What’s happening to masculinity? Part 1

Muh gendered norms

When I moved to this new European country a few years back, it didn’t take me long to realise that I had gotten myself into a fairly damaged society, into a feminist society that is.

The first time I saw a young couple whose combined body language was the exact opposite of what Nature intended things to be, I just shrugged it off without giving it too much importance:

Whoa that looks awkward!!

Problem is that eventually I started to see a trend, and it was no longer the case of having bumped into a particularly needy soyboy reaching for the emotional protection of his domineering girlfriend, that kind of disturbing thing seemed to be the status quo among the local young couples.

But before talking about what exactly looked that disturbing to me, let’s do a little refresh of how things are supposed to work.

There is the risk of stating the obvious here, but considering that our Western society is characterised by an ever-stronger gender uncertainty on one side, while being haunted by the sameness agenda which is delivered in the name of <<equality>> on the other side, considering all that let me take the risk.

And this is how things are supposed to work…

Do you want to go for a walk with your girl? Good, do it like a man and let her hold your arm.

Be a man

Do you want to kiss your girl? Good, do it like a man and put your arms around her waist, so that she will proceed to put her arms around your neck.

Be a man

Do you want to kiss your girl more passionately? Good, do it like a man and grab her gently yet firmly by the sides of the neck, or by the sides of the head.

Be a man

[Note: should a fourth-wave feminist pass by and scornfully think, “OMG this is so <<patriarchal>>” then you know you are doing it right]

Do you want to have a coupley moment with your girl? Good, do it like a man and let her be the needy one who reaches for your shoulder.

Be a man

Do you want to passionately hug your girl? Good, do it like a man and grab her around her waist, so that she will proceed to throw her arms around your neck and lean her head against you.

Be a man

Do you want to have a coupley moment with your girl while walking? Good, do it like a man and put your arm on her shoulder.

Be a man

This is how things are supposed to work, or better yet, this is how things were supposed to work before the war on masculinity came into mainstream fashion. But just because modern feminists got the relationship between the two words “sameness” and “equality” mistakenly wrong (mistakenly, mind you…), that doesn’t mean you need to adapt to the modern Western nonsense we live in.

Let’s go back to when I moved to this new country. One day I was on the bus, and there was a young couple sitting down like this:


To be honest it was quite disturbing to see, but initially I didn’t give too much importance to that anomaly.

Problem is that another day I was out for a walk, and I crossed paths with yet another young couple who had the roles completely reverted:


When I started seeing those things over and over, that’s when I realised that what looked like an anomaly to me, well it seemed to be the status quo among the local young couples instead. And as you can imagine, that made for some unpleasant realization indeed.

But the most unsettling thing was not even the role reversal in itself, it was rather the domineering look in the eyes of the girls whose arms their soft boys were holding:


Girls like that are not even Sweet Bitches, since a typical Sweet Bitch tends to give you headache considering how teasing and entitled she is, but at the same time she retains a spark of joy in her eyes and a smiley even if mischievous expression on her face. Not ideal, but potentially you could live with that, if your screening mechanism is not as strict as mine.

No, girls like that are man-hating Evil Bitches, and we have already talked about them in the other post covering the different Types of girls:

Evil Bitches
Combative, masculine, and entitled female human beings. Their domineering and hateful vibe is unmistakable. Their disdainful and haughty looks are unequivocal.

They have been taught to equate femininity to weakness and grace to cowardice, and as such they have gone the domineering and disdainful way (WGTDDW – how is that for an acronym?!). They hate a masculine man from the bottom of their heart, hence they got themselves a submissive and obedient soyboy to play with.

For full transparency, let me tell you that with the couples I’ve seen in this cringeworthy position here…


…with those couples I almost never had the impression that the girl was an Evil Bitch by looking at her facial expression, it was more the case of the guy being a ridiculously soft and spineless soyboy.

But this one here?


Evil Bitch certification pretty much.

All right so that’s how a non-negligible number of young couples behave around here (and by the way, if in real life you try to point out that things are not supposed to work exactly like that, more often than not you will be labelled as <<sexist>>).

But what about the older couples around here, are the older local males more masculine than the younger local soyboys?

No way, they are even more cringeworthy actually. If on one side most of the young guys simply look like lost puppies desperate for affection and for someone to show them the way, on the other side most of their older counterparts have fully embraced their feminine side to the point that not only do they walk like the softest and the most emasculated human beings, but when they have something to say they proceed to twitter like high-pitched birds rather than talk.

By now you may be rubbing your hands with a grin on your face, because maybe you realise that the reality I’ve just described doesn’t match what you see around you. But before you get the party started, celebrating how you and the society you live in seem to have dodged that poisoned bullet, hold on just a second longer will you.

Because trends spread, and even if right now mass media in your own country have not yet set the “War on Masculinity” campaign into hard mode, this can change any time. As such, each and any man on this planet should take the topic we are discussing in here extremely seriously:

⚠ With the exclusions of some limited exceptions, Western men as a whole are now a shell of their former selves: most have become needy kids desperate for affection, some have transformed themselves into proud doormats, others have gone through the entire journey of emasculation ⚠

Cringeworthy indeed, but how did we get here?

Feminist indoctrination v2.0

The analysis which follows is going to be somewhat light, since I don’t really have any specific interest nor do I get any particular enjoyment from the in-depth evaluation of socioeconomic trends and their effects on the progressive evolution of society (evolution?).

But in all fairness, this case here is so straightforward that all it takes to have a good understanding of the journey is just a little bit of critical thinking and a couple of minutes to look up the definitions corresponding to certain specific movements which developed during certain specific periods.

All right, so the first-wave feminism was, “a period of feminist activity and thought that occurred during the 19th and early 20th century throughout the Western world. It focused on legal issues, primarily on securing women’s right to vote”. [1]

Very honourable objectives indeed, and by the quick glance I had online it seems that by the end of the 30’s women were given the right to vote and other important things pretty much everywhere. Good results indeed, and the first-wave feminist movement was successfully over.

World War II followed, and in addition to the significant human losses, a lot destruction took place in terms of infrastructures, factories and residential buildings. After the war people got busy re-building what had been previously smashed to pieces, the economic boom ensued, and eventually the introduction of commercial computers led to significant technological advancements and new highs in terms of everyday gadgets available for the masses to play with, and treats available for the masses to enjoy.

I think the 60’s were years of optimism, characterised by the feeling of being unstoppable and by the illusion of an ever-better future. Not that I was alive back then, but I think that period was maybe the only time in recent history characterised by real gender equality, because then something went wrong:


Whoops I got slightly confused, that quote from The Terminator has nothing to do with the war on masculinity we are discussing in here, even if eventually it will have everything to do with the war on mankind which will be driven by Artificial Intelligence. And by the way, both The Terminator (1984) and its first sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) are kind of a big deal, and you should really do some catching-up if you have never watched.

As I was saying, then something went wrong:


By the 70’s women were having stable professional jobs, they were financially independent, they started to become career-driven and all that, and it meant that men had lost their traditional role of having to provide for the financial stability and the overall wellbeing of the family. Among other things, those were also the seeds which then led to marriage losing any value whatsoever, to traditional family values getting extinguished, and to a yet-to-be-born generation of kids who would spend their childhood and adolescence on a constant weekly move between the different apartments of their divorced parents. Hurray!!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s stay focused on the 70’s and 80’s shall we? If on one side men had lost their traditional role of family providers, on the other side the social engineers had devised a different role for them to play: providers, without the family part that is. The new role of the modern <<independent woman>> started to be born, and men were transformed from the honourable role of family providers to the not-so-honourable role of providers for the whims of their “princesses”. And to add injury to insult, the way things needed to appear was not that the men had just started their journey into transforming themselves in doormats, no, “allegedly” it was simply the case of those men now showing their “princesses” how much they loved them and how important they were to them through their <<generosity>> (gift, treats, etc.). Sure.

Before you know it, your average man found himself transformed into an accessory pretty much.

Male role model v2.0

And this leads us to a real-life example.

A few years back I was talking with a friend of mine who is only a few years older than me. Let’s say that back then I was 30 and he was 35.

He’s not your average Western retard not your average Western soyboy: he has lots of field experience and reasonable level of out-of-the-matrix thinking, even if he’s not fully awake nor fully detached from the trivialities of life. Basically you can talk with him without getting irritated only a few seconds into the conversation, and this is already a lot.

One day we were discussing the cringeworthy status of the intersexual dynamics in the West in general and in the new country where we had just both relocated in particular, and he made a wise observation:

There are not many men left.

That was a good summary indeed, a good way of putting it.

The “funniest” thing though, is that one day he invited me over for dinner, and not only did he cook the entire dinner while his wife and his daughter were sitting on the sofa watching TV, and not only was he the only one doing the back-and-forth between the lounge and the kitchen to bring new dishes in and get empty plates out, all the way while his wife and his daughter were both sitting down talking with me. Not only all of that, but after serving us desserts and liqueurs, he also put the dishwasher on and cleaned both the table and the kitchen!

That’s when I had a sad realization:

He was right indeed, not many men left…

Problem is tough, that kind of subduing was clearly not enough.

Feminist indoctrination v4.0

In the grand scheme of things, the situation I’ve just described could have been an acceptable compromise, especially knowing what followed afterwards.

First off, I’ve somewhat exaggerated in my narrative above, since the situation was never so black and white: if on one side a newly formed and ever-growing avalanche of entitled “princesses” started to ride the ever-stronger culture of female privilege, on the other side there surely were a lot of truly outstanding women out there. Some of them preferred to keep traditional family values alive and let the husband be in charge of the family in the traditional sense of the expression; others actually provided key financial support to the family, without expecting anything in return other than the wellbeing and the happiness of the family itself mind you, either because the husband was struggling financially or in other cases just because he was sitting on his ass at home; some other women endured mild abuses and beating-ups because they didn’t want to transform their kids into weekly commuters between apartments, rather they wanted to raise them in a family which most likely wasn’t an ideal set-up but at the same time was surely light years ahead compared to the social misery which would have eventually followed, plus those family troubles may have been just temporary; other women simply found the right balance between the then new progressive mindset and downright taking the piss.

Back then, just like today, it was simply the case of the good and well-intentioned women being diluted by the dirt, but those good women surely existed, and in proportion they were much more compared to what they are today (let’s just hope that at no time in the near future does the good woman who believes in traditional family values end up in any endangered list together with the Hawksbill Turtle and the Giant Panda).

Then, in addition to the masculine men who surely represented the undisputed majority of the male population back then, there also were other men who happily welcomed cuckoldry instead, and I mean cuckoldry in the figurative sense of the word, i.e. they were happy submit to their wives and follow their leadership. And to that I say:

Whatever floats your boat…

Those were the 80’s.

The 90’s coincided with the beginning of third-wave feminism, which according to the literature, “embraced individualism and diversity and sought to redefine what it meant to be a feminist. According to feminist scholar Elizabeth Evans, the ‘confusion surrounding what constitutes third-wave feminism is in some respects its defining feature’”. [2]

Sought to redefine what it meant to be a feminist…

The confusion surrounding what constitutes third-wave feminism is in some respects its defining feature…

Am I the only one in thinking that those ill-intentioned hypocrites didn’t have a fucking clue of what they really wanted, and that deep down they knew that whatever it is they would have eventually decided to go after was down-right pretentious at best, but, “hey getting all that mainstream attention ain’t the worst is it?!”.

“And now give us your attention will ya!!”

The negative spiral had formally started, and even if both the hypocrisy and the opportunism of the then new feminists had crossed the threshold of what’s morally acceptable, the air was surely not as heavy as it is today.

Fact is, I have vague memories of the 90’s and by the 00’s I was a young adult already, and let me tell you that the social misery we currently live into and the culture of extreme female privilege & deep man-hating sentiment was nowhere to be seen.

But why is that, what happened then?


No, it was not Jason Bourne that happened. This is what happened:

Shit just got real…

Considering how easily the agenda driven by the previous movements managed to spread around and get undisputed mainstream acceptance, a few man-hating women decided to push things one step further.

By that time, the respectable initial campaigns for equal rights were successfully over, give or take eighty years had already passed.

The more recent and not-so-respectable second campaigns to transform the men who were willing to comply into obedient doormats were successfully over as well.

The despicable third campaigns to instil a widespread and undisputed culture of female privilege were completed as well, and by then a good proportion of Western women, especially the younger ones, had fully mastered the concept of wanting one’s cake and eat it.

What was left then, what is that required yet another movement?

Target acquired

And it’s indeed in plain sight how the above objective has been on the mainstream agenda for quite a few years now, amongst other things like for instance the illegal yet encouraged immigration we have been experiencing for some time.

[The usual fourth-wave feminist passes by: “OMG not only is he able to see things for what they really are, b-but he even writes about it; surely he must be a <<white supremacist>>”]

Let’s now put a definition next to this fourth-wave movement I have mentioned a few times already.

Fourth-wave feminism, “is characterized by a focus on the empowerment of women and the use of internet tools, and is centred on intersectionality [what the fuck does this even mean?]. The first, second, and third waves of feminism fought for and earned women greater liberation, individualism, and social mobility; the fourth wave continues the push against problematic <<gendered norms>> that cause the <<oppression>> and <<marginalization>> of women in society, the intersectionality [here we go again] of these and other interlocking systems of power [??], and how these contribute to the stratification of <<traditionally marginalized groups>> like women of colour and trans women”. [3]

Muh gendered norms…

Muh oppression…

Muh marginalization…

But before looking at what that nonsense really means, let’s do a little test to check your level of naivety.

When you read, either on some newspaper or maybe in the internal email your CEO has just sent to all the employees, that:

We have taken the difficult decision to streamline operations and optimise costs, because the very survival of our company is in immediate danger.

When you read the above standard piece of corporate hypocrisy, does it translate in your mind as:

We are getting rid of people because our profitability has reached unacceptably low levels, and we are not in the business of keeping people employed but rather the very reason this company exists is to guarantee a return to their owners i.e. its shareholders.

Without even talking about whether that mindset is fair nor not (it is), does that initial statement automatically translate into the second one in your head?

If the answer to the above question is yes, let’s go ahead and let’s look at the meaning of fourth-wave feminism in honest-to-God parlance:

“Considering how easily our last few attempts at getting privileged treatment in the name of “equality” have clearly worked out, and keeping in mind that not only is any form of mass communication clearly rigged in our favour but also any form of “social” media is fine-tuned to either shame or downright censor any view which is opposing to our agenda, how about we take advantage of this tailwind and proceed to get rid of masculinity as a whole once and for all?!”.

Nicely put, and it describes the society we live in as of now to a T.

On the media it’s a continuous and ever more irritating daily bashing: one day a company gets shamed because their ad for the newly released make-up product which makes the face appear fairer is “clearly” <<racist>>, another day a different company gets told off because their new ad is “blatantly” <<sexist>>, yet another day a magnate gets shamed and heads towards bankruptcy because some woman remembered that 30 years ago she was <<assaulted>> by him, then a different rich man is targeted by a different woman who is not even sure it really happened but, “hey since he’s rich let’s give it a go and let me start screaming left and right that maybe 25 years ago he <<molested>> me”, then there are footballers and other celebs which face their weekly claims of new fake <<rape>> accusations, etc.

This goes on and on, nonstop, day in and day out, like a demolition jack hammer on your balls, and with no switch in sight to make an end to it. And by the way, this is what I’m exposed to just by reading the financial newspapers, since I stopped reading and watching general news long time ago, and doing that had an immediate positive effect on my mental sanity since the nonsense I was exposed to on a daily basis nose-dived. I can’t even imagine what the ones of you guys who are still exposed to traditional mass media need to go through, but the good news is that nobody forces you to be exposed to that.

After reading the daily news and being reminded of the shitstorm we live in, you go to work hoping your mind will be distracted by the job so that you will stop thinking of how our society is getting progressively destroyed by those harpies and their SJW pets.

You then open up the company intranet page: big shiny picture of a random female employee who has achieved something with is ok but absolutely not remarkable at all, and this is getting celebrated like there is no tomorrow. You have a look around and basically every single piece of news has a front picture featuring either a woman or a man of foreign ethnicity. You read the comments to one of the flagship articles which “happens” to be covering one of the topics pushed by modern feminist propaganda, and you realise to your horror that someone was courageous enough to express his dissent in that comment section, and he’s literally getting smashed to pieces by the hypocritical career-driven nazi-feminist and their SJW pets:

Harpy #1: Oh John, I’m so sad by what I’ve read in your comment, I hope one day you will be able to mature and reconsider how wrong your comment was.

Harpy #2: Hi John, thanks for commenting. What you wrote makes me sad, because it’s clear that you are not in peace with yourself. I hope you will be able to overcome your difficulties and get in piece with the world around you.

Harpy #3: What you wrote is <<sexist>> and I will report you to HR, you m*n!!

And so on and so forth. Simple shaming and intimidating techniques devised by simple minds, sure, but still irritating nevertheless. Mainly because they are a clear reminder of the dangerous and toxic social climate we live in.

By now you may be feeling a sense of relief, maybe because you realise that by not being a multi-millionaire you have nothing to fear when it comes to modern vampires going after a free lunch and some media attention, and you are also socially calibrated enough to steer clear of the comment section of delicate pieces in the company intranet.

That’s fine, but maybe one night you are just sipping a drink at the bar, and after politely dismissing an Evil Bitch who came around to chat you up, you find yourself kicked out of that bar and banned because the harpy went to the bouncer and accused you of having tried to steal her credit card. Sure, you tried to mention the fact that said accusation was blatantly fake, and you also tried to highlight how trying to steal a credit card is pretty much retarded hence nobody in his sane mind would take that risk, but what you say doesn’t mean anything at all, because she’s a woman in a bar and she’s right, you are a man in a bar and you are wrong. Simple as that.

Luckily yours truly took that shot for you, no need to thank me for that, but the timing is right to reflect on how the old adage:

When a man with a .45 meets a man with a rifle, the man with a pistol will be a dead man.

has transformed itself into its revisited version:

When a man who was minding his own business meets a harpy that wants to destroy him socially, the man who was minding his own business will be a dead man.

That man could be a multi-millionaire who at that point in time happened to simply be looking at the catalogue to decide which yacht to buy next, a footballer who happened to simply be admiring his trophies, a good-looking guy who happened to simply be having a drink at the bar. But no matter who you are, and no matter what you were or were not doing at that point in time, once an ill-intentioned and entitled harpy has put you on her radar and you decided not to comply with her absurd requests:

● you will be publicly accused of something which makes a lot of noise;

● you will need to face the social and economic consequences of that fake accusation;

● and socially speaking you will be guilty until proven innocent.

Every man should go through that feeling at least once, in order to better understand how certain things which we normally only read about on the news really work, and what kind of emotions they make you go through.

And that was it for some of the damage that the hypocritical forth-wave feminists try to inflict on masculine men on a daily basis, taking advantage of the mainstream tailwind ensured by the cucked mass media and by the moral support of their not-so-bright SJW pets.

But fourth-wave feminists being the horrible creatures they are, the damage caused by their actions is not limited to masculine men only. No, their value-signalling hypocritical show also does a fucking huge disservice to the poor girl who have been at the receiving end of some real violence and some real abuses, rather than at the receiving end of some fake aggression which, “hey maybe it was downright made-up but at least it looks good on Tw*tter, plus my notifications and feeds had a bit dried up as of recently hence some media attention won’t hurt”.

I have never talked about all those considerations with any first-wave nor second-wave feminist, but gun to the head I would say that they both detest your typical fourth-wave feminist as much as I do.

Anyway, after all this talking, let’s now look at the masculine stereotype which is currently being pushed by the media as the ultimate aspiration:

Male role model v4.0

Things are definitely not going to end well if we keep on going like this, but we have already elaborated on this point in my previous post.

But if on one side the bitter nazi-feminists and their SJW pets have a lot of accountability for the progressive destruction of both traditional values and masculinity, on the other side the retardation of your average Western guy is not helping either. (TO BE CONTINUED)

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[1] Wikipedia – First-wave feminism
[2] Wikipedia – Third-wave feminism
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