Most girls only want your attention

And your attention is not a given

One of the annoyances of being good-looking is that constant feeling of not being able to understand, until asking out the girl explicitly, if the interest that she is clearly showing is for me as a person or for my attention only.

When I catch a girl showing an Indicator of Attraction (e.g. stealing glances, having her vibe perturbated, etc) the question I keep asking myself is:

Is that girl more likely interested in getting with me, or more likely interested in milking me for my attention?

To put things in a different perspective, the question I keep asking myself is:

If I approach that girl, is it more likely that she will effortlessly agree to come out on a date with me, or that she will reject me with *that* kind of smile on her face, which betrays the ego boost she is getting by rejecting me?

Experience says that the situation is not so black-and-white, since there are at least two other possibilities in addition to the extreme cases mentioned above.

First, the girls who would effortlessly come out on a date with me if they were single, but instead they thank me for approaching them and they sweetly explain that they can’t (see the attracted-but-unavailable curse here).

Then, the Divas who would actually be interested in going for a date together, but feel an urge to make me jump through their hoops before agreeing to anything, all the way while displaying a snobbish and “superior” attitude.

To recap, the four different cases I’m talking about are:

A. Sweet Girls who are attracted and single;

B. Sweet Girls who are attracted and taken;

C. Divas who are interested in eventually getting together, but feel the need to play games beforehand;

D. Self-assured Sweet Bitches (least offenders) and attention whores (worst offenders) who are after an ego boost.

[reference post: Types of girls]

Fact is, if a Sweet Girl happens to be taken when you ask her out, she will genuinely thank you for expressing your interest, and she will explain how she has someone already. She will sweetly smile at you while saying all that, or she will be dead-serious because she’s shy and overwhelmed by the situation, but these two reactions are both ok, since they are both genuine and don’t contain any sign whatsoever of the infamous Dealbreaker Triangle. Sweet Girls are adorable, and I don’t mind if they get a little ego boost when they reject me because they are taken, since that little ego boost is their reward for being so sweet and so kind.

Let’s skip the Divas, since their childish attitude of wanting you to jump through their hoops before agreeing to anything is not what I’m talking about in this post, and let’s focus on the girls in group D, since that is where the problem lies.

We will now look at some examples of girls who only want your attention, starting from my brief dealings with a girl suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder (a case in point of what being used for attention looks like) and then moving on progressively in reverse order of seriousness, across the following three categories:

● Major offenders
● Medium offenders
● Minor offenders

Heads-up: this post is disproportionately long, since it covers a topic that bothers me particularly, and it also clearly shows how things have gone wrong in terms of inter-sexual dynamics in our “delightful” modern society. I have been very comprehensive with my examples, hence feel free to bookmark this page and come back later.

Major offenders

➔ HPD girls
➔ Girls with their boyfriend
➔ Catcalling

When I first met one the previous coaches of the gym, and after briefly interacting with her in the following days, each and every one of my alarms went off. Her behaviour was different from anything I had seen before, and that caught me by surprise since I thought to have seen it all by then.

It took me one month of intense online research to diagnose her with Theatrical HPD (I didn’t even know what HPD was beforehand, never mind the Millon’s subtypes), and that was only possible because we saw each other pretty much every day at the gym, and I’m quite skilled at analysing both body language and social dynamics.

Before reaching my diagnosis, the strangest thing I kept noticing was how she was so sweet, seductive and self-assured when there was a “barrier” between us (e.g. she was behind the reception desk, or she was working at the computer with the desk/monitor between me and her, or she was talking with another gym member, etc) only to then become absolutely uncomfortable and inexplicably scared when we happened to bump into each other and I started talking to her in “open water” (i.e. there was no “barrier” between us). That kind of dual behaviour can be normal to some extent, especially with girls who are a bit shy, but she was too extreme in both directions: too fake and too try-hard when she was playing the seductress role behind the “barrier”, too genuinely scared when we were interacting in “open water”.

To cut a long story short, one day I went to talk to her after the group class was finished, and I asked her out. There were only me and her left in the room, nobody could hear nor see what was happening, the escalation was socially calibrated, etc. But despite all that, she was experiencing some real discomfort during that brief interaction, and in the end she dismissed by saying:

I will let you know…

Sure. The rejection was clear, and even if the rejection itself wasn’t a big deal, it surely caught me by surprise, considering that she was single and most importantly she seemed to be definitely and genuinely attracted to me.

I’ve had my fair share of girls who were uncomfortable and defensive during an escalation, for whatever reason, and those girls always and quickly disappeared after the escalation, because they were creeped out. And if we were to bump into each other afterwards, they would look somewhat uncomfortable and they would do their best to avoid me. That’s how normal girls behave after an escalation which was uncomfortable to them.

This HPD girl instead, after experiencing great discomfort during the escalation itself, positioned herself where I could see her as I was packing my stuff just before leaving, and she assumed a theatrical and feminine pose while pretending to look at her phone, as for wanting me to take a good look at her and “admire” her on my way out. I was taken aback by her behaviour, since I was expecting just the opposite of that to happen based on my previous experience, and I didn’t know what to make of it, since I wasn’t aware of Histrionic Personality Disorder yet…

In the following days, she seemed happy to see me when we bumped into each other, a bit too happy actually. And most importantly, that happiness was incongruent with the discomfort she had experienced when I asked her out. She started playing the seductress role more intensely, and basically she was constantly trying to bait me with things like “casually” position her ass in my direction while pretending to be busy doing something else, and then “subtly” checking whether I was looking at her ass or not. Luckily, I had the situation under control through my peripheral vision, hence she was never successful in making me fall into her little traps, but ignoring those traps of hers had become a full-time job.

The lesson to learn here is important, since this behaviour brings to an extreme the desire of not-so-normal women to selfishly validate themselves through the attention of a man who is valuable enough in their eyes, giving him false hope and the false impression to have a chance only to keep using him for his attention and his validation. For these broken women, the mental pleasure of feeling desired by said valuable man and then positioning themselves out of his reach, while still giving me the “opportunity” to keep trying so that he can provide them with more of his validation, this mental pleasure is way more precious than the “mere” physical and emotional pleasure they would experience if they decided to concede themselves to him.

Not all women are like that, and these three examples here, here and even here describe a few of my failed escalations with girls who I consider as normal. Unfortunately though, there are quite a lot of broken women out there, and during my approaches in Routine Circle Game last summer, I escalated things with another girl who turned out to be HPD (here), and with a girl who I think was not full-blown HPD but surely had traits of it (here).

HPD girls are as bad as it gets in terms of being used for attention, and the ability to spot them early on and cut them out of your life is a good skill to have. I may write a post about it eventually.

The behaviour of the HPD coach at the gym also brings to an extreme the pleasure that women (all women this time around) experience when they meet again a man who is valuable enough in their eyes and who they have previously rejected for whatever reason. But there is an important distinction to make here.

Let’s imagine you get approached by a girl, but since you are in a monogamous relationship already, you thank her for expressing her interest, and you reject her tactfully. If you were to bump into that girl again, you will feel a little pleasure in knowing that she is/was interested in you, and normal girls will feel the same little pleasure in the equivalent situation with roles reversed (which is the status quo).

Broken women instead, they will have a little burst of joy or a spark in their eyes upon meeting you again after previously rejecting you, since they can barely contain their selfish pleasure for knowing that you are interested in them but cannot have them. They will feel desired and out of you reach (i.e. they will feel more valuable than you), and the validation they get through this perverse mechanism is what differentiate a broken woman from a normal girl.

Countermeasure: if you suspect that the girl you are dealing with is affected by HPD, cut her out of your life immediately for your own wellbeing. Typical traits of HPD girls are the childlike voice (slow and high-pitched), the theatrical movements and body gestures, the look of adoration in their eyes, the persisting attention-seeking tendencies, and the overall artificial vibe. HPD girls won’t show all those signs all the time, but if you see some of them within a girl who doesn’t let you fully escalate things with her, but nevertheless she keeps giving you a chance to try, then you are dealing with one of them. Another way to identify HPD girls is that, in an environment like the gym, they will “casually” position themselves in high-traffic areas, while assuming overly provocative poses at times, in order to maximise the attention they passively get from people passing by. If you suspect the girl you are dealing with is affected by HPD, cut her out of your life immediately, and don’t let her use you as an attention-provider.

Countermeasure: if upon meeting the girl again after a rejected escalation she seems strangely eager and strangely pleased to see you, ignore her completely if you can, or treat her coldly and dismissively if you are forced to interact with her. Normal girls will be down-to-earth and slightly embarrassed when meeting you again after a rejected escalation, while broken women will be delighted to see you because they now consider you as a source of “free” validation. They plan on selfishly keep drawing from that source (i.e. from you), and it’s up to you not let those broken women use you as a validation-provider.

***        ***        ***

Moving down this pyramid of shame, we find the girls who happen to be next to you with their boyfriend, and will blatantly use their clueless boyfriend to get your attention. This mechanism is selfish and perverse, since the girl in question just wants you to desire her while at the same time making it crystal clear that you can’t have her. I’ve been at the receiving end of this mechanism a few times, but since I always keep my surroundings in check with peripheral vision rather than direct vision, those girls always had the impression I didn’t even notice them.

Last time a girl resorted to this attention-seeking trap while with her boyfriend, I was on the train going from the airport to the city centre. They were sitting on the two seats just in front of me, and all the seats were facing backwards compared to the direction of the train. The girl saw me as they were sitting down, and she was all giggly and all attracted. During the journey she kept caressing and kissing the boyfriend right in the empty space between their seats, so that I could see her doing so from where I was, and she “subtly” kept glancing in my direction to check if I was looking at her while she was kissing her boyfriend. Creepy as fuck. I kept looking in the distance sideways, pretending not to have seen her at all, and while they were leaving I looked the other way.

Another time I was at the electronics store, waiting for my turn to talk to the sales assistant. There were some more people waiting right next to me, including a girl with her boyfriend. I kept looking straight in the distance while ignoring everyone, and at some point the girl moved her boyfriend a bit closer to my visual field. She then started caressing him and kissing him, while “subtly” glancing in my direction to check if I was looking. No big deal, I kept looking straight while pretending to be ignoring everyone around me. But since she kept kissing her boyfriend and checking if I was looking, at some point I turned the other way – fuck off bitch.

As you can see from those two examples, the girls were selfishly trying validate themselves through my attention. In both cases the boyfriend was pretty clueless and pretty out of shape, very weak Fundamentals indeed, with a belly and untidy grooming amongst other things. He was surely much less attractive then the girl, but it’s not my fault if those girls chose a docile and clueless boyfriend they could easily control in the first place. They wanted both the submissive (out of shape) boyfriend and the attention of the guy with his shit together, but that second part ain’t happening, you broken bitches.

Countermeasure: when a girl starts cuddling and kissing her boyfriend right next to you, ignore her completely. Since her boyfriend has very low SMV, she’s checking whether she can secure the attention of a High Value Guy if she wanted to, basically trying to use you for her own selfish purposes. As such, keep ignoring her ruthlessly and don’t give her the satisfaction she’s looking for, since if you were to look at her even once, she would just get that “free” dose of validation without giving you anything back in return. Don’t let those broken harpies use you.

***        ***        ***

One step down in this pyramid of shame we have catcalling, which for some reason bothers me much less than the behaviour of the attention-whores with the not-so-attractive boyfriend.

Even if on the surface catcalling may look like the ultimate IOA, in reality it’s a patronising behaviour typical of a niche of modern feminists who want their cake and eat it. Not all catcalling irritates me in the same way, and from the least to the most irritating types it goes like this:

● Group of two girls saying something positive (windows shoppers);

● Group of three girls saying something positive with a “girls just wanna have fun” vibe (Sweet Bitches having fun out in the town);

● Group of three girls saying something negative with a dismissive vibe (Evil Bitches just being Evil Bitches, or Sweet Bitches feeling down in the dumps);

● Group of two girls together with an innocuous soyboy who (the girls) openly make patronising and bullying remarks (combative Sweet Bitches);

● Group of four self-assured girls who openly make patronising and bullying remarks (combative Sweet Bitches).

Putting aside all the possible considerations of how modern feminists really think they can have their cake and eat it, “their cake” being in this example openly shaming any heterosexual man who expresses his interest, while “eat it” being the entitlement they concurrently have to catcall hot guys as they see fit – putting aside all that (for now…) – catcalling is an example of how the apparent “interest” the girls are showing is not about me, rather it’s about them.

Not acting upon that “interest” may look like such a waste on the surface, but it’s a self-defence mechanism instead. Fact is, every single time I’m catcalled my gut feeling keeps telling me that if I were to act upon that “interest” and stop those girls, they would happily shoot me down, possibly in a patronising way, in order to get a big ego boost out of me. If you think about it, they are rejecting the guy who they were previously elevating to “prize” status, and by doing so they proceed to transfer that “prize” status from the hot guy back to them, since now he’s the one who wants them and cannot have them. Yet another perverse attention-seeking mechanism, yet another trap.

Countermeasure: when catcalled by girls, just ignore them ruthlessly. The sweet and normal girls worth going after, they don’t go around with their friends catcalling attractive guys: when feminine girls see a guy they really like, they may smile and look down, they may giggle, they may exchange those “did you just see that” pleased looks with their friends, they may be dead-serious and overwhelmed, etc… but they won’t wait to be right next to him and then patronizingly say to their friends, “fuck he’s hot!” or “not bad…”

Medium offenders

➔ Groups of hot Sweet Bitches
➔ Girls trying a bit too hard to be noticed by you
➔ Groups of Divas
➔ Electrified Sweet Bitches

Let’s see another example of a situation where girls are best ruthlessly ignored.

Just yesterday I went to the pharmacy to get a few things, and as soon as I entered, I noticed two hot Sweet Bitches being served in one of the counters there. Their vibe was self-assured, they had masculine traits like dominance and proudness, and overall they seemed just the opposite of what sweet and graceful girls look like. They were hot though.

Considering all that, the obvious thing for me to do was to ignore them completely as I was approaching the only free counter right next to them. With my peripheral vision, I could see that one of the two had noticed me, and she was blatantly turning her head around to have a good look while I was passing by. The other girl, in turn, noticed that her friend had just had her vibe perturbated by something, and before you know it, she too turned around to see what was going on.

There you go, two allegedly attracted girls and a situational environment which would have made it fairly easy to strike up a conversation. But I’m sure that, if I were to approach those two Sweet Bitches, they would have just taken an ego boost out of me, and proceeded to shoot me down with that mischievous smile on their faces. As such, I completely ignored them, without providing them even with the tiniest bit of my attention.

Countermeasure: when girls look just the opposite of sweet and graceful, just ignore them completely, whether they seem to be attracted to you or not.

***        ***        ***

Another time I was coming back from Moscow, and the journey had a stopover somewhere in Europe. While queuing at the gate to board the second and final flight, a woman positioned herself just in front of me. The vibe of someone who is just being rude and trying to jump in front of you in the queue is very different from the vibe of someone who is trying to be noticed by you, and with the woman in question I had the clear feeling that she wanted to be noticed by me. That kind of vibe is unmissable, and I felt like she wanted me to start talking with her.

I remembered her from the initial flight out of Moscow, so that was an excellent and effortless opener. She reacted all pleased, and she was warm towards me from the get-go, in her own Russian ways that is. But she could speak very little English, and as such our conversation didn’t last long, also because we were now inside the plane looking for our seats and it was a good moment to let that conversation drop. But my gut feeling was right, she positioned herself right in front of me not because she wanted to jump the queue, but because she wanted me to talk to her.

I made the usual Airplane Mistake (i.e. not escalating things in the moment but saying to myself that I would re-engage her upon disembarking the plane) and the reason why I keep doing that “mistake” is because I have major issues in appearing as too eager early on during the interaction (the Law of Equilibrium of Interests is there for a reason). I mean, she was quite attractive, but she was 5 to 10 years older than me, and I wanted to see some effort on her side before starting to escalate things with her (i.e. before providing validation to her). I decided that if upon disembarking the plane she would position herself in a place where I could effortlessly re-engage her, fine – I would re-engage her and eventually invite her out for a drink. If she wasn’t going to put that effort though, she didn’t deserve to be invited for a drink (i.e. to receive some validation from me), hence no big deal.

Upon disembarking the plane, I couldn’t see her anywhere. No big deal indeed, since she didn’t put the level of effort I was expecting before asking her out, and as such I proceeded to mentally write her off.

But then I saw her again upon leaving the terminal and entering the arrival area, the area where all the people are waiting to pick up the travellers, and I didn’t like what I saw: there was a man waiting for her, and she was running such a blatant show like throwing herself into his arms, faking her happiness to see him, etc, basically making sure to reinforce his belief that he was the best thing ever happened to her. Sure bro, keep falling for that kind of bullshit. If only you knew how proactive she was to secure the attention of a guy with solid Fundamentals not that long before jumping into your arms…

That fake and blatant show was pretty cringeworthy to see, and that’s when I congratulated with myself for not having escalating things with her back at the boarding gate, since she would have just rejected me in order to get an ego boost out of me.

Countermeasure: always strictly follow the Law of Equilibrium of Interests and always make sure as not to appear too eager in your initial interactions with a girl, until you have clearly determined whether she is interested in you as a person or in your attention only.

On a side note, I was at St. Petersburg airport a couple of months back, waiting for a girl to arrive from a secondary Russian city and spend a week together there (she had paid for her own flights, by the way) when a platinum-blond girl left the terminal. There was a guy just next to me, and she ran a similar blatant and fake show with him, even starting to cry at some point. It was crystal clear that she was faking it, but the guy was clueless enough to fall for that bullshit. He had a pleased smile on his face while she was reinforcing his belief that he was the best thing ever happened to her, and he must have been thinking to himself, “my God I’m so cool”. No dude, it’s not that you are “cool”, rather you are a fucking idiot, and she is a vile actress.

***        ***        ***

I was at the airport yet another time, this time in the city where I live here in Europe, and I was walking from the short-term parking to the arrival terminal. On my way there I noticed a group of four Divas standing outside the terminal entrance, who seemed to have just landed and to be waiting either for a taxi or for an orbiter to bring them wherever they needed to go. They were textbook examples of what Divas look like: more hot than beautiful, fashionably dressed, you could see they had put great care into their appearance, etc.

I noticed them when they were say 10 metres ahead of me, and they seemed to have noticed me as well. Since eye contact seems to be forbidden in that kind of situations, I was walking towards the terminal looking straight in front of me, and as far as I could tell (by using my peripheral vision) they too were all looking straight in front of them. In my direction though. On the surface we were all pretending not to have seen each other, but actually we were all keeping an eye through peripheral vision. Certain things should be way less complicated than that…

Had any of these girls been on her own there, I’m sure she would have displayed the typical Diva snobbishness and aloofness to compensate for her perceived lack of control. But now there were four of them, and since the behaviour of a girl on her own and the behaviour of the very same girl when together with her girlfriends are worlds apart, they were now all giggling at the same time.

And here is where things stop being logical: based on my experience, I’m sure that if I were to approach them and try to take the contact detail of the girl I seemed to click better with, no matter how smooth and how calibrated I happened to be in the process, I’m sure she would have proceeded to enthusiastically shoot me down to gain some status points in front of her friends, all the way while displaying that kind of smile typical of a non-submissive girl who can’t believe she is cashing in such a pleasant ego boost.

As such, they left me no choice but to ruthlessly ignore them as I walked past them.

Countermeasure: do not approach girls when in a group, unless you perceive pure sweetness and zero signs of the Dealbreaker Triangle from all the girls of that group. Fact is, shooting you down in front of her friends in order to gain status points is too tempting for quite a big share of the girls out there.

***        ***        ***

There are girls who become electrified when they see you, and that kind of Indicator of Attraction leaves me puzzled every time. This is what the IOA I’m talking about looks like:


Some girls will have a blatant and self-assured burst of joy, other girls will literarily start shaking with a “girls just wanna have fun” vibe about them, others will look up in the sky with a happy and almost incredulous expression, etc.

On the surface it all looks good, but every time I see a girl displaying this kind of IOA my gut feeling keeps telling me that all that excitement is not about me, it’s about them. Hard to explain, but the vibe I pick up from those girls is something like:

Yes!! Today I deserved to see something like that!!

Every single time I have the feeling that if I were to act upon that IOA, I would be shot down with that same self-assured smile, and the ego boost the girl in question would get out of me would be huge. As such, when I perceive that self-assuredness and that “girls just wanna have fun” vibe, I just proceed to ignore the girl. Such a waste to be honest, but those IOAs are not actionable.

Countermeasure: when girls display a self-assured complacent smile or a “girls just wanna have fun” vibe after seeing you, ignore them.

Minor offenders

I was at the gym fairly recently, warming up in the area between the entrance and the women’s locker room. A girl entered the gym and walked towards the women’s locker room.


It’s always good to appear as not to be paying attention, so as to give girls the opportunity to have a good look at you without worrying about things like being caught stealing glances, and ideally you want to position yourself in strategic places where you maximise the attention you get from girls while actually not doing anything but ignoring them (phase 1 of my signature 1-2-3 Method, especially good for Routine Circle Game).

When the girl in question was right in front of me, for no reason whatsoever she turned around as of to look at something at the end of the room, basically giving me the opportunity to effortlessly have a good look at her.


Textbook material, it happened to me many times before, and the picture above shows pretty much what it looks like, with the only difference being that the girl pulling off that move always has a more “serious” and more “inquiring” facial expression compared to girl in the picture.

My idea is that the girl want you to have a good look at her and she goes as far as giving you both the opportunity and the plausible deniability for it: she’s just in front of you, so you don’t need to do anything apart from keep looking straight as you were doing before, and she lingers there for a second with her face in your direction but her eyes looking sideways, so you have that split second to clearly and peacefully look at her with your direct vision but without appearing as to be chasing her already.

Out of all the times that I was at the receiving end of this move, never did I perceive any entitlement nor any attention-whore tendencies within the girl, and actually she always looked quite sweet and quite “innocent” while pulling it off. At the same time, I never knew what to make out of that, since everything happens too quickly to strike up a smooth and “casual” situational conversation there and then, and since I unconsciously refuse to put any amount of effort so early in the interaction (that would be the equivalent of chasing her already in my book), I never acted upon that move.

Still, this time it happened at the gym, and in terms of the 1-2-3 Method all of that was just the girl displaying some interest “from the distance” while I was ignoring her (phase 1). I decided that if I had the opportunity to casually and effortlessly ping her during the workout, I would have done so, basically speeding up the switch from phase 1 to phase 2 (“ping her”).

When I went upstairs to start the workout, with my peripheral vision I saw her doing some exercises together with a man, who seemed to be explaining her a few things. She had arrived on her own, and I didn’t know whether that man was her boyfriend, her orbiter, etc, but since in terms of the 1-2-3 Method the situation was unactionable, I just kept ignoring her.

At some point the two of them split up and she started doing Hip Thrust fairly close to me, and I walked by her a few times to switch dumbbells as needed, but I kept ignoring her completely. Her vibe was clearly perturbated, so perturbated that at some point the man came around for mate-guarding purposes, and we even exchanged a look as I was passing by and he was on my way. He looked almost worried, and the look in his eyes was almost aggressive towards me.

Seriously dude, what the fuck do you want of me?! Did you not notice that I am actually *ignoring* her?! Fuck off.

During the workout I used the simple trick explained here to have another couple of “casual” good looks at her with my direct vision, and I realised that she was actually very pretty, surely Cute based on the Female Attractiveness Scale and possibly even a bit more than that. Still, the situation remained unactionable in terms of moving things forward, and as such I just kept ignoring her, and times ruthlessly as if she was a transparent object.

At some point she was doing Lying Leg Curl and she moaned a little when I was passing by. A pure coincidence you say? As we saw already, everything a woman does when around men is completely deliberate, there is no randomness whatsoever there.

The poor girl didn’t know that I ignore all girls until the moment to casually and effortlessly ping them finally arrives. And in her particular case, there was an extra reason to ignore her: she was there with her jealous boyfriend/orbiter, and this means that the situation was unactionable in terms of moving from phase 1 (“ignore her”) to phase 2 (“ping her”).

Countermeasure: with all sorts of girls, ranging from adorable Sweet Girls to despicable Evil Bitches, ignore them unless the situation is actionable in terms of moving things forward.


Most girls only want your attention, and I say that as a matter-of-fact statement based on my lifelong experience in dodging those attention-seeking traps.

As a general rule of thumb, I only get rid of my aloof expression and my indifference towards everything going on around me if I perceive pure sweetness and a genuine vibe within the girl who happens to be next to me, and if the situation is actionable in terms of moving things forward.

These are some countermeasures to the most common attention-seeking traps:

● If you suspect the girl you are dealing with is affected by HPD, cut her out of your life immediately for your own wellbeing;

● If upon meeting the girl again after a rejected escalation she seems strangely eager and strangely pleased to see you, ignore her completely if you can, or treat her coldly and dismissively if you are forced to interact with her;

● When a girl starts cuddling and kissing her boyfriend right next to you, ignore her completely;

● When catcalled by girls, ignore them ruthlessly;

● When girls look just the opposite of sweet and graceful, ignore them completely whether they seem to be attracted to you or not;

● Always strictly follow the Law of Equilibrium of Interests and always make sure as not to appear eager in your initial interactions with a girl, until you have clearly determined whether she’s interested in you as a person or in your attention only;

● Do not approach girls when in a group, unless you perceive pure sweetness and zero signs of the Dealbreaker Triangle from all the girls of that group;

● When girls display a self-assured smile or a “girls just wanna have fun” vibe after seeing you, ignore them;

● With all sorts of girls, ranging from adorable Sweet Girls to despicable Evil Bitches, ignore them unless the situation is actionable in terms of moving things forward.

⚠ As a man in our delightful modern society, your attention is the only valuable leverage you have in the dating market: use it carefully and hand it out sparingly, first and foremost making sure that the girl you are dealing with is worth of it. ⚠

And always remember: in order to protect your consideration of the sweet and well-intentioned girls out there, you need to be ruthless when dealing with broken, opportunistic and sneaky women.

The Essentials:
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