The Dealbreaker Triangle

Nothing kills my attraction towards a girl as quickly as seeing any sign of the Dealbreaker Triangle in her [1].

The three elements making up such a repulsive triangle are:

● Entitlement
● Bitchiness
● Snobbishness

Entitlement & Bitchiness

These two elements go hand in hand, and reflect the misery of the masculine and combative female human beings who live by the ideology of third-wave and fourth-wave feminism.

Every now and then I bump into one of those Evil Bitches (see: Types of girls) when I’m out and about, and every time I have the impression they are just hunting for someone to mistreat. Their domineering and hateful vibe is unmistakable. Their disdainful and haughty looks are unequivocal. Their malicious and evil demeanour is unmissable.

More often than not those Evil Bitches look fairly hot, and that’s exactly the leverage they use to mistreat the few inexperienced guys who approach them. To be left to their own misery no matter how hot they look.

One step down in this Pyramid of Misery we have the Autocrats. Still highly entitled, still highly presumptuous, still highly masculine, still highly domineering, still highly bitchy. Yeah, the outlook doesn’t look that good for the Autocrats, but “at least” they lack the underlying evil soul. In my experience, the Autocrats tend to be way less hot that the Evil/Sweet Bitches.

Another step down in the Pyramid of Misery we have the Sweet Bitches. They are not man-hating per se like the Evil Bitches. They are not domineering per se the Autocrats. No, they are “just” entitled, mischievous, and impertinent. Yeah, just that…

Seriously guys, there are so many sweet and considerate girls out there, why on earth would you want anything to do with Entitlement and Bitchiness?!


Welcome to the kingdom of the Divas!

Snobbishness is way less serious than Entitlement & Bitchiness, also because it’s “only” an overcompensating mechanism. We can say that Snobbishness is to Entitlement & Bitchiness what a Theatrical HPD is to a Malignant Narcissist.

Fact is, deep down the Diva is sweet and considerate. Sure, she has that unconscious feeling of wanting to appear as superior to the man she’s attracted to. And sure, you are likely to go through a continuous flow of tests and mind games should you chose to associate yourself with her. But still, there is no real malevolence in her actions, the entitlement she displays is only an overcompensating show, and she never feels the need to mistreat you just for the sake of it.

At a rational level, I am fully aware of dynamics I have just described, and as such I should react to the snobbish behaviour displayed by a Diva with the same light-heartedness I would react to the tantrum of a wannabee spoiled kid. But still, at emotional level snobbishness is just repulsive to me, and I know that the little mind games and the need of having to work harder and harder for her will never go away.

Rejecting the Dealbreaker Triangle

There are guys who are attempting to kill their inner demons by amassing notches and by proving to themselves they can get girls of a certain level of Looks, and as such they accept to deal with the Dealbreaker Triangle to secure their objectives. And also, dealing with the Dealbreaker Triangle isn’t a big deal for them anyway, considering that deep down they actually resent women, and their interactions with the opposite sex are mainly of vindictive nature.

There are guys who are desperate for someone to love them and who suffer a great deal for not having a girlfriend, and as such they accept to deal with the Dealbreaker Triangle to fill that void in their lives.


Finally, there are guys who are in peace with themselves first and with women then. Different guys reach this phase in different ways: some grew up with this mindset, also thanks to their early success with women; others reach this stage after killing their inner demons; others reach this stage after killing their neediness; etc.

The unequivocal sign that a guy has reached this ultimate stage, never mind how he got there, is that he refuses to let into his life girls displaying any sign of the Dealbreaker Triangle. This High Value Guy knows his self-worth, and as such has some healthy boundaries in place: no mind games, no pussy beginning, no supplicating, no being controlled, no taking shit, no dealing with sluts. And this leads to:

● Not accepting entitlement
● Not accepting bitchiness
● Not accepting snobbishness

Long time ago the High Value Guy has accepted female nature for what it is, and his interactions with women are driven by a quest for complementarity between his masculine energy and the feminine energy Sweet Girls can provide him with. Also, he has realised that he needs to be ruthless with the unworthy and value-subtracting broken women in order to preserve his positive consideration of the worthy and value-adding emotionally healthy women. As such, he acts in accordance with the Self-Preservation Axiom:

Good behaviour shall be rewarded. Bad behaviour shall be punished.

And as such, the High Value Guy doesn’t let the Dealbreaker Triangle into his life.


[1] Well, almost nothing…

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