Indicators of Attraction

Indicators of Attractions are great, since they can make an already good day even better, and this is why I recommend everyone tries to look as attractive as possible, both in terms of Looks but also in terms of Vibe (an element often overlooked by most guys).

An important clarification

What I refer to as Indicators of Attraction (IOAs) is commonly referred to as Indicators of Interest (IOIs) within the community, and here is where things go wrong before even starting.

Fact is, those body movements and facial expressions which girls display when they see an attractive guy have nothing to do with “interest” in the strict sense of the word, and everything to do with “attraction” instead.

And here the approach is twofold: either you take my word for it, considering that this topic is where I have the most experience in the whole seduction process by a big margin, or you get your fingers burned enough times, by approaching a girl who has just displayed an IOA only for her to let you know that she is taken already, until you reach the very same conclusion yourself!

IOAs are still great though, even if they “only” signal attraction rather than romantic interest, and getting them consistently throughout your day can surely can make your life better. And so, once again, I recommend everyone keeps working hard on their Fundamentals, because whatever your initial baseline is, that hard work can only do you good in terms of the reactions you will get from girls.

A word of caution

On the Internet there are quite a lot of guidelines which are an over-simplified representation of the reality.

For instance, when referring to where a girl looks after she has made eye contact with you, the situation is often described as:

● She looks down, she is attracted to you;
● She looks sideways, she is still in doubt about you;
● She looks up, she is dismissing you.

Uhm not so sure about that… I mean, there is some truth there, but things in real life are much much more nuanced than that.

Hardly dismissing you on the right-hand side
Things start getting more nuanced

What we will cover in this post is the Intermediate level, which is already much better than the oversimplified Beginner level present all around the Internet.

For the Advanced level, that can only be achieved in real life, since there are things I wouldn’t know how to explain in words even if I wanted to, and even if I attempted to do that, I don’t think those nuanced things could really be clear without having experienced them in person.

One last thing before we get started: intentional eye contact seems to be forbidden, and very few girls will be looking you straight in the eyes while displaying an IOA, especially if they are smiling, giggling, etc. As a matter of fact, intentional eye contact is so rare that I marked the instances where it does happen with a (!).

Without further ado, let’s get started with the Indicators of Attraction now!

Abruptly fixing hair on the side once, smiling (in company)


Sometimes you turn around the corner and you happen to make eye contact with a girl who is now very close to you, but didn’t see you coming.

You basically caught her by surprise, and upon making that accidental eye contact with you, or upon simply noticing you, she immediately brings her finger to the forehead and proceeds to instinctively move the hair sideways, often while smiling and at the same time either looking straight or looking down (as I said, intentional eye contact seems to be forbidden…).

Some girls will have their eyes wide open in that fraction of a second during which all this happens, since you really caught them by surprise there.

In the cutest of the scenarios, a girl with her hair tied behind reaches for her hair as of to fix it, there being obviously nothing to fix since the hair is tied behind already, but hey… this is an unconditioned reflex and the girls doing so are so cute!

Bonus points to you is she’s holding hands with her boyfriend while displaying this instinctive IOA upon seeing you.

Abruptly fixing hair on the side once, no smile (alone)

Less aloof and more surprised than that

Pretty much the same thing as above, but this time around the girl is likely to be on her own.

Fact is, a girl on her own and the same girl when in someone else’s company (e.g. her girlfriends, her boyfriend, etc) are basically two different worlds.

When on her own, a girl is much shier and much less relaxed compared to when she has company. And as strange as it sounds, this is why a girl is more likely to display a relaxed, smiley and girly IOA towards you when she is with her boyfriend rather than when she is on her own.

Slowly fixing hair multiple times, serious look



Here things get already more actionable in terms of approaching the girl after the IOA, because these movements are more deliberate and less reactive compared to the abrupt one-time reactive gesture we have seen before.

The girl slowly passes her hand through the hair multiple times – left, right, backwards. Interestingly enough, I’ve never seen a girl smiling while doing so, they always have a serious and horny look.

Abruptly fixing hair multiple times, smiling, eye contact (!)


The girl quickly passes her hand through the hair multiple times – left, right, backwards – and once again we are in the realm of involuntary reactions.

You are going to see this IOA mainly if you bump into a girl you know already, she clearly really likes you a lot, and she knows that very soon the two of you will be having a short conversation. She is sort of getting ready to talk with you.

Looking down abruptly, then recovering and looking straight seriously

This will happen with some of the girls on their own, who are a bit shy and maybe a bit tense, but in theory would like for all that to go unnoticed.

When the girl in question sees you, she immediately looks down and then just as quickly recovers (think of a spring), and then she keeps walking looking straight, all serious and all tense.

Looking down and smiling sweetly



This IOA is very sweet, and is a good indicator that the girl in question is feminine and down-to-earth.

You and the girl never make eye contact here, which is a bit of a shame considering that you may want to look her in the eyes and nicely smile back at her, as a means for rewarding her (and thanking her) for being so adorable.

Eye contact (!) and immediate smile, then looking down and smiling sweetly


This IOA is as sweet as it gets: you happen to make eye contact with a girl, she immediately lightens up and instinctively smiles at you, and then she proceeds to look down while smiling sweetly.

These girls are adorable, and they are to be treated with the highest regard.



Some girls just can’t help themselves, and even if they are on their own, and even if they know that they are supposed not to show interest, and even if they know that they are supposed to be the prize, etc… they just end up giggling when they see you.

Once again, it’s a real shame that they can’t force themselves to make eye contact with you even just for a split second, so that you can nicely smile back at them.

Trying not to smile



There are girls who would really like to maintain an indifferent expression after seeing you, because you know – the Law of Equilibrium of Interests, the prize mentality, and all that. But no matter how hard they try, their internal emotions are betrayed in the end.

Some girls are going to be more subtle than others, and the most prevalent trend is the girl looking down with her eyes wide open, while pressing her lips and trying her best not to smile nor giggle. All this is seriously cute.

Smiling while looking sideways/straight (in company)




A girl who tries not to smile when she is on her own is likely to freely release her internal emotions and smile when she is in someone else’s company.

Now she has no reason to look down and (try to) hide the happiness in her eyes, no reason to press her lips and (try to) hide her smile, and instead she can freely smile while looking in the distance (for some reason eye contacts keeps being forbidden…).

Smiling while looking straight (on the phone)


This is where things get really interesting in terms of social dynamics: when you cross paths with a girl on the phone and she finds you attractive, she is going to react like the girls in company rather than like the girls on their own (and as a matter of fact she has some company, on the other side of the phone…).

She will freely acknowledge her attraction and release her emotions by smiling sweetly, either while looking straight or while looking upwards.

Eye contact (!) and immediate smile


Do you remember the first IOA of this post, the one where you turn around the corner and the girl instinctively smiles and abruptly fixes her hair, without making intentional eye contact with you?

This one is similar in the sense that you catch the girl by surprise, but this time around eye contact is there.

For instance, you need to go out and as soon as you leave the front door of your building, you bump into a girl who is passing by. The two of you naturally make eye contact, her face lightens up and she immediately smiles at you, maintaining eye contact for a split second until the two of you pass by each other.

Curiously looking around (upwards on one side)


This IOA is particularly cute.

You and a girl are walking in opposite directions, and when you are fairly close to each other, she looks upwards on one side, as if to look for something in the distance that caught her attention.

The “one side” will always be the side where you are located compared to her, and her facial expression will be curious and sweet, but she won’t be smiling. She will almost look lost, or strangely curious, it’s difficult to explain in words.

Smiling while looking up, then turning the head and assuming a pose


The girl here is steady, and first she smiles to herself while looking up in the distance, then she turns her head slightly while maintaining a smile, basically assuming a pose.

Possibly more of an Approach Invitation rather than an Indicator of Attraction, since all that seems very much deliberate to me, but attraction is implied nevertheless.

“Crap he saw me” 

At times, when you turn around and catch a girl looking at you, she immediately proceeds to look away with an almost embarrassed expression in her face.

Sure, maybe it was just a “coincidence” that she was looking at you in the first place, and these are my guidelines to decide whether it was a coincidence or not:

● She looks away quickly with a “crap he saw me” expression on her face => IOA

● She immediately looks down with a shy expression on her face => IOA

● She quickly turns her head sideways, with a strangely annoyed expression on her face => Bitchy IOA

● She slowly looks away with an aloof and “superior” expression on her face => Diva IOA

● She keeps looking at you for another split second and with an almost curious expression on her face, before gently looking away => IOA

● She gently looks away with the most indifferent of the expressions and as if nothing has happened => it was a coincidence indeed

Looking you straight in the eyes (!) and smiling confidently


Not the most frequent of the IOAs, but sometimes you turn around and you catch a girl looking at you. Instead of looking away though, she keeps looking at you while smiling confidently.



Here is how Joe Navarro describes Pacifiers in his book:

“these actions, often referred to in the literature as adapters, serve to calm us down after we experience something unpleasant […] any touching of the face, head, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, or leg in response to a negative stimulus (e.g., a difficult question, an embarrassing situation, or stress as a result of something heard, seen, or thought) is a pacifying behaviour.”

All right my dear girls, when did bumping into an attractive guy become “something unpleasant” or a “negative stimulus”??

It’s not that bumping into an attractive guy is something unpleasant, rather we are trying our best not to do things like giggling, looking down, etc, and since at the same time we feel an urge to release the tension, we proceed to instinctively scratch ourselves somewhere.

All right I see.

And not only that, there are times when we are absolutely not supposed to be attracted to said attractive guy, hence we are literarily fighting the attraction we are feeling and we feel the same urge to release that tension.

Yeah that makes sense, thanks.

You will see girls scratching their head, their nose, their cheek, their forearm, etc, all the way while having a slightly uncomfortable look in their eyes. Because, as the kind girl just explained, you have just caused a little internal storm within them.

Stretching the skirt

Joe Navarro continues:

Sometimes pacification is even more subtle, like a person brushing the front of his shirt or adjusting his tie.

Indeed, and there will be girls who upon seeing you will instinctively reach for their skirt to stretch it a little bit, as of to cover their legs a bit more, because even if you have the most innocuous of the expressions and you are not even looking at them directly (you keep an eye with peripheral vision only) your presence is still making them feel uncomfortable: what a terrible attractive guy you are!!



Self-explanatory really, some girls will just have a horny and submissive look in their eyes.


A bit more than this

To some extent this is related to the IOA just above, with a little difference that now the girl has a strange “that’s a bit much” expression in her eyes, and she is literarily taken aback (e.g. doing things like raising her eyebrows and widening her eyes, looking hopeless, etc).

Crumbling apart from the distance

Sometime you remember to look a bit more in the distance, say instead of looking 5 metres (16ft) in front of you, you raise your eyes a bit and start looking 15 metres (50ft) in front of you.

You catch a girl who was looking at you, and she literarily crumbles apart: she starts moving compulsively in all sorts of directions, she looks down and then up a couple of times, simply put she seems to have lost control of her body. That’s a very strange thing indeed, and the girl in question will then try to reassume some poise while walking towards you.

When the two of you are next to each other, she will throw the Law of Equilibrium of Interests out of the window and turn around to look at you as if you were a magnet, with a horny and submissive look in her eyes.

Strangely serious during the interaction

A bit more tense than this

Sometimes you have a brief and purely situational interaction with a girl you don’t know (e.g. a sales assistant, a receptionist, a passer-by, etc) and it seems like she has just seen a ghost: her vibe is perturbated, she looks tense, and overall it seems she’s not exactly at ease in being there in front of you.

Be extra kind with her, because she is shy and intimidated by you. And once again, your Looks and Vibe are to blame.

Immediately girly during the interaction


The opposite case to the one described just above: sometimes you have a brief and purely situational interaction with a girl you don’t know (e.g. a sales assistant, a receptionist, a passer-by, etc) and from the very get-go she is extra girly and sweet towards you.

Think of going to the hotel reception or to the airport check-in desk, and having the girl working there do her best not to giggle, look at you with a spark in her eyes and a pleased expression on her face, talk to you with the sweetest voice, etc.

Or think of going to the clothes shop, and have the sales assistant lighten up when you ask her a question, explain things to you with a genuine sweet smile and a spark in her eyes, etc.

Yes, that’s preferential treatment, and you deserve it because you have worked hard on your Fundamentals.

“I’d fuck you now if I could”


Sometimes you turn around, and you catch a girl looking at you while biting her lip or her finger. Nice!



You and a group of two girls are walking towards each other.

All of you have clearly noticed each other, but nevertheless you are all looking straight and observing each other with peripheral vision only (damn Interpersonal Social Game).

When you are pretty much aligned and about to pass each other for good, the girl right next to you turns around and steals a glance.

She thinks you won’t notice that, since you seem to be looking straight and most guys use direct vision only. But instead you are a pro who uses peripheral vision at all times, and that’s when you go:

Text - Gotcha

Sunflower move


Similar to the above, but now the two girls are steady and talking to each other. Once again, you have all noticed each other through peripheral vision, but on the surface it’s like nothing is happening.

Until the girl in front of you turns around to steal a glance, and once gain you go:

Text - Gotcha.png

Turning around abruptly


You turn around the corner and there is a girl say 10 metres in front of you. Or you change sidewalk all of a sudden, and there is a girl say 10 metres in front of you.

You basically catch her by surprise, since she didn’t see you coming. And considering that she is immediately intimidated by your Looks and your Vibe, she has an instinctive reaction of turning around.

It all happens in a split second, and in order for this to work there needs to be someone she knows right behind her, so that there is plausible deniability for doing so. So far I’ve seen this happen when behind the girl in question there was a girlfriend, her boyfriend, or… her dog!!

When a girl is on her own instead, meaning that she doesn’t have that plausible deniability for abruptly turning around, she will either turn slightly sideways as of to look for something in the distance, or she will just crumble apart.

Mood switch



You are walking somewhere, raise your eyes to look a bit further in the distance, and catch a girl looking at you and smiling all pleased as she walks towards you.

You both pretend to be ignoring each other while the two of you keep approaching, and when you are close to each other you want to make eye contact with her and smile back at her, to reward her/thank her for her sweetness.

There is a little problem though: she keeps looking straight in front of her, with an expression which is either strangely serious or downright angry. Whoa!!

It must all be related to the law of Equilibrium of Interests and the Interpersonal Social game.

Defensive / Uncomfortable


You get on the bus, on the metro, on the lift, etc. Basically, you enter a space where people are next to each other, and can’t go anywhere.

You have the most innocuous of the expressions, and you are actually ignoring everyone as usual.

Still, a few girls become shy and uncomfortable because of your presence, and they immediately assume a closed body language like crossing their arms.

Or even in an open space, you happen to get closer to a girl who is a bit shy and intimidated by you, and she proceeds to do something like hiding her hands in the pockets.

Treat these cute and shy girls with the highest care and kindness.

“Today I deserved to see something like that!!”


We covered this particular IOA in a separate post already, and it refers to girls getting a bit too happy to have seen you. Yeah, a bit too much.

They are literarily shaking, and they look up smiling and with an overall vibe that transmit this sort of message:

Yeah!! Today I deserved to see something like that!!

Every time I encountered such an IOA, I always had the distinct feeling that it wasn’t about me, it was about them.

Wants you to look at her


Another one we have previously covered.

At times a girl who happens to pass by positions her body towards you and pretends to look somewhere else, basically giving you the opportunity to have a good look at her without you needing to do anything special (you just need to keep looking straight as you were doing before).

Possibly an Approach Invitation rather than an IOA, but usually it all happens too quickly to actually make something out of it (something calibrated that is), and also the two of you aren’t close enough to each other that you can effortlessly strike up a conversation with her. Having considered all that, I decided to put it here within the IOAs.

Eyes on you

Generally speaking, you will catch girls looking at you as the day goes by. Some of them won’t be smiling nor giggling, just having a curious look.


Those are the IOAs that I can remember at the moment. Now just a few things to wrap up this post.

First off, getting those sweet IOAs on a regular basis will surely make your day more pleasant, while at the same time keeping you clear of any bitterness towards girls. This is why I recommend everyone keeps working hard on their Looks and their Vibe.

Then, only sweet, feminine and down-to-earth girls can display the IOAs we have covered in this post (except for the “Today I deserved to see something like that!!” and the “Looking you straight in the eyes and smiling confidently” IOAs, which are more of a Sweet Bitch thing rather than a Sweet Girl thing).

Look at these two girls, look how sweet they are:


And now that you have seen how sweet these two girls are, and now that you have seen how sweet the other girls shown in the post are, a final question for you: what’s the point in wasting any of your precious time dealing with entitled girls characterised by their haughty looks and their aloof expression??!

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