Diva IOAs

In the previous post we have seen the “normal” Indicators of Attraction, which are particularly sweet and feminine.

They show how a Sweet Girl reacts when she bumps into a guy she particularly likes, and they can be used both as a gauge of some possible interest (“possible” because her sexual availability tends to get on the way) and most importantly as a screening tool [1].

If you stop a girl who has shown a “normal” IOA upon seeing you, making sure that your approach is socially calibrated and taking into account things like the social pressure on her, she will react kindly and the conversation will be pleasant, whether she happens to be single or not (just keep in mind not to “persist” if she turns out to be taken, since persisting sucks indeed).

That’s how things work with the Sweet Girls, and you already know that I particularly like sweet and down-to-earth girls.

Other types of girls will still be attracted to you, of course, but their reaction upon seeing you will be slightly different. In this post we will cover the Divas, and in the following one the Evil Bitches (the Sweet Bitches are somewhat mingled with the Sweet Girls in the initial IOA post, as explained in [1]).

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I noticed two particular IOAs which not only reveal that the girl in question is attracted to you, but also that she is a Diva:

● Snobbish sideway pose
● “Oh give me a break!” show

Snobbish sideway pose


This one is unmissable. Upon seeing you, the Diva will immediately and instinctively assume the following pose:

● Face turned sideways with chin up
● Raised eyebrows
● Pretentious look
● Overall pompous “I’ll show you who I am” vibe


This reflex is so instinctive that they all pull off exactly the same move in exactly the same way, and you can almost hear them make a snobbish sound while assuming that pose (just like in the movies…).

The funny thing is that girls (and people in general) tend to spend time with like-minded individuals. This means that, considering that a Diva is likely to spend her time with other Divas, at times you bump into two girls and they both instinctively assume that pose upon seeing you.

Best friends

I’ve seen girls instinctively assume that pose more times than I wanted to, both Divas on their own and Divas with a Diva girlfriend of theirs, and I don’t know about you guys, but it gets on my nerves. Big time.

I know that it’s only an overcompensating mechanism, and I know that after enough reassuring a Diva is so much sweeter than a Sweet Bitch, and I know that a Diva is infinitely more feminine than an Evil Bitch, etc. I know all that at a rational level, but that instinctive reaction of wanting to appear as “superior” or “higher status” just puts me off. Massively. Mainly because that instinctive move operates at the level of subliminal manipulation and cheating, and it’s a big let-down.

And here is where the irony lies: the Diva thinks that behaving in such a snobbish way will win her points, also because she may have read that…

(nonsense alert) “men can’t resist a woman who’s naturally challenging”

(nonsense alert) “the aloof girl always gets the guy”

But the “men” and the “guy” the two above articles refer to (just put those words into the search engine to find the sources), they pretty much have nothing to do with the cool guy having solid Fundamentals and coming from a place of self-acceptance (aka the High Value guy).

Another funny thing is when you bump into two girls who most likely are not very close, surely not best friends, and they react slightly different to you:

Possibly relatives rather than friends

I seem to remember that when I was younger and less experienced about life (i.e. during high school), I was more susceptible to a girl’s looks, and things like her personality weren’t really part of the equation.

This has gradually changed over time, and now that I am in my early thirties and more attractive than ever, the way a girl looks is important in the sense that I need to be physically attracted to her, and that’s it. Her personality instead, that has become the most important factor to me.

“Oh give me a break!” expression


This one is worse than the previous one.

At times you enter the visual field of a girl you are not even paying attention to, for instance:

● You are walking on the sidewalk and there is a girl 10 metres (32ft) in front of you, but you never looked at her directly.

● You enter a shop / an office to ask for some information, and you interact with someone there while not far away there is a girl you have not looked at directly.

This is the key: you have not looked at the girl directly, and as far as she knows you have not even noticed her (she can’t imagine that you always keep your surroundings in check with your peripheral vision, since most guys just don’t do that).

Still, as soon as she sees you, she puts on an act snorting like someone who has just lost her patience, looking away like someone who has had enough, basically behaving like someone whose vibe just says:

Oh give me a break!!

And to that I say:

Text - What.png

My dear Diva, just so you know, you shoot yourself in the foot by behaving like that.

I don’t have anything against you, and I even wrote you a letter a while back. And you should know it by know, that as long as you behave like that, you will force me to ignore you.

[1] Some of the IOAs covered in the original post are mainly displayed by Sweet Bitches rather than Sweet Girls. Surely the ones referred to as “Today I deserved to see something like that!!” and “Looking you straight in the eyes and smiling confidently”, and possibly also “Wants you to look at her” and “Smiling while looking sideways/straight.” But I still like those, contrary to the Diva IOAs.

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