The most pointless click of your life

Things will get better, eventually

Back in the day when I was still listening to music through YouTube, one day I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while listening to the music through my external speaker connected to the iMac via Bluetooth. I had launched an initial song, and then the autoplay would have taken care of playing other songs on similar genre one after the other. All proceeded normally for quite a while, until the music stopped. Strange.

Wondering what the hell could have happened which required my attention, I went back into the lounge and reached for the iMac. And that’s when I saw the above message on YouTube.

The next song had been identified as <<inappropriate>> or <<offensive>> by the <<community>>, and I was required to confirm that I wished to proceed. I was not being required to confirm my age, nothing of any real meaning was really going on, I simply had to click in order to confirm that I understood the <<risk>>.

Whoa… looks like some serious stuff is going on in here!!

I clicked on that button, all the way while being careful of paying the maximum <<viewer’s discretion>>, and the next song started to play. It was Give Me Everything by Pitbull.

Text - What

Yes, you read it right, YouTube had put a warning message which required user agreement before playing Give Me Everything by Pitbull, because the song had been reported by <<some audience>>.

As Pitbull says in the song:

Excuse me, …

and as I continue:

… but are you fucking kidding me? Give me a break, will ya?

Eventually that pointless message was removed, and here you can listen to that song without having to deal with any unnecessary SJW nonsense.

To this day, what happened back then leaves me speechless. Because not only was that message a displeasing reminder of the hypocritical, conformist and politically-correct society we currently live in, a thoroughly fucked-up society that is, but it was also announcing new lows in terms of progressive censorship we have been facing for some time now.

Back then the time was not ready for that sort of discriminatory message to be displayed just yet, and YouTube had to remove it in the end. What happened is that the water temperature was raised too abruptly and the frog jumped out of the pot [1], but I fear it’s only a matter of time before that kind of censorship come back harassing us at full steam. What needs to happen in the meantime is that, whoever has been orchestrating the destruction of the Western world as we knew it for some time now, those people just need to fine tune the pace of this additional change, they need to introduce it at a slower rate so that low to nil resistance will be experienced once they give it another go.

It has been a few years now that we have been at the receiving end of a constant war against traditional values in general and masculinity in particular, and even if the situation looks grimiest than ever right now, I am optimistic for the future nevertheless.

Because what can stop will stop, and when it comes to the progressive emasculation of our society, there is no way that the overall masculinity of our Western world will be allowed to go below a certain threshold. Assuming those people who have been pulling the strings are not planning to have the West militarily conquered by more masculine societies.

No matter what the Social Justice Warriors have deluded themselves to think, fourth-wave feminism and our ever-more emasculate Western society are not going to cancel thousands of years of history: human nature is intrinsically aggressive, and for thousands of years now, Empire after Empire, Kingdom after Kingdom, Democracy after Democracy, it has been a continuous stream of populations fighting each other and trying to assert their dominance over their weaker neighbours.

Most people in the West currently live in a too much of a vegetative state to realise that, no matter how high-resolution their brand-new shiny smartphones are, and no matter how politically correct their favourite forums have become, nothing has really changed in terms of the underlying human nature. And since the most pressing things which your average Western retard has got in mind in this day and age range from what time to post a new picture on social media in order to get as many likes as possible, to decide whether it’s more appropriate to react to a message with a like or with a smiley face instead, all the current wellbeing we live in is taken for granted, while the ongoing war against traditional values and masculinity is not only accepted but also welcomed.

But as I said before, things can only deteriorate so much.

It always pays looking back at previous wisdom, since certain things are timeless, hence let’s look at this Latin saying:

“If you want peace, prepare for war”

Uhm, so the Latins were claiming that if you want peace then you need to prepare for war. Surely they were a bunch of wise people those Latins, and certainly that adage was applicable back then, but could it still be true to this day?? Let’s see what’s happening around the world to find out.

I stopped reading the news and watching TV a few years back, hence there is a filter in terms of the amount of the SJW propaganda that manages to reach me, but since I still read the financial newspapers and at times I make the mistake of going to the main page of those newspapers rather than directly to the Business or Companies section, then some of the world news still reaches me.

Alright, so very recently Mr. President decided to move 12,000 troops out of an important European country because allegedly that country was not spending enough on defence, and this news caused bitterness and resentment all over. But hold on a second, considering that as of now masculinity and strength are bad bad concepts, why are all those people bitter and resentful instead of being grateful to the President?? That reaction doesn’t make any sense according to SJW logic, does it?! A leftist newspaper in his home country went as far as saying, in the piece published to criticise him for that decision, that those troops “have for three generations helped ensure peace in Europe.”

Troops…peace…uhm, I think we are on the right track here.

But the people who were worrying that removing those troops could have compromised the peace in Europe need not to worry, since some of those troops were moved further east to contrast the <<aggressiveness>> of the powerful neighbour.

Powerful neighbour you say…but what is that makes that neighbour powerful? Could it be all the progress they have made in terms of female <<quotas>> and in terms of filling the <<gender pay gap>>, or could it be that they control vast amounts of natural resources and their military arsenal is powerful as fuck?? Tough one, isn’t it…

Then there is the young dictator in South-East Asia, who goes missing for two weeks and the rest of the world is seriously concerned about his fate. They guy doesn’t appear on TV for a little while and newspapers start screaming left and right how the geo-political equilibrium of the entire world may be in danger.

Text - Ahhh

But what was driving all that apprehension, could it be that the Western newspapers were scared he could not complete the work he started on the <<genderless pronouns>>, or was it maybe the fear of not knowing whose hands would have gotten hold of the red button which launches the locally-made nuclear missiles?? Another tough one…

You move a bit westward and you come across that sunny country whose every single square centimetre of its surface is monitored 24/7 by an army of satellites, whose every communication in every form is constantly trying to be intercepted, and so on and so forth. But what could be the reason behind all that interest from the Western world?? Could it be that our politicians want to constantly keep an eye on how that country is progressing in terms of their <<diversity roadmap>>, or could it possibly be that this country as well controls huge amount of natural resources and has nuclear power?? Geez I really don’t know; these questions are way too difficult…

Emoji face screaming fear

All right let’s get real once again. The way things work right now are not different than the way things have worked for thousands of years (oversimplified analysis alert):

● The countries that control the greatest amount of resources, which in turn are used to build the most powerful and the most lethal military arsenals, those are the countries that define the global equilibrium and call the shots. Everyone else sits on the sidelines and simply decides where to brown their noses.

● When a country tries to move up the world by building a bigger stake of the currency which decides who sits at the superpowers’ table, that currency being lethal military power, the superpowers which have more to lose from that development try to block it either through military action or through military threat, while the superpowers which are set to gain from that development try in turn to discourage those other superpowers from intervening, again either through military action or through military threat. Funnily enough, the first group of superpowers claims that their intervention is needed to <<export democracy>>, while the second group of superpowers claims that their intervention is needed to <<protect freedom>>. And then the respective populations of those superpower countries and their allies are properly brainwashed by the local news outlets so that those opposite claims are widely accepted by the general public in those opposing countries.

● If country A is really determined to put its hands on the resources of country B, and country A is confident of having a much greater amount of military power compared to the sum of the military power of country B plus all of country B’s allies who are definitely going to intervene to defend country B, then country A will proceed to invade country B.

Certain things are timeless, and this is why that Latin saying is in turn timeless: if you want peace, prepare for war. Even the dumbest of the SJWs cannot deny nor overlook the validity of this simple adage, assuming said SJW doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore that is.

And now that we are all in agreement on the validity and on the timelessness of that simple Latin adage, that means we are also all in agreement on the falseness of this adapted adage:

“If you want peace, prepare a SJW faggoty society

Quite the opposite, if we want to adapt that piece of Latin wisdom somewhat, that’s the way to do it:

“If you want to be taken over, prepare a SJW faggoty society”

And this is exactly what has been going on in the West for some time now.

Sure, you could argue that Western women as a whole have become way more masculine than before, and this in theory should compensate for the progressive emasculation of Western men. But the way Western women have become “masculine” has nothing to do with the invaluable masculine traits of honour, sense of duty, being ready to die for the country, etc. On the contrary, when we say that Western women have become “masculine” what we mean is that they have lost the typical feminine traits of grace, sweetness and composure.

The usual caveat still applies, that caveat being there is still a huge number of wonderful girls out there, and you may even go as far as saying that those wonderful girls are the majority of the Western female population, especially when you realise that said Western female population is not limited to the harpies you bump into in nightgame and online dating (which are both admittedly shit by the way).

Plus, you also need to consider that simply because a girl is not interested in you that doesn’t make her automatically a bitch. You need to consider that if a girl reacted coldly when you approached her, possibly you just caught her by surprise and she felt a bit uncomfortable. And so on and so forth.

But even after taking into account all of the above caveats, it’s undeniable that there is quite a lot of dirt out there: man-hating and combative Evil Bitches, bitter and resentful forth-wave feminists, bossy and domineering witches, emotionally-broken sluts, entitled and opportunistic NPDs, drama-seeking BDPs, parasitic HPDs – it’s literarily a shitstorm out there.

Hence, when we say that Western women as a whole have become more “masculine,” what we really mean is that the amount of dirt has reached non-negligible proportions, and this in turn has caused a meaningful dilution of traditional feminine traits within the Western female population.

The problem right now is that whoever is pulling the string doesn’t seem to be finished just yet, and I was reminded of this when I saw that newly introduced form of censorship on YouTube. But eventually both the forth-wave feminist nonsense and the SJW nonsense will need to stop, because those people are aiming at the complete destruction of masculinity as we know it, and it should be clear by now that once the aggressiveness and the overall real masculinity of a desirable country goes below a certain threshold, that country is pretty much screwed.

And should push comes to shove, it will not be the “masculine” harpies who will step in and save the day, because their “aggressiveness” and their “determination” is only any good in the current climate where they have been taught they can have their cake and eat it, mind you not out of any merit but simply because of their gender, and should they find a male obstacle along the way, they have also been taught they can simply snap their fingers and destroy him socially.

Wrapping up, the current status of the Western world is that at the very top, which is far away and kind of an abstract thing to be honest, things still make sense in the traditional sense of the expression: control the resources, build a strong military arsenal, deliver military threats, impose economic sanctions, etc. Yet when you look at the immediate society around you, things are more fucked-up than ever and this negative trend doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

But since you cannot defy logic nor learnings from previous history, the trend will indeed need to stop.

The way I see the current situation is like when you leave a bunch of kids to play out in the garden, and those kids are not only not the most well-behaved, but they have been conditioned to believe that the more amount of damage they cause the better. In this hypothetical example, you let the kids loose and one of them proceeds to smash the vase, another one to destroy all the roses, another one scratches your car, another one paints the dog green, etc. Our reality is a bit different, and you have kids inflicting damage in different ways: one of them has a website to manage code repos and decides to ban the words “blacklist/whitelist” & “master/slave” because those words are <<racist>> when applied to lines of code, another one has decided that the selection for the company awards of “Best Employee of the Year” and “Most Promising Talent” is only going to be open to women going forward, another one has decided that when a company implements a <<diversity plan>> this had a credit-positive effect (I recommend you read The Big Short to better understand the level of incompetence we are talking about here), another one has decided that it’s only fair in a sector whose graduate population is 60% men and 40% women to put a 50-50 quota for hiring, another one keeps using his newspaper to deliver a daily not-so-subliminal propaganda campaign trying to have you believe that as long as you are a white straight man then you are pretty much just wasting oxygen in this world, and so on and so forth.

Bust just like in our hypothetical example the parents will eventually need to go out there in the garden and proceed to stop that mess, there will be a point when whoever is pulling the string in terms of social engineering will need to go like:

Enough is enough!

At that point the progressive nonsense we currently need to endure will be made to stop, and after acknowledging the damage done by the kids while there were let loose, appropriate actions will need to be taken. Quite possibly there is no going back to how things were say before 2010 and before the mass adoption of “social” networks (even if that period was no golden age, surely it was light years ahead compared to the current social misery). But the deterioration will need stop eventually, and at that point things would have gotten better indeed, since the constant sliding towards new bottoms will be over. And this is exactly the reason why I am optimistic for the future despite the current miserable state of things in the West.

By now you may be wondering:

All right, this is all well and good, but what the hell has it to do with daygame?

My friend, what we have discussed in this post has everything to do with daygame. (TO BE CONTINUED)

[1] See the Boiling Frog theory

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