Routine Circle Game Summer 2019

The above table gives a visual representation of the approaches I performed in my Routine Circle in Summer 2019. Each approach is assessed based on these key questions:

● Did she stop to talk?
● Was she at least cordial?
● Was she single?
● Did she immediately accept my date offer?
● Did she give me her number?
● Did she reply to my icebreaker text?
● Did she reply to my date-scheduling text?
● Did the date happen?
● Did we end up having sex?

In my previous post I shared my views on each of the above questions, plus my opinion on whether tracking approaches is a useful activity or not to, so feel free to have a look at it.

Also, these are the individual stories for each of the above approaches:

A. Gym member
B. Staff – Grocery shop
C. Staff – Shoes shop
D. Staff – Gym
E. Staff – Express supermarket
F. Gym member

All girls listed above were part of my Routine Circle (except Girl C) and with them I deployed the 1-2-3 Method over time. The first step of that method consists in ignoring the girl and letting her show some clear and consistent Indicators of Attraction from the distance, and this means that all girls in the above table (including Girl C this time around) were clearly attracted to me.

All right, let’s look at the trends which can be observed from those approaches.

Attracted but unavailable

The attracted-but-unavailable curse is killing me, especially when combined with the unpleasant daily stream of unwanted male attention.

I said this before but let me repeat it again: in an ideal world, only available girls will be allowed to show any kind of attraction from the distance, but our world is hardly ideal, and after approaching six girls who were clearly attracted to me, four of them turned out to be taken. What the fuck.

Persisting sucks

Let’s look at Girl C now. She was working in a shop in the city centre and I saw her four times in total, two in February and other two in July. When I went back to the shop in July, she remembered about me back from February and she seemed to be clearly attracted to me.

When I asked her out, she reacted bitchy and annoyed, and deflected my offer with an excuse:

You know… I need to move house, I don’t have much time…

I instinctively felt the need of persisting to change her mind and win that interaction, and eventually she said she would contact me on my phone number, which I had left at the shop back in February. She never did so, of course, and the key lessons once again is:


When a girl doesn’t immediately accept your offer to meet up again, either she is a Diva who wants you to chase her and work harder for her, or she is not interested in going out with you and wants to limit the awkwardness of rejecting in person by referring to some external motives as an excuse (e.g. her studies, her job, her house move, her thesis, etc). In both cases, you are better off shrugging her off and moving on with your day, without pointlessly persisting.

Smooth sailing

Looking at the line relative to Girl A, it was really smooth sailing with her. First, she showed some subtle yet active IOAs from the distance. Then, she reacted positively to my casual ping. Finally, she immediately accepted my proposal to meet up outside of the gym. Moving on, she promptly replied to each message I ever sent her (not many to be honest, since I text for logistics only). Of course, she never flaked on dates. She never played any mind games. She was always submissive. She was always sweet. Simply put, she behaved well. And as such, her net contribution to my life was positive.

Some critics may highlight the SMV gap between me and her. Sure, there was a SMV gap, and statistically speaking this is going to be the case pretty much all the time. But let me tell you something: I dealt with much more attractive and much more in-demand girls who behaved just as well, and with much less attractive girls who misbehaved and attempted to play the Diva role with me.

Your screening mechanism needs to be sharp in order to filter out time-wasters and other value-subtracting girls sooner rather than later, so that you can enjoy the smooth sailings with value-adding quality girls.

Fact is, if you are in peace with yourself and you are not looking for validation through notches, the main advantage of maximising SMV (Fundamentals) and becoming experienced (Game) is the luxury of not needing to tolerate any opportunistic/disrespectful behaviour from value-subtracting women: no negotiating on the approach, no jumping through her hoops, no chasing her through text, no mind games, no aloof expressions, no stuck-up attitudes, no date flakes, no free drinks, no one-night stands, etc.

By strictly following the Self-Preservation Axiom, you write off the girl as soon as she displays opportunistic or disrespectful behaviour. And the more experienced you are, the easier it is to understand what kind of girl you are dealing with upfront.

There are a lot of fantastic Sweet Girls out there. Don’t let the shitty behaviour of a few Evil Bitches and a few entitled timewasters affect the consideration you have of those Sweet Girls.

The Essentials:
• Fundamentals