Indicators of Disinterest

So far we have seen the standard Indicators of Attraction (IOAs), the Diva IOAs, and the Bitchy IOAs. Then, in addition to all the girls who will show attraction towards you from the distance, there will be some (a clear minority) who will show disinterest.

Yes that’s right, there are girls who will show active disinterest upon seeing you. And based on my personal experience, that disinterest is linked to the immediate perception she has of you as someone who knows what he’s doing and may actually hit on her.

She is basically pre-emptively rejecting you, or rather giving you the hint to stay away, and she has the right to do so.

You, on the other hand, you have the right not to take that indirect dismissal passively, you have the right not to just move on with the rest of your day as if nothing happened, you have the right to dismiss her from the distance as well.

We will first look at the IODs, and then see how you are going to fight back.

Looking down calmly and leaning forward



There are some sweet and adorable girls who upon seeing you will look down all serious, either because they are shy and intimidated by you, or because they are doing their best not to smile and revel the joy they are feeling inside.

Their vibe will be perturbated, and the fact that they are attracted to you will be crystal clear. Good.

Then there is this minority of girls who upon seeing you will still look down, but in a very different way: their vibe won’t be perturbated, they will appear in full control of their emotions, their face will be completely relaxed, and they will slightly lean forward.

With those latter girls, the act of looking down is not a positive and instinctive reaction to your attractiveness, rather it’s a deliberate gesture to signal disinterest.

Things can be slightly confusing at first, because a girl looking down is usually one of the classic IOAs. I’ve been there myself, confusing this IOD with an IOA instead, and after approaching three or four of those girls who were calmly looking down and leaning forward, the meaning of that gesture became crystal clear to me.

Looking down calmly and unimpressed


This IOD is similar to the above in the sense that the girl will still deliberately look down, will still remain in full control of her emotions, will still have an unimpressed expression on her face, but in this case she won’t lean forward.

This second case is actually easier to decrypt compared to the first one, because now you can clearly see the dismissive expression on her face, and you just proceed to deploy the Antidote as we will see below.

Looking up dismissively


Self-explanatory and widely covered “in the literature”.

Looking the other way dismissively

This one bothers me particularly, because it signals a high dose of entitlement and self-pedestalization within the girl in question. Let’s look at a real-life example.

I was going to the grocery shop next to my apartment, walking on the sidewalk and about to cross the narrow one-way street in order to enter the shop. There was a girl walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and just by looking at the way she was dressed, it was clear that she was highly entitled.

While looking straight ahead of me, and keeping an eye on her with my peripheral vision only, I started crossing the street.


The girl saw someone crossing the street and walking in her direction, and she quickly looked the other way with a bitchy and angry expression on her face.


There you go, a guy on his way to the grocery happens to cross paths with a bitch, and she has an entitled reaction as if the guy was even remotely interested in her and about to hit on her.

Textbook material of an Evil Bitch self-pedestalizing herself. That behaviour was clearly unacceptable, and I proceed to let her taste a dose of the Antidote.

A word of caution

Before looking at the Antidote, a word of caution to avoid false positives. Fact is, the Antidote can really hurt a girl, and you need to make sure that the girl in front of you is an Evil Bitch before deploying it.

As we have seen a few posts back, not all girls looking up are actually dismissing you, and not all girls looking down are actually rejecting you.



The first two girls looking up are just showing the “Today I deserved to see something like that!!” IOA, they are Sweet Bitches rather than Evil Bitches, and they don’t deserve a taste of the Antidote.

The two girls looking down are adorable Sweet Girls, and they absolutely don’t deserve to go even remotely close to the Antidote. The girl on the left-hand side is smiling shily while looking down, the girl on the right-hand side has the typical posture of the shy girl who is intimidated by you (i.e. trying to stay as straight as possible but still unable to look straight – there is no bitchiness nor dismissiveness in her face).

And now let’s get down to business.

The Antidote

Let’s look once again at the most important axiom of all.

Self-Preservation Axiom
Good behaviour shall be rewarded. Bad behaviour shall be punished.

After the Evil Bitch has shown the IOD to you, you wait for the two of you to be fairly close to each other, then you turn your head slightly on the other side away from her, with an unimpressed and slightly disgusted expression on your face.

Your head only slightly on the side, your expression only slightly disgusted.

By doing so you actively and fairly rudely dismiss her, and not only do you let her know how miserable you think she is, but you also act in full accordance with Newton’s third law. Excellent!

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