Bitchy IOAs

Long time ago, in 1966 to be precise, a masterpiece of a movie was released:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A great film indeed, whose title comes in handy at this point of our journey exploring the different signals which girls display when they are attracted to you.

The “standard” Indicators of Attractions (IOAs) are definitely Good, and receiving them on a regular basis can make your already great days even better.

The Diva IOAs are fairly Bad, since I don’t know about you guys, but I quite dislike that pretentiousness.

Finally, the Bitchy IOAs are just plain Ugly.

But first of all, what is a Bitch?

There is an entire post covering all the different types of girls which are relevant to seduction, and the term “Bitch” as used in this post refers to the Evil Bitches as described there. This is what they look like:




As you may have guessed looking at those facial expressions, Evil Bitches are entitled, arrogant and combative women who are better left to their own misery.

Still, at times you bump into them as your day goes by. And if you are a guy who has worked hard enough on his Fundamentals, looking good and projecting a dominant and confident Vibe as a result, they are going to be attracted to you.

And that attraction is exactly where the problem lies, due to the following cycle:

● Long time ago, the Evil Bitches rejected traditional feminine qualities like sweetness and grace;

● They eagerly started to assume the role of the masculine and dominant person who is in charge, only associating themselves with submissive “men” lacking any kind of backbone and doing exactly as they are told;

● When they see you, they are going attracted to your Looks;

● At the same time, they are going to be fairly annoyed at your confident and masculine Vibe;

● And if you catch them looking at you, this will drive them crazy and they are literarily going to be angry at themselves for feeling any kind of attraction towards you, a “despicable masculine man” !!

Here are the Bitchy IOAs which (unfortunately) I’m familiar with.

Angry sideways movement


This one is particularly creepy.

While you are somewhere minding your own business, at some point you either turn around or you look a bit further ahead in front of you. So far so good.

That’s when you catch a woman who was looking at you, and in the very moment you catch her doing so, she “slightly” overreacts.

And as if she were a loaded spring which was first stretched to the maximum and then released, she abruptly turns her head sideways, with the angriest and the most annoyed of the facial expressions. That’s creepy AF!!

She must be so angry for having been caught looking at an attractive guy who happens to look masculine… how “unacceptable” of her!!

What I noticed though is that, as you keep walking towards each other and when you are almost aligned and about to pass each other for good, she may help herself with another quick glance, thinking you won’t notice that. But since you have the entire visual field with your peripheral vision, that’s when you go:

Text - Gotcha

Angry look ahead


Similar to the above in the sense that the Evil Bitch feels some internal anger for being attracted to you, but this time around you don’t catch her by surprise, and as such everything is more deliberate on her side.

She just looks fucking angry as the two of you approach each other, but she really doesn’t have any good reason for behaving like that, since you are actively ignoring her (never looked at her directly, peripheral vision only).

Before going any further, let’s look once again at an important axiom.

Self-Preservation Axiom
Good behaviour shall be rewarded. Bad behaviour shall be punished.

And now let me tell you a little trick.

While you are keeping an eye on the Evil Bitch with your peripheral vision, she is doing the same with you. As such, she has a good idea of your body movements while the two of you approach each other.

When you are fairly close to each other, turn your head slightly on the other side away from her, with an unimpressed and disdainful expression on your face. Only slightly on the side, with a fairly disgusted but not exaggerated expression.

This dismissive move will hurt her, and she deserves it for showing unjustified aggressiveness towards you.

Be careful though: this move in only to be used when dealing with those aggressive and combative Evil Bitches, none of the other types of girls deserve that.

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