Girls I can’t be bothered with

My Remote Screening Mechanism

It’s extremely important that you have a sharp screening mechanism in place, because by promptly filtering out the girls who are going to have a net negative contribution to your life, you will safeguard your own wellbeing to start with, and then your consideration of the worthy girls will remain intact.

Yes, you read it right, I said “worthy girls”, because not all girls are broken and drama-seeking sluts, not all girls are combative and hateful harpies, and not all girls are entitled and spoiled time-wasters. Let’s put this concept in a more colourful way, shall we [1].

Differentiation Principle
There are many wonderful girls out there. And then there is also a lot of dirt.

And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to quickly skim through that dirt, from an appropriate distance that is, so that you can promptly write it off and focus your efforts on the worthy girls only.

“I wonder, did you ever choose not to?”

When it comes to screening, there are two main components to it: the screening which you make based on experience, and the screening which you make based on things which are downright repulsive to you.

The repulsive things must lead to an immediate write-off, because if you start making exceptions due to a situation of scarcity, this would be just a different form of supplication, and as such you need to avoid it at all costs.

In this post we will cover the elements which immediately disqualify a girl in my eyes, no matter how “hot” or how “beautiful” she may otherwise be. You may argue that some of the things which we are about to cover also signal certain behavioural issues with the girl in questions, but the Remote Screening Mechanism has no room for inferences or deductions, rather it deals with a very simple question:

Is what I’m seeing repulsive to me?

Yes = girl written-off

No = girl passes the initial screening

Then, what is repulsive to me may actually be a turn-on for you, but the principle is still the same: you don’t make compromises, and as soon as you notice something which is downright repulsive to you, you immediately write off the girl.

Let’s get started now!

Evil Bitches

Fucking Evil Bitches, they really are the first ones who need to go.


Enough virtual ink has already been used to describe the misery of the typical Evil Bitch, and if you are new to the blog and that definition doesn’t ring a bell, feel free to have a look at the Types of girls post.

Their hateful and combative attitude is a major turn-off for me, and bumping into one of those harpies is quite a displeasing experience in my book. A disgusted expression of contempt while looking the other way is a good idea in those circumstances.

And by the way guys, I’m not the only one detesting Evil Bitches so much.


Those creatures can have such a negative effect on my mood that I write them off with a musical twist, to try and cheer me up a bit.

Do you know the song Scream & Shout by and Britney Spears?

At some point there is this catchy sentence:

You are now-now rockin’ with and (Britney, bitch)

And after I’ve looked disgusted the other way, what I do is playing that line in my head, an adapted version of it to be precise:

You are now-now rockin’ with and fuck you bitch

True story.

Bitter feminists

Bumping into a man-hating fourth-wave feminist gives me an immediate feeling of nausea, they are that repulsive to me.

But how do you instantly recognise one of those witches? Let’s have a look at these two specimens.


There you do: oversized tops, and loose jeans which usually leave the ankle naked – you can’t go wrong just by looking for those two simple things.

In more extreme cases they go full rasta, but the most hypocritical of them realise that such a peculiar hair style will decrease on one side the credibility they have in the eye of society, on the other side the power they have on “men” who are clueless enough to fall for their bullshit, hence they have devised a uniform which still gives them some sort of resemblance to a woman.


And now that you know that the above “fashion” style is the undeclared (?) uniform of bitter fourth-wave feminists, how would you react if it’s early in the morning, you have been waiting for the metro to arrive, the metro finally arrives, the door opens, and that cringeworthiness appears before you?!


When it comes to the dressed-like-shit fourth-wave feminists, ruthlessly ignore them, don’t go anywhere near them, and don’t give them the opportunity to pass on their misandric genes.

Strong Independent Women

On shit, the “strong” “independent” “women”, another major turn-off indeed.


Once upon a time, young girls were encouraged to embrace and cultivate their feminine side, they were taught to be kind a graceful, they were raised to be sweet and compassionate.

Those times are long gone, and right now instead, a non-negligible number of young girls are trained to be rude, entitled and aggressive.

Cat ladies in the making

And this means that, if on one side the current conditions of mankind are the most miserable ever experienced in the so many thousands of years we have inhabited this very planet, on the other side the conditions of the feline population have never been more promising!

Hurrah for the millions of cats which will get to experience the “pleasure” of sharing the apartment and all the modern comforts with formerly in-demand womanly shaped creatures (I wouldn’t go as far as calling them “women” or “girls”, that would be disrespectful to the real women and girls).

Girls walking like a cowboy

At times you bump into a nicely dressed girl with an angelic face, and for a split second you have her confused with a Sweet Girl.

For a split second only, because then you notice her overall body language, and it’s just shit: ungraceful DGAF walk, dismissive and hateful facial expression, calculating look in her eyes, overall bitchy and combative attitude. And you proceed to write her off.

Now, in her defence, the “poor little thing” must have been fatigued after a day of acting, because even if she’s fully aware that the societal climate is completely rigged in her favour through unmeritocratic quotas, preferential treatment and the general positive discrimination modern women have been experiencing for some time now, the “poor little thing” realised that men still react quite nicely to the figure of the cute and adorable conservative girl, hence she decided to play that part to have an extra edge compared to her less psychopathic female colleagues.

No wonder she gets tired after a full day of playing a role which is in complete conflict with the misandric values she lives by, and no wonder she then drags herself home in the most ungraceful way, considering how tired she is, but hey one day she may finally put her hands on the materialistic reward she’s been aiming at, and at that point she’ll be able to stop playing the part of the considerate Sweet Girl at the office.

I couldn’t find an exact picture to capture what I’m talking about here, but the kind of “grace” I’m referring to is of the same order of magnitude as the one which transpires from the picture below.


Cringeworthy indeed. One can only hope that one day men as a whole start being less retarded and start knowing shit from Shinola. Not that I’m very optimistic about it, but hey let’s see how it goes, and let’s keep in mind that the harpies have been helping out by inflicting an enormous amount of both material and emotional pain to try and wake men up.

***        ***        ***

All right guys, tough start as usual, but the worst and most dangerous elements need to be tackled first.

The four categories we have covered so far need to be object of hard write-offs, because if you don’t feel instantly disgusted by what we have just gone through, then you are a simp.

Simple as that.

I mean, it’s not that serious overall, you still get the right to vote and you are still not forced to wear a bra, but at the same time going as far as calling you a “man” would be quite a long shot.

Broken women

Historically speaking, the low-quality broken women have been repulsive to me for as long as I can remember.

On their defence, they are not ill-intentioned like the harpies we have covered just above, but at the same time they are not really pretty to look at, are they?


That outfit, that tattoo, that hair colour… it all screams “low-quality” for the world to take notice.

If you are a notch counter yourself, that kind of woman may actually be a turn-on for you. Fair enough.

But in all other cases, assuming you are in peace with yourself and you don’t seek validation through notches, how would you react if say you have just woken up, you head towards the café pictured above where you usually have your breakfast, and you bump into her?


Moving on, some of the broken women do their best to appear a bit “higher class”.


Don’t be fooled by the fake hair colour and the “classier” outfit, the above girl is as broken as they come. I don’t know about you guys, but those shoes, that tattoo, and the overall fragile yet overcompensating vibe that she transmits, whoa is that a major turn-off indeed for me.

Let’s now look at a girl who has been responsible of such obscene crimes against humanity that should be tried by the International Court of Human Rights. I will enlarge the picture a bit so that you can better notice the kind of damage I’m talking about.


Guys, for fuck’s sake, that chick easily scores “hot” in the Looks section of the Female Attractiveness Scale, and look at how she has mutilated the genetic gift she was handed over at birth.

Tattoo on the tight (a big red flag), tattoo on the forearm (another big red flag), one piercing in each side of the nose, one piercing on the side of mouth, and that’s all we can see from the picture – I have the impression more damage has been inflicted to that poor body. Then, what the hell did she do to the hair just above the forehead?!

If there was any justice in this world, such a potentially beautiful girl who instead makes you look away in disgust should indeed be tried for crimes against humanity, because any sane-minded guy would look at her and wonder:


But guys, you need to be strong and hold your ground, because when it comes to Seduction, the old and universal adage:

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

needs to be adapted to:

If she’s broken, don’t try to fix her.

It’s not your job to fix her, leave her to her own misery. Sadly, as long as there are overcompensating notch-hunters giving any relevance to the above “catches”, the market for those low-quality women will never dry up.

The only minor consolation after looking at that slaughter of beauty is that we now have the second entry for the newly created Revised Adages section. Yeah!

Nose piercing

I really don’t understand why some women are so keen in looking like an animal.


Fucking disgusting, isn’t it?

And I’m talking about the ring in the middle, since the other two piercing are already much more acceptable compared to that symmetric cringeworthiness in the middle.

The little thing on the right-hand side of the nose is fine, very much a Sweet Bitch trait but fine, I’m not repulsed by it.

The ring on the left-hand side of the nose is not as fine, meaning that I find it disgusting, but usually it’s just a fad. Usually.

Just a fad

Sure, there is a hint of “rebellious” mindset which puts me off, since it has nothing to do with grace nor with kindness, but it may well be that her favourite celeb just started wearing the very same ring, and considering that the girl in question lacks both a personality and the ability think independently, she just goes with the flow.

Still, I find it mildly disgusting, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to approach any girl resembling the two potential cuties above, without having my facial expression betray the mild disgust I’ll be feeling for that side nose ring, which sadly enough may as well be the most relevant part to her personality at that point in time.

Let’s go back to the ring in the middle though, since it brings my disgust to a whole different level.


As you can see, that ring is best worn with other cringeworthy red flags, which leads us to…


I thoroughly dislike tattoos at visceral level, they really make me cringe.


When it comes to tattoos, the hard reality is that no girl will ever win any points in my eye because of a tattoo, it will instead be a matter of checking of many points she has just lost because of that tattoo.

Do you remember the sales assistant from the organic shop? When summer came, maybe she was thinking that the big floral tattoo she had between her elbow and her shoulder could have won her some points with me, and little did she know that it had the exact opposite effect on me.

And do you remember when she did her best to let me have a casual and innocent look inside her bra? Again, quite possibly she was thinking that the tattoo she had on her left tit could have won her some more points, but I found it pretty disgusting instead, and to be honest I wrote her down quite significantly that day.

Let’s imagine that I have the possibility to establish a situation of contact between my lips/mouth and her tit/nipple. What do you think I’d rather be in contact with, her soft bare skin, or the ink deposited by some weirdo in a beauty-destroyer saloon?!

Now, not all tattoos are created equally, because a little dolphin behind the shoulder won’t disgust me in the same way that the square metre of ink pictured above does, but “no tattoos” is still miles ahead compared even to the tiniest and the most artistic of the tattoos.

In addition to that, some tattoos are also a huge red flag, and I’m talking about the ones on the tight and the ones on the forearm. Let’s look at this “nice” collage made with the pictures of the three broken women we encountered earlier on.

Triple write-off

What do they have in common? That’s right, tattoo on the tight, and you really can’t go wrong by writing off a girl as soon as you see one of those.

Same logic applies to the forearm, since this is another place where placing a tattoo wants to send a clear message:

I’m naughty and broken! Forewarned is forearmed!

If you decide to ignore those red flags that’s on you, and now let’s drive the point home with another picture.


Guys, seriously, that teasing and self-assured Sweet Bitch will literarily drive you crazy, she will have the greatest pleasure in pushing you around until you lose any of your dignity first and any of your patience then, and until you finally explode in a burst of anger and resentment.

Watching you get mad will give her a little smile, because she gets pleasure by waiting for that moment when the clueless men who have been working harder and harder to get her finally realise that there is no hope, they realise that they have been played, and they explode in a burst of anger and resentment. Yes, that’s right, that self-assured Sweet Bitch enjoys inflicting pain and then getting pleasure out of it.

She tried to warn you by placing a disgusting tattoo on her forearm, then she went one step further by behaving in an overly provocative way which has nothing to do with the traditional feminine qualities of grace and kindness, and if you still didn’t feel repulsed by that tattoo and by her low-quality demeanour, then you fully deserved what you got. Also because, you were no better than say the inexperienced guys who turned around and started to excitedly acclaim the two attention whores who started making out in the middle of the club to secure some clueless male attention. Those bitches snapped their fingers and requested immediate clueless male attention, and the clueless guys present at the club promptly complied.

I’m being harsh as usual guys, because men as a whole need to urgently wake up, and I’ve had enough of watching clueless guys being taken for a ride by shrewd harpies.

Punky hair colour

Yet more disgusting cringeworthiness, for fuck’s sake.


When it comes to hair colour, the situation is very simple to me: a female human being – “girl” is definitely too much here – a female human being with green/pink/blue/etc. hair makes me puke.

Enough said.

Slutty shoes

You would be forgiven for thinking that, halfway through the post, things should start to look a bit better by now, since we have dealt with a quite a lot of crap already. But there seems to be no end in sight to the flow of disgust we have been surfing today…


Guys, I don’t even know why I have such harsh opinions on those shoes, but trust me when I say that they make me sick.


Maybe that is the case because they scream in an overcompensating way and from miles away:

Hey, look at me!! I’m broken!!

Or maybe that is the case because they transmit low-quality traits at subliminal level, I really don’t know, but the fact still remains – those shoes are fucking disgusting to me.

I mean, there are so many beautiful and sexy shoes out there, why on earth would a cute and emotionally healthy girl go around wearing those overcompensating slutty shoes?

Overcompensating misery on the left, feminine cuteness on the right

Let’s have a look at some more shoes which provide some more centimetres & have a more robust heel, just like some of the slutty shoes above, but contrary to the above slutty shoes they are also pleasurable to look at.

Cute Kute

And there are many many more high heels which are sexy and not overcompensating at all. I have a favourite one, but I don’t know what the model is called, hence I can’t put a photo for now.

The next category is a dangerous one.

Entitled & Spoiled Bitches

The first thing to understand about the ESBs is that they don’t come from a place of overcompensating misery caused by low self-esteem issues, rather they are driven by the psychopathic pleasure they get out of inflicting emotional pain and ruining men’s lives.

The second thing to understand about the ESBs is that they are made, not born. They have been made by the too many retarded fat wallets, by the too many proud doormats, by the too many needy kids, by the too many overcompensating +1ers, and by the too many low self-esteem Try Hards they have dealt with in their lives.

And what do all those “champions” have in common?

They supplicate, they beg, they spoil. They work harder, they chase, they “persist”. They have no idea whatsoever of what the Law of Equilibrium of Interests is, never mind living their lives according to it. Etc.

Simply put, they provide free validation, and as such they are guilty of capital sin, because their miserable actions create the harpies pictured below.


Condescending look on the left, disdainful look on the right. Femininely dressed and pretending to be high class. Very experienced. Those harpies will shred you to pieces if you let them, and they will do it with the greatest pleasure, since that is exactly what gives them joy in life.

They play the game on a completely different level compared to the photoshopped “Instagram models” (try not to laugh please) whose aim in life is to maximise virtual likes and virtual followers. The harpies shown above get their satisfaction in the real world, by pushing clueless men around, and entire GDPs have been destroyed trying to spoil them and win them over, unsuccessfully of course.

Luckily for me, those haughty looks and those condescending attitudes give me immediate nausea, hence I can easily and automatically write those harpies off. And if you manage to do the same, you will have dodged quite the poisoned bulled yourself – phew.

Let’s look at this other picture.


The woman on the right-hand side is not big deal, notice the look of hesitation in her eyes and the defensive body language with her hand covering the neck (a perceived vulnerable area). She’s innocuous, since she’s simply playing the role which was crafted for her by her dominant friend. Talking of which…

The woman on the left-hand side is just… whoa. Notice at the psychopathic look in her eyes, notice how she is sexily dressed to use her beauty as a weapon, notice how she dominate her lost friend through her body language. Simply put, if you let her, that woman will shred you to pieces, she will make your wealth evaporate through gifts and treats, and she will rip your heart off before throwing you with the many other desperate men she has already taken care of.

Guys, you know that I care about you, so let me tell you that if you start flirting with an Entitled & Spoiled Bitch and you are not careful, she’s going to be the Fallout


Your wallet will look at you and tell you:

The end you’ve always feared is coming…

Your card will give you a nudge and tell you:

You don’t understand what you are involved in …

Your banknotes will implore you:

You need to walk away…

But no, you decide to stay there and burn your hard-earned money on those harpies, to try and “win them over”.

And at that point, the nearby Cool Guys witnessing that sad scene will exchange a puzzled look amongst themselves, and wonder:

How long before a man like that has had enough?

Now, let’s assume that the clueless guy in our example is clever enough to ask for some quick advice to one of the nearby Cool Guys.

“Would those ESBs deserve to get written-off?” the clueless guy asks the Cool Guy.

Yes, they would – that’s the job.

Alternative shoes

If we make a full 180° U-turn, at the diametrically opposite extreme compared to the ESBs we have alternative girls going around with alternative shoes.


Those shoes are really tough to look at, both for their poor fashion style and also for the conditioning I received early on in life on what to expect above those shoes.

Oh shit

Seriously guys, what the fuck is that aloof and dismissive “femme fatale” look? I personally find it repulsive.


The above way of wearing Converse is just cringeworthy, and surely there are different ways which I’m not say they are fine, but they are at least more bearable. Anyway, wearing Converse should be avoided at all costs, since it signals a certain lifestyle and certain views on the world which I’m not really in line with.

Needless to say, none of my proper girlfriends has ever worn or owned a pair of Converse while we were together, and as far as I can remember I can’t recall a single girl I ever approached nor a single girls I’ve ever been in a date with who was wearing Converse. One day last summer, the girl from the gym came to my apartment wearing red high Converse and white socks to the mid-calf, and my attraction for her was killed that very day.

We were saying, Converse should be avoided at all costs. Then, if the doctor has really prescribed you to use Converse for some mysterious reasons, and as such you are sort of obliged to wear them, there are different models which are a bit less of a kick in the eye when worn the right way.

Acceptable, sort of

It’s a fine line, since first of all the shoes need to be perfectly clean, and then their “alternative” touch needs to be completely balanced and fully killed by the rest of the outfit.

But if instead a girl decides to wear those white shoes covered in dirt, and she also thinks that is a good idea to wear those dirty shoes on the day of her graduation, then… how fucked-up is the West, seriously?!

Double write-off

Let’s now make peace with feminine beauty, and let’s give our eyes some rest.

Now we are talking

All right the rest for the eyes was short-lived indeed, let’s resume now.

Tentative write-off

What the hell are those shoes?! Aesthetically speaking they are not really pretty, are they?! A proper kick in the eye I would say.

Do they mean something? Are they used by a different yet somewhat related crowd to the one who wears Converse?

I really don’t know. What I know instead is that they are quite horrible, and that every time I bump into a person wearing them, I keep wondering:


Let’s do some more shoes shall we.

Cattle-edition shoes

These days the young crowd doesn’t think pretty much at all, since there are <<influencers>> doing the thinking for them, and as such they just do what they are told.

And this means that one day you leave your house, and all of a sudden you start noticing people going around with shoes which are pretty horrible indeed, but they have been cleared for cattle adoption.


The lead influencers have decided that now those shoes are <<cool>>, and the cattle diligently takes notice and buy them, no matter how horrible they may otherwise be. Simple as that.

I’m fairly sure that should one day one of those influences be determined to really take the piss, he/she would have thousands of people going around I don’t mean fully covered in horse crap, but with some horse crap applied say to the top of their hands.

It’s not that difficult if you think about it, all you need is a catchy name, a fancy packaging, a solvent which at the same time keeps the horse crap creamy and gives it a nice smell, and then you simply need to push it through the usual brainwashing channels. It will be extremely important for the product to be recognisable, because otherwise the people wearing it won’t feel <> because of it, hence it may actually be a good idea to keep the brown colour.

And once all of those items are in check, you will have youngsters proudly going around with a line of horse crap on top of their right hand, and another line of horse crap on top of their left hand. Needless to say, the “coolest” of them will also have a line of horse crap on the forehead and some more lines on their cheeks, since they are clearly more advanced compared to the other somewhat-but-not-enough “cool kids”.

Outdated. Now either you use horse crap, or you are a nobody.

And by the way, the sooner you realise that people are that stupid, the less painful your existence will be.

Dirty nails

Let’s now look at another way to kill my attraction instantly.


Girls going around with dirty and untidy nails is a sign of the time, and it clearly shows that the SMP is so rigged and women have such a dominant position in our society, that they can really put zero effort in trying to look nice and still manage to secure the docile and submissive boy they really want (unless you fall for the nonsense you read online, and you believe that if you are masculine and dominant enough not only will girls come to you, but they will also want a relationship with you – sure).

The widespread adoption of white Adidas Stan Smith is a different consequence arising from the same underlying problem, same as the girls going around in sweatpants, and same as the disastrous UK situation where I was surrounded by normal-looking men going around with severely overweight/downright obese women. Horrible memories indeed, and they act as a reminder of how the UK is much more advanced in terms of the widespread adoption of female privilege, male submissiveness, and general societal misery compared to the rest of Europe.

Re-focusing our attention to mainland Europe now, when I was still using public transport after landing in this new country a few years back, those untidy nails were really in full display when girls were holding onto the busbar on their way to school and work. Not the best start of the day, as you can imagine.

Diva nails

At the complete opposite extreme there are the overcompensating Diva nails, which kill my attraction instantly and for different reasons.


I already wrote a letter to the overcompensating Divas, hence feel free to read it, this post is already too long to repeat anything from that letter.

Let’s now look at some more nails which are a bit better but surely not ideal.


Less of an overcompensating kick in the eye, sure, but the irony is that those girls go around like that thinking that it will win them points, but this is hardly the case with me.


And now let’s look at some nails which I like instead:


Feminine, down-to-earth, graceful – that’s the way to do it. All of my proper girlfriends had nails just like that, and it wasn’t the case of me checking their nails while deciding what to do with them, rather it was the case of me being drawn to sweet and adorable girls, and those girls in turn not going around with Diva nails since those overcompensating nails are not part of their personality.


Simple question guys: would you kiss this?

I wouldn’t

I really dislike smoking, and not only because kissing a girl which tastes like an ashtray makes me puke, but also because smoking is a sign that the girl is not very much in peace with herself.

That’s the reason why some people quit smoking and then they proceed to gain 20 kilos, since they resort to different ways of defusing their nervousness and their tension.

And since not only does yours truly talk the talk but he also walks the walk, let me briefly tell you a real-life story.

I was at a house part back at Uni, and I was so drunk that I decided not to go home and sleep there on the sofa instead. One of the girls living there told me I could have slept in her single bed, and she would have had the sofa instead. Deal.

At some point, and I don’t know how long after I had fallen asleep that point was, she came to wake me up, and asked me if she could join me in the single bed.

Sure, it was her bed at the end of the day. Little detail: she was fully naked.

Let’s not exaggerate things, maybe she just sleeps naked.

When she reached for my cock and got me hard though, at that point I realised that maybe she didn’t use to sleep naked all in all. And by the way, were the roles to be reversed, that would have been sexual aggression, but let’s not start nit-picking…

Since we men are indeed honourable and compassionate creatures, I actually started to fuck her, since she seemed so keen about it. Problem is though, she smelled like a tobacco factory, it seemed she had an ashtray in her mouth, and I had just been woken up in the middle of the night after only one or two hours of sleep.

Hence, after a minute or so, I gently pulled out, I got rid of the condom, and I went to sleep on the sofa.

Crazy girls

Let’s look at this picture.


Do you see any grace? No.

Do you see any composure? No.

Do you see any sweetness? No.

Do you see any entitlement? Fucking yes.

Do you see any mischievousness? 100%.

Do you pre-emptively see your balls being hammered day in and day out by her? Hell yeah.

Good, let her go. Those are the girls who initially seem very much into you, but then you don’t seem able to get rid of them. Picture after picture after picture.

Hey look at this, I’ve just baked some cookies.

Hey look at this, I’ve just prepared a home-make cocktail.

Hey look at this, I’ve just dumped this shit.

But that’s only half of it. Because on one side they bombard you with a ground artillery of texts and pictures, and on the other side they keep striking air attacks in the form of a never-ending audios thrown in your direction.

Asphyxiating indeed. You could argue that there is an element of “experience” in this case, but no matter how we got here, the fact remains that crazy chicks turn me off instantly.

Zoomer brain damage

It was the year 1979, and the song Comfortably Numb was released as part of the The Wall album by Pink Floyd.


Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?


Come on now

I hear you’re feeling down

Well, I can ease your pain (!! don’t do that !!)

Get you on your feet again (!! no way !!)

Now guys, let’s be serious and let’s consider what could have gone wrong with the many girls who look just like the one pictured above, and who currently “inhabit” our own planet (“inhabit” is kind of a strong world, let’s say they consistently show vital signs and they can perform basic tasks such as assigning a reaction to a text message).

I think we are looking at two different possibilities here.

The first one is that those girls saw Inception and took it “a bit” too seriously, meaning that they too exchanged reality and dream, just like the people Yosuf used to take care of daily.

They come to be woken up, the dream has become their reality.

The other alternative, which gun to the head I’d say is more likely, is that those girls have spent so much time having pretty much all of their social interactions behind a screen, and they have spent so much time getting dopamine shots through likes and notifications, that are now socially retarded. Those girls sleep while performing basic tasks in the real world, basic tasks needed to keep them alive that is, and then they live their lives in the virtual world. Sad but true.

No matter how you look at it, Pink Floyd were clearly ahead of their time.

Lifeless girls

This is the stage which precedes the more terminal condition covered above.


Those girls are unable to feel any sort of emotion, and they have been completely saturated by the ocean of free validation they got on “social” media by the retarded guys who keep providing them with that free validation, those retarded guys not realising the damage they have already done to the Sexual Marketplace.

Unless you have any pleasure in having a drink with a lifeless object, or unless you have any pleasure in playing the role of the entertainer to try and have some vital sign out of those lifeless objects, you are better off writing them off.

In my case, I’m quite put off by those inanimate objects, hence the write-off is instinctive.


Having a blog is good, since it gives me the opportunity to organise my thoughts and to fully develop them in a structured framework. The side effect of it though, is that for instance after spelling out everything we have covered in this post, now I realise that the situation is actually worse that I initially thought.

Thinking about it, the explanation is quite simple: most of the girls covered in this post are transparent to me in the real world, hence this is why the shitstorm we live in is a bit worse that I thought, because most of the girls covered in this post, and surely the first four categories at the very beginning, they pretty much don’t exist in my own reality.

And invite you to create in turn your own reality, where the things which have a negative effect on your life are not allowed to exist.

A few months back, I forbidden myself to even open Twitter, since that is the most miserable and the most toxic of all the “social” media out there, with an army of bitter feminists and SJW pets spitting hypocrisy on one side, and an army of keyboard jockeys spitting nonsense on the other side. Instagram doesn’t even exist in my own reality, since contrary to Twitter, I can’t even watch things there without having an account, and I thank Zuck for that. Reddit has been banned by me as well, since it’s heavily censored and both free thinking and free speech are not really allowed over there. Etc.

And recently I had to un-bookmark the Financial Times as well, because even if I took the precaution of bookmarking rather than their main page, they keep ruining my days nevertheless.

Just the other day they released the piece, “Female-managed US funds outperform all-male rivals” and even before looking at the very favourable set of assumptions they had to make in order to reach that result, I really don’t think that I need to be exposed to yet more discrimination against men and yet more SJW brainwashing. Also because, the picture they used was the statue of a little cat lady in the making just in front of the New York Stock Exchange.

Imagine a statue of this cat lady in the making in front of the New York Stock Exchange

Enough is enough, especially considering that the Financial Times and their SJW agenda have managed to make me cringe much more intensely compared to even to Let that sink.

And let’s now see how long and are going to last. As you can see, I steer clear of the main page of any of those newspapers, since my bubble wouldn’t be as effective otherwise.

Back to the Remote Screening Mechanism now. The situation is very simple: all girls are written off unless they trigger this reaction within you upon seeing them.


This means that you don’t make compromises due to a situation of scarcity, and all girls displaying something which puts you off even just a bit are to go. The times to make compromises will come, should things get more serious, hence if you start making exceptions from the very get-go, you are pretty much screwed before even getting started.

There is another reaction which is acceptable and quite frankly is even better than the previous one.

Let’s imagine that you see a beautiful girl, who is also graceful, sweet and feminine. And let’s imagine that you have the impression that the feminist brainwashing she has been subjected to all her life didn’t manage to infect her, and she may even get pleasure out of – wait for it – give pleasure to her man!! That precious yet almost extinguished quality we so much look for in a girl!

How would you react upon seeing a girl like that?


That’s fine, such a wonderful girl is getting more and more difficult to bump into, but you need to remember not to transform yourself into a dreamy and hopeless Nice Guy, that is the time instead when you need to let your masculine side take charge.


And this is it for today.

[1] Yet another entry for the newly created Applied Maths section!

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