Types of girls

From a purely theoretical point of view, the traits making up a personality could be categorised across many different axes, with each axis having either a continuous distribution or a finite number of markers within it.

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Now for the good news: this post doesn’t intend to provide a comprehensive classification of all the possible types of girls resulting from the combination of all the possible markers across all the possible axes…

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…since such a task would be not only unrealistic but also completely useless [1].

And now for something relevant: if on one hand the above theorical exercise is pointless, on the other hand a skill which is priceless to have is the ability to quickly understand what kind of girl you are dealing with, in terms of how she relates to the opposite sex.

This skill, which is the essential element required in a proper screening mechanism, can only be developed by:

● first, actively consolidating into a set of reference memories the careful analysis of your previous experiences, and of the social dynamics around you (through a continuous closed-feedback loop);

● then, continuously scanning the world around you, in order to pick up behaviours you have previously encountered and assign the correct meaning to each behaviour (based on your reference memories);

● and finally, making an effort not to override the above conscious process when your emotions unconsciously try to make you to see something for what you would like it to be, rather than for what it actually is.

Considering that you are doing the girl a favour when you approach her, it’s key to understand which girls to do that favour to, and which girls to ruthlessly ignore. Then, when you start to regularly spend time with a girl, it’s extra important to understand which girl has a net positive contribution to your life, and which girl you are better off stopping seeing altogether.

Your time is precious, and your own well-being is even more precious. As such, you need to have a sharp screening mechanism to start with, and then you need to be consistent and ruthless in using it.

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Based on my previous experience, these are the types of girls I’m familiar with, and which are relevant seduction-wise

Evil Bitches

Combative, masculine, and entitled female human beings. Their domineering and hateful vibe is unmistakable. Their disdainful and haughty looks are unequivocal.

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They are not in peace with themselves, and they have a certain sadistic pleasure in directing their internal anger towards the (inexperienced) men courting them. They may appear as to be having a strong frame, but their apparent self-assuredness is an overcompensating mechanism coming from a place of hate.

There is a sub on Reddit which is a case in point for what I’m talking about.


A few weeks ago I read an interesting post on Reddit, and I went on the guy’s profile to see what other posts he had written. To my surprise, I noticed he had posted one in the Female Dating Strategy sub… Not the smartest move, and possibly even a condescending one, but still. This is the reply he got from the Mod of that sub, before having his post deleted and surely his profile banned:

All right…

It gets worse. The same “AverageToHot” user posted a guide on how to trick men and get free dinners out of them, basically ripping them off while pretending to be interested in them. The guide is called “How to Never EVER Pay on a Date”, and this is an extract from it:

This is what I’m talking about

Your screening mechanism needs to be sharp in order to identify the Evil Bitches as soon as possible, and write them off ruthlessly.

Completely ignoring them is a double win for you. First, you will protect your own mental (and financial) health by not associating yourself with them. Then, your unexpected behaviour (your “non-compliance” if you wish) will make them furious, because by ignoring them you deprive them of the opportunity to mistreat you and relief themselves of some of their internal misery; and of course, you not letting them use you as they please is clearly “unacceptable” for their entitled standards.

If all men were able to consistently ignore the Evil Bitches, it would be a huge win for the entire male population, and also for the worthy part of female population. But sadly, there will never be a shortage of inexperienced men going after them.

***        ***        ***

Quite a tough start so far, but very much needed. Life is not a Disney movie, and those evil creatures exist indeed. And unless you suffer from Anti-Social Personality Disorder yourself, you are better off leaving them to their own misery and pretend they don’t even exist.

All right, let’s move on to the remaining types of girls.

Sweet Bitches

Compared to the Evil Bitches, they retain the entitlement, the sense of self-assuredness, and the willingness of control, but they lack the hateful and spiteful attitude. Dealing with a Sweet Bitch is a continuous struggle for power and leadership. If you are a masculine man yourself, their masculine and dominant side will be repulsive to you. At the very beginning they may even be mistaken for a Sweet Girl, since their dominant side only emerges in very specific occasions where they want to impose their leadership onto you.

I have dealt with several Sweet Bitches in the past, and I distinctly remember how my attraction towards them took a hit as soon as they showed their masculine traits. I have my own friends for masculinity contests, and when I go out with a girl I look for something very much different than that.

When it comes to the Sweet Bitches, I don’t immediately write them off, but I write them down instead. That means, I’m happy to give them a chance, but if they cross the line they are out. Problem is, they keep crossing that line consistently, and as such I should ideally proceed with a pre-emptive write-off. The jury is still out on this point…

Sweet Bitches represents the majority of the female population in feminist countries, and I just happen to be living in one of those countries. Ouch.


The Autocrats are characterised by an entitled despotic attitude, the typical “I know everything” stubbornness, and a varying degree of hubris. Enough said.


The Zombies appear as lifeless creatures, clearly bored and unimpressed about life. They tend to be young girls, and seem to be unable to feel any kind of emotion. In terms of static attraction they may even look hot, but their clumsy and graceless movements put that attraction to rest.

They may be the side effect of a generation grown up without any real challenge and with everything granted to them, and unless you are planning on acting like an entertainer in front of an inanimate object, you are better off avoiding them.


The Divas are such a waste. They are good people overall, they are sweet and feminine just like the Sweet Girls, but they have an unconscious need to appear as superior to the man they are attracted to. Practically speaking, this translates into snobbish Diva Indicators of Attraction, plus continuous attempts to start running away in order to make you chase them.

Those behaviours are just an over-compensating mechanism, since the Divas are chronically affected by low self-esteem issues which they refuse to accept (and here lies the key difference between the Divas and the Sweet Girls). There is a dissonance between how the Divas feel inside and how they would like to be perceived by the outside world, and they unconsciously attempt to cure this dissonance by trying to have a guy who looks High Value in their eyes work harder and harder for them. Problem is, even if said High Value guy complied with their plan and started chasing them [2], this would make them feel better for very little only, and it will not address the real issue revolving around their low self-esteem. And after that passing feeling of relief has gone, the Divas would feel the need to start running away once again, so as to have the guy work a bit harder for them, and have another “shot” of that precious yet temporary feeling of relief.

Since the core issue remains forever unresolved, this cycle will never stop. The Divas will always feel the unconscious need of making you work harder and harder for them, and the tests they will make you go through will never end. As such, any type of relationship with a Diva will be characterised by a never-ending flow of mind games.

In addition to that, there will be general drama in your life. Let’s compare a Diva and a Sweet Bitch on this point.

A Sweet Bitch, especially if she’s young, will identify whatever bothers you and will keep hitting you there, just for the pleasure of it. It’s just a fun activity for her, and there are two ways you can beat her at her own game: i) by remaining indifferent when she tries to make you lose your temper; ii) by getting rid of the Sweet Bitch (preferable option). When I was still in high school, my very first GF was an extremely in-demand Sweet Bitch, and she took particular pleasure in trying to make me mad. I spent one full year with her, and during that period I kept putting up with her bad behaviour rather than writing her off. Fact is, she was very hot (not beautiful, hot…), I was very young, and we were sexually very active. We live and learn, and all previous experiences are valuable if the appropriate learnings are actively implemented in you screening mechanism (which you then properly use at all times).

Compare this with the drama created by a Diva. The underlying reason for creating that drama is not for the mere pleasure of it, because creating drama isn’t a fun activity for the Diva. Rather, it’s to make you perceive her as valuable and worth of some more of your effort. That is the underlying theme: work harder and harder for her.

Should you want to try your luck with a Diva, you will find yourself with a carrot forever dangling in front of you. Even when you thought you finally grabbed it, after putting in all that hard work, the carrot will slip away one more time. But the Diva is generous indeed, and will always give you another opportunity to try and grab that carrot :)

The Divas bother me in a way that the Sweet Bitches don’t. If on one side I don’t feel particularly impressed when I see a Sweet Bitch, on the other side I feel utterly annoyed when I see a Diva and her snobbish attitude.

I feel annoyed at the snobbish attitude of the Divas in the same way I feel annoyed when salesmen/saleswomen try to use their ridiculously simple tricks on me. Both categories operate at the level of subliminal manipulation, and the key difference between them is that while (some) salesmen deploy their manipulation efforts in a conscious way, proving what kind of miserable human beings they really are, “at least” the Divas operate through unconscious reflexes most of the time.

If you wanted to summarise the Diva behaviour in a sentence, that would be:

If you give the Diva a finger, she will want the entire arm. For now…

Overall, I’m just really annoyed by the Divas, from their initial snobbish IOAs to the little games they play when I’m around. Funnily enough, they behave like that to try and increase my interest towards them, but they end up achieving just the opposite result.

[My letter to a Diva]

Crazy Girls

Another annoying category. Crazy Girls have one thing in common: they are a bit too much into you a bit too quickly. If you have ever met one of them, then you know what I’m talking about.

Initially they seem sweet and very excited about you. But when they never stop texting you, when they never stop sending you audios, when they never stop sending you photos, when they never stop bothering you, at that point you realise that you are dealing with a girl who is not only needy, but also crazy.

They seem like hyperactive kids who won’t shut up, and just like the Evil Bitches, the Autocrats, the Zombies and the Divas, they don’t leave you any other choice: immediate write-off.

Non-Submissive Sweet Girls

Non-Submissive Sweet Girls are kind, considerate, and sweet. They are reliable, trustworthy, and don’t play any games. These girls are very good human beings indeed, but they happen to have just a “little” issue: their non-submissive masculine attitude.

These girls are the real feminists, and they share with (most) men their contempt for the modern “feminist” movement, based on female privilege and double standards. Those are the girls offended by corporate “quotas” and similar nonsense, since they’d rather achieve what they deserve based on their merits, rather than through some SJW nonsense and some politically “correct” shenanigans.

I really admire these girls, but their masculine backbone kills the attraction for me. Contrary to the Divas, I tease the NSSG with great pleasure, since I care about them and I have no problem in showing it. But things stop there, since I don’t have the required attraction to escalate things further.

Sweet Girls

Now we are talking. Sweet Girls are sweet, feminine, and submissive towards their man. They believe in the complementarity between masculine and feminine energy, and at some point most of them will tell you how they are looking for a strong man to take care of them. Sweet Girl are a pure joy to spend time with, and they will never show any sign of the Dealbreaker Triangle (entitlement, bitchiness, snobbishness).

Sweet Girls, similarly to the Non-Submissive Sweet Girls, are extremely strong and resilient towards the externalities of life, and they make excellent long-term partners as a result. If you are a dominant masculine man yourself, you will naturally gravitate towards Sweet Girls. If you are a softer and kinder type of man, you are better off with a Non-Submissive Sweet Girl.

Compared to the Divas, Sweet Girls completely lack the snobbishness and the need to play games. Compared to the Evil and the Sweet Bitches, Sweet Girls completely lack the entitlement, the bitchiness, and the compulsive willingness of control.

Simply put, Sweet Girls are adorable. And if you are a masculine man with your shit together for real, Sweet Girls (and even more so the Pearls just below) are the only girls you will allow into your life.


The Pearls are above the Sweet Girls in this Value Pyramid, and unfortunately they are statistically rare. They represent the gift prepared for the worthy men by Mother Nature first, and by the parents who raised them then.

They display a fabulous union between high self-esteem and shyness, and their powerful mix of inner beauty, sweetness, femininity, grace, composure and physical beauty is just intoxicating. Simply put, there is something magical about the Pearls.

So far in my life I’ve only met two of them, both in Russia [3]. If you meet one of them, if you are attracted to her, if you manage to make her your woman, and if you strive to always remain the High Value guy she fell in love with, then you may as well have won at this game.

[1] That is, unless you are a pure theorist living in a basement somewhere, and with absolutely no intention of ever interacting with the opposite sex.

[2] That would be an inexperienced High Value guy.

[3] Possibly I’ve met another one in the city where I currently live in Europe, but I’ve not spent enough time with her to verify whether she is a real Pearl or not. She’s the girl who took one month to recover after I didn’t ask her out, as described here.

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