmed by too much unwanted male attention, she will likely to be very much annoyed by it, and hence she won’t be in the required relaxed mood).

This is our new girl of interest in the weight room at the gym.


Still very much attractive, but not as much as the first one (she was a real Stunner). You enter the gym and accidentally make eye contact with her, just as shown in the picture above: she was casually looking around while on the elliptical machine, and you were casually looking around while entering the weight room. Both of you look into each other’s eyes for a split second, and then both of you calmly look away with a neutral facial expression. In this example, there is immediate reciprocal attraction between you and the girl.

Three scenarios may follow, based on the kind of guy playing the role.

The creep

The creep doesn’t have any understanding whatsoever of social dynamics and social etiquette. As such, when around a girl he’s attracted to, his actions are just cringeworthy:

● He blatantly turns around to have a “good look” at her, like if she were an object on display;

● He keeps staring at her trying to make eye contact, since “if she looks back than it means she’s interested” (this is the kind of “wisdom” you can find in seduction forums infested by lost-cause keyboard jockeys);

● He not-so-discretely positions himself right next to her, pretending there was a good reason for him to do so, and keeps trying to make eye contact with her;

● After she has quickly moved away, “not because she was creeped out but because she didn’t notice him” (sure bro), he proceeds to move close to her once again, and this time he actually opens her with something uncalibrated;

● When she goes away once more after brushing him off, he feels good since “she clearly likes him and must be playing hard to get!”

Emoji LOL

Let’s remember that, in this example, the girl was actually attracted to the guy to start with. But his utter lack of social calibration and his creepiness destroyed any attraction which was there initially, and now she’s just repulsed by him.

In my experience, the creeps are a clear minority at the gym. But to add insult to injury, they tend not to be the guys girls are physically attracted to in the first place. I sympathise quite a lot with girls on this point, since it’s not so pleasant to be at the receiving end of a constant stream of uncalibrated and unwanted attention coming from someone you are “not so attracted” to.

And after the daily dose of creep-bashing, let’s move on the gist of this post :)

The uncalibrated guy

In this scenario, the guy entering the gym and making accidental eye contact with the girl above is an uncalibrated guy. Let’s remember that there is reciprocal attraction between the guy and the girl, and let’s assume that during the workout they never interact verbally.

The guy, being uncalibrated, doesn’t use peripheral vision to keep his surroundings in check, nor does he understand the Interpersonal Social Game (ISG). As a result of this, by the end of the workout he will have shown much more interest from the distance compared to the girl, and consequently she perceives him to be in a chase position already. Bad.


And how did the guy manage to show more interest from the distance compared to the girl? By stealing glances when he thought she wouldn’t notice (but she noticed that indeed) and by having his body language slightly perturbated by her presence.

And how did the girl manage to see all that, if she seemed to be looking somewhere else? By using her peripheral vision.

Most guys are not subtle when they want to inspect what’s going on around them, since they pretty much use direct vision only. On the contrary, when a girl is looking straight in front of her, she’s focused both on what’s directly in front of her (direct vision) and around her (peripheral vision). She has the entire visual field fully covered, at all times. Most guys don’t realise this fundamental aspect, nor do they realise that girls have been playing the Interpersonal Social Game all their lives.

She can see that you are looking at her

Let’s assume the uncalibrated guy passes by the girl above, who seems to be looking straight in front of her, and he steals a glance.

She will catch you stealing that glance

In similar situations, trust me when I say that she will absolutely, she will no doubt, she will certainly catch you stealing that glance at her. I am completely sure about that, and I talk based on daily first-hand experience.

Guys, always remember this: girls are always fully aware of everything going on around them.

[They don’t make mistakes. They don’t do random.]

And now let’s move on to what guys should aim for.

The calibrated guy

Let’s rewind the tape. A calibrated guy enters the weight room and accidentally makes eye contact with an attractive girl. Not that he was scanning around the room, she was just there in front of him as he was entering.


Both of them proceed to look away nonchalantly, and move on with the rest of their workouts. By default, the girl now expects to catch the guy occasionally stealing a glance at her, since in her experience that’s what most guys do. The calibrated guy knows this already, since he became a trained expert at the ISG (girls are natural experts instead), and proceeds to beat her at her own game. Literarily.

The calibrated guy keeps working out, while ruthlessly and completely ignoring the attractive girl, but keeping her under control through his peripheral vision.


The girl, on the other side, becomes convinced that he must be fully absorbed in his workout, and that’s when she proceeds to steal a glance at him.


The calibrated guy now leads the ISG 1 to 0, very well. If our guy remains calibrated throughout the entire workout, the situation will look something like this by the end of it:


This time around the balance is in favour of the guy, since the girl is showing more interest from the distance compared to him, mainly because she has no idea the guy is using his peripheral vision.

You may have noticed that, in this case, the situation is less unbalanced compared to the previous case. The reason is that both players are now much more skilled at the ISG: while the uncalibrated guy was previously losing round after round without even realising a game was being played, the calibrated guy first pretends to not have noticed the girl, and then catches her stealing the odd glance now and then. The girl is surely subtle in what she’s doing, but this time around the guy is subtler than her. [1]

Let’s go back to the moment when the girl is looking straight ahead of her, and the guy (calibrated this time around) passes by. Here’s the girl again:


The calibrated guy knows that she will notice if he steals a glance while approaching her from the side, and as such he looks straight and seems to be ignoring her completely while walking by (for all this to work, the same indifference needs to be signalled through Vibe).


The downside to peripheral vision is that, when you look at people through it, you have a general idea of their physical traits and their body movements, but there are quite a lot of details that you miss. Hence, direct vision is what you need to use in order to have a better look at the girl.

Since the calibrated guy is experienced, he knows that he needs a plausible reason to be looking at the girl through direct vision, without losing a round of the ISG at the same time. Hence, he just goes to point X below, all the way while ignoring her completely and with an indifferent body language (how well you can pull this off depends on how experienced you are).


It’s important to have a plausible excuse for going to point X though: maybe there is a water fountain where the guy can refill his bottle, or maybe there is a piece of equipment he will bring back as if he needed it in the first place, etc. Or maybe he just goes for random walks between sets, as I do all the time.

Then, when from point X the calibrated guy goes back to the machine he was originally using, look at what happens “by chance”:


At some point the girl “happens to be” within his direct field of vision, and the plausible excuse for him to have a quick detailed look at her is in place. Excellent!

***        ***        ***

The Law of Equilibrium of Interests

When you and a girl happen to be in the same environment over a period of time, the interest you have shown from the distance when the two of you were not directly interacting must be less than the interest she has shown.

That’s a long sentence, let’s break it down:

When you and a girl
happen to be in the same environment
over a period of time,
the interest you have shown
from the distance
when the two of you were not directly interacting
must be less than the interest she has shown.

Here’s a visual representation of the Law of Equilibrium of Interests:


Let’s move the conversation one level deeper:

When you and a girl

happen to be in the same environment => there is an important split here: places in your Routine Circle where you can expect to see the girl again in the future (i.e. the gym) vs. Situational places where you can expect to see her once only and never again. The difference between those places is better covered in the corollary below.

over a period of time, => in Routine Circle Game, this is the overall period of time between the different steps of the 1-2-3 Method. In Situational cases, it’s the period of time before you approach her with a situational indirect opener.

the interest you have shown => by looking directly at her through direct vision, and by having your body language perturbated by her presence.

from the distance when the two of you were not directly interacting => we are looking at the interest shown “remotely”, without directly talking to each other. Whoever receives more of this interest is perceived to be as higher social status, and whoever is showing more of this interest is perceived to be in a chase position.

must be less than the interest she has shown. => you must be ahead of her in terms of the ISG.

Corollary to the Law of Equilibrium of Interests

In order to positively distinguish yourself from all the guys who show way too much interest right off the bat, and in order to get a head start in terms of the ISG with a girl you are interested in…

The girl you are interested in must be completely and ruthlessly ignored:

● in Situational cases after which you may never see her again, until she has lost a round of the Interpersonal Social Game to you.

● in your Routine Circle, if she’s there in the same function as you are (e.g. member of the gym), for the entire first time you and her happen to be there at the same time (e.g. for the entire first workout “together” at the gym).

● in your Routine Circle, if she’s part of the staff, your facial expression must be completely neutral for at least the entire first day.

A typical attractive girl is used to uncalibrated guys (the majority of men) and creepy guys (a minority of men) stealing glance after glance, thinking she won’t notice them. As such, a typical attractive girl is used to perceive most men as inexperienced and possibly needy.

You want to distinguish yourself from those men, not only as part of your seduction strategy, but also because attention is pretty much the only tool modern men have in the dating market, hence you want to use it the best you can. In order to do so, keep in mind the Law of Equilibrium of Interests and it corollary at all times.

The perfect balance

Someone may ask:

Why do I need to show less interest from the distance compared to the girl I’m interested in?

And the answer is… because of Social Conditioning.

You remember from the above examples how the attractive girl keeps catching uncalibrated guys and creepy guys stealing glances at her? Over time, that will instil a prize mentality in her.

You know how Nice Guys and orbiters keep drooling all over her online? Over time, that will instil a prize mentality in her.

You know how most guys keep offering favours and validation to her “for free” when she’s out and about? Over time, that will instil a prize mentality in her.

The Social Conditioning I refer to in this post is made of all the above behaviours and similar ones, which in turn are caused by male thirst and male inexperience. And since these days most men are desperate/uncalibrated/etc, most girls have a clear prize mentality instilled in them. As such, by showing less interests than her over time, you circumnavigate her prize mentality and reach a perfect balance.


It may all sound very theorical for now, but it’s not. The above visual conclusion, plus everything I’ve discussed in this post, is based on my extensive real-life experience. The more you improve your Fundamentals and the more you practice both peripheral vision and playing the ISG, the clearer this post will be.

Necessary condition for all this to work

She must be attracted to you.

There I said it, since this blog is very much based on reality. For the Law of Equilibrium of Interests to work, the girl must be attracted to you to start with.

Think about it: if she weren’t attracted to you, why on earth would she be supposed to steal glances at you?! And why on earth would she care to get your attention?!

When you are around a girl who is not attracted to you:

i) if you are calibrated, she will ignore you and feel relieved you are ignoring her as well (best-case scenario);

ii) if you are “only” uncalibrated, she will be slightly bothered by you, since you keep stealing glances at her (ok-ish scenario);

iii) if you behave like a creep, she will be outright repulsed by you (worst-case scenario).

Hence, if you want to be successful at Routine Circle Game (a natural application of the Law of Equilibrium of Interests), you need to work hard on your Fundamentals, in order to make sure your attention will be perceived as valuable by the girls in your Routine Circle.

I wrote an extensive section on Fundamentals (65,000 words in total) and this is the entry point and summary to it. Quick reminders:

● Fashion and Grooming is where you can have the quickest boost to your Looks;

● In order to project the right Vibe, you must be fully convinced you are the shit and at the same time you must come from a place of internal peace, both with yourself and with the world around you. This is achieved by stepping out of your comfort zone and facing your fears, and not by consuming knowledge online.

There is no getting away from it: if you work hard enough on your Fundamentals, the interest you receive from girls will go up. The end result will depend both on the effort you have put in (changeable) and your initial baseline (unchangeable), but things will have nevertheless improved compared to the past, and this is good.

[1] Once you become skilled with peripheral vision, you will keep your surroundings under control both with your “normal” peripheral vision, and by combining peripheral vision with the mirrors and the windows there (after sunset, windows basically function as mirrors). At that point, you will be light years ahead of most guys, and actually ahead of most girls as well.

The Essentials:
• Fundamentals