Tomi Lahren rant – Epic feminist fail

The despicable art of reframing

Up to until four or five weeks ago, never in my life had I ever heard the name “Tomi Lahren”. Then, all of a sudden, I didn’t seem to be able to stop hearing about it.

Considering that even just the name “Tomi” was completely new to me, initially I had to check whether we were talking of a man or a woman, but a quick online search did the job.

Back then, it seemed that the entire Web was about the video Tomi had just released, and since doing the same thing which the mass is currently doing gives me a real feeling of nausea – I’m not kidding – it was very easy for me to know what to do: completely ignore Tomi and her video.

Now all the hype has moved somewhere else, wherever that is, and as such yesterday I finally searched for the video and I watched it.

Here’s the link in case you have missed it:

Facebook – Tomi Lahren rant

The first thing to mention, and I’m not kidding, is that we need to thank Tomi from the bottom of our hearts, because such a clear insight into the cognitive dissonance and the self-instilled feeling of grandiosity of your typical modern feminist is not that common to come by.

Tomi seems to be a “political commentator” based on my quick online search, meaning that what she does for a living is reframing events into the political narrative she believes in, whichever that is, and this in turn means that she’s quite skilled in the despicable art of reframing. I don’t know anything about her career of “political commentator”, hence she may not actually be very good at her job, I just don’t know. But if she is any good at her job, then by necessity she’s also a master of reframing.

And her video is simply a reframing exercise, to transfer the blame for the current social misery we live in in general, and for Tomi being an formerly in-demand woman who is getting to grips with reality in particular, from the culprits responsible for all that misery (i.e. the feminists) to the masculine men who are not complying with the plan devised for them by said feminists.

In this post I am going to un-reframe what Tomi said, in order to assign some clear and factual meanings to the pretensions raised by Tomi in her video.

A couple of things before we get started.

First off, looking at Tomi’s arms in the video, she’s certainly fat by European standards. And should my US readers consider women like her as “slim” or “fit”, boy do I feel for you guys – the situation must be disastrous over there.

Then, wherever Tomi is in the Female Attractiveness Scale, she has the balance completely skewed to one extreme (0% beauty/100% hotness). This isn’t a problem on its own, even if ideally she should tone it down by not using such aggressive make-up and hair colour, but nevertheless that “0% beauty/100% hotness” needs to be balanced by pure grace and pure sweetness. And I see just the opposite of that in the video.

The format of this post is that for each PRETENSION raised by Tomi, I’m going to explain the FACT for what it really is, and then provide some useful yet destined-to-be-ignored ADVICE to Tomi and all the other feminists out there.

Let’s warm up with some piece of advice which is not related to seduction, which I learnt back at primary school in the 90’s, but which nevertheless never gets old.

ADVICE #0 = When you need to take a photo or make a video, avoid having a source of light (e.g. the sun, a light bulb, etc) behind the subject, otherwise the subject will be shady.

And now let’s un-reframe Tomi’s rant.


PRETENSION #1 = PSA for boyish men.

FACT #1 = Rant of a 28-year-old feminist who is no longer able to have her cake and eat it as well.

ADVICE #1 = Ding dong. This is the Captain speaking, we have just landed to that fascinating place called Real World, where even if any form of mass communication and any unwritten societal rule is completely rigged in your own favour, considering that you are a woman in the 21st century, things nevertheless don’t always go your way. Oh well.


PRETENSION #2 = “I am a teacher, a helper, and someone who could possibly inspire people to be better.”

FACT #2 = Someone once said that we never stop learning, and in her rant there is no mention whatsoever of her being a continuous learner, nor is the possibility that she may not hold the absolute truth ever mentioned.

ADVICE #2 = Open up to the possibility that your point of view may be wrong, and don’t hesitate to reconsider your own beliefs every now and then.


PRETENSION #3 = “My [girl] friends are all successful, they are all intelligent, they are all good people, but if all these women including myself are having issues [with men], then I have to think it might not be us, it might be you, it might be men, it might be men.”

FACT #3 = Basic logic says that simply because Tomi and her friends are all experiencing a “problem”, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the other party is at fault. But even such simple considerations can be hard to grasp once someone has been instilled the deep belief of being a special snowflake which can do no wrong, and which deserves “the best”, whatever that is, simply for being alive. I myself have a lot of intelligent and respectful male friends who have issues with women, and they have issues for the very “problem” of being respectful and having a heart. If we keep going on like this, the only genes which will be passed on are going to be the ones belonging to simps/soyboys on one side, mildly retarded scumbags on the other side, and a few very good-looking guys on top. What wonderful prospects for Western civilisation!

ADVICE #3 = Ding dong. The Captain politely reminds all passengers that the previous announcement was no April fool joke, and we have indeed landed in Real World, where people who can’t see beyond the end of their nose usually don’t end up well.


PRETENSION #4 = “America has been pussified, and men are no longer men.” Needless to say, she implies that men are themselves responsible for their pussification, and as such they are at fault.

FACT #4 = There has been an ongoing war on masculinity for the last 50+ years, and things have spiralled out of control in the last ten years when the SJW hypocrisy has radically infected Western societies and has led to a climate of active discrimination against heterosexual men, blatant female privilege in the name of <>, and complete destruction of traditional family values as we knew them.

ADVICE #4 = If Western women have any other plan besides doing a round loop and going back to where they were before first-wave feminism, they’d better lose the aggressiveness, entitlement and self-righteousness straight away, they’d better drop the SJW inquisitive and shaming attitude right now, they’d better put an end to the ever-stronger war on masculinity immediately, and they’d better help reinstate full patriarchy as a matter of urgency. The alternative is for the very same Western women to become objects at the disposal of the more masculine societies who are going to invade us in say 30 to 50 years. And to be fair, considering how men have been treated as a result of the most recent “enhancements” to the very society those men built themselves in the first place, we are all eagerly waiting for that moment to arrive. And we ain’t going to fight for you bitches :)


PRETENSION #5 = “Men are quite frankly trash all over the country.”

FACT #5 = Considering the level of short-sightedness and mediocrity encapsulated by the above sentence, she is certainly no better than the bitter and resentful men who go around screaming that women are all sluts. Someone may be tempted to conclude that she is bitter and resentful herself…

ADVICE #5 = Keep working on your own self-acceptance, and on the acceptance of the world around you, in order to lose the bitterness and start formulating more mature thoughts.


PRETENSION #6 = “Men don’t know how to pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention.”

FACT #6 = For at least 50 years, feminists as a whole have not been paying attention to the very simple message that Men are quite frankly nauseated by their so-called “qualities”. It’s not that we are not paying attention, is that we are actively ignoring you.

ADVICE #6 = Embrace the wonderful and laudable concept of Femininity, which you feminists keep hating so much instead, and transform yourself into a sweet and graceful woman who is worth going after – quite possibly Men will stop ignoring you then. As of now, Men are actually paying attention to you, but only to check that you are still not worth going after.


PRETENSION #7 = “I am going to help men.”

FACT #7 = “I am going to explain to men how they can better meet our requests and our desires, because me and my friends ‘clearly deserve’ that our requests and our desires be met.”

ADVICE #7 = The cognitive dissonance caused by your feminist ideals isn’t doing your life any good, and it will be wise for you to rid yourself of those feminist ideals. Quite possibly, your cognitive dissonance may disappear as a result.


PRETENSION #8 = “In 2020 is not a given anymore that a guy who is actually pursuing you is actually single.”

FACT #8 = In 2020 is not a given anymore that a girl you are texting with is actually single and has any intention to eventually meet up with you. In 2020 is not a given anymore that a girl who has just gotten a free drink out of you has even the slightest interest in you. In 2020 is not a given anymore that a girl can accept her own SMV for what it is and then look for guys of equivalent SMV. Etc.

ADVICE #8 = Tomi, as you surely know, even if you try your best to kill that sad realization, things go like that: as long as girls are young, pretty and in-demand, they behave just like I’ve described in Fact #8. Not all of them, but a good portion of them. Then, when they start losing their relevance in the SMP, they start whining just like you. If family values in Western society had not been destroyed by you despicable feminists, by 28 you would have a husband and a family which actually cared about you. But that seemed uninteresting to you feminists, right? No big deal, enjoy your next 50 years of misery and loneliness in your big kitchen, and keep patting yourself on the back on what a good job you and your fellow feminists have done. And try not to think about the men who will keep going after the young and pretty girls out there, instead of going after you and your precious friends, considering how, more and more, men as a whole keep on waking up and realising what a suicidal trap the marriage contract with an opportunistic feminist hyena like you really is.

They drew first blood – John Rambo talking on the radio to Colonel Samuel Trautman (First Blood, 1982).


PRETENSION #9 = “There is not a woman out there that wants to be your pen pal. Women don’t want a texting pal.”

FACT #9 = Women don’t want they guy they are interested in to be their pen pal, but at the very same time they surround themselves with orbiters and they use guys they are not interested in as pen pals.

ADVICE #9 = Drop the double standards.

ADVICE FOR GUYS = Text for logistics only, and if she’s not willing to came out on a date the first time you ask, deploy the Two-Step Eject Procedure and write her off.


PRETENSION #10 FACT = “Make plans, and don’t text at the very last minute and think that she’s going to be available. If you didn’t make a plan earlier in the day, or better yet a day or two or three in advance, I’m not interested.”

ADVICE FOR GUYS = She’s spot on there: if a girl has just flaked on you, or if your plan for the evening has just evaporated for whatever reason, don’t contact another girl at the very last minute to invite her out. This will signal that she was your backup plan, and that you think of her as a commodity. I’m not saying there is anything morally wrong with that, what I’m saying is that it just doesn’t work. She will auto-reject, and you will have burnt a so-called “lead”. We will better discuss about timing in the texting guide.


PRETENSION #10 FACT = “Text, ‘when are you free, I want to see you’.”

ADVICE FOR GUYS = She’s spot on again, since you are never going to text, “are you free this day at this time?”. Because if her answer to that question is “no”, then guess what? You are in a chase position already. Instead, you are going to ask open-ended questions to gauge her availability, and then propose something accordingly. Stay tuned for the texting guide.


PRETENSION #10 = “I’m not a feminist, I love men, I think men are great.”

FACT #10 = First of all, the fact that earlier on she said that all men are trash and now she professes her love to men clearly shows the level of cognitive dissonance modern feminists live into. Then, as of now she still has some sort relevance in the SMP, and as such she’s a Strong Independent Woman rather than a “bitter feminist”, but those two figures are simply different subsets of feminism as a whole. The “bitter feminist” phase will come later, once she has completely lost her relevance in the SMP, and bitterness and resentment will have the best of her. As a bonus, she will use the aggressiveness arising from said bitterness and resentment to pretend that the reason men have no more interest in her is because those men are “clearly trash”, and not because a proper Man with his shit together has no space in his life for such a combative, aggressive and self-pedestalised woman.

ADVICE #10 = Try to rid yourself of all the feminist brainwashing you have been subjected to all your life. And please understand that the woman who appears in the video represents the exact opposite of a woman who loves men.


PRETENSION #11 = “Men have failed themselves, and they failed us women.”

FACT #11 = Men failed themselves when they allowed feminism to go any further than the first wave, which was finished by the ‘30s of last century. Women have been failing themselves and society ever since, and their shameful actions, especially from the ‘60s afterwards, are going to cause the collapse of Western civilisation as we know it.

ADVICE #11 = See Advice #4.


PRETENSION #12 = “There are a lot of really great guys out there who need a little help.”

FACT #12 = There are a lot of really great guys out there who need a huge help, because what those guys really need is for an end to be put to the ongoing discrimination they have been facing as masculine men, for an end to be put to the ongoing SJW inquisition and censorship they have been facing as awake men, and for an end to be put to the role model of aggressive hyena young girls are taught to aspire to.

ADVICE #12 = Help implement the above points.


PRETENSION #13 = “I’m really so sick of my [female] friends having to dealing with trash men, I’m sick of dealing with trash men.”

FACT #13 = See Fact #5.

ADVICE #13 = Stop being so entitled, no man owes you anything, and see Advice #5.


PRETENSION #14 = “Value ‘value’, i.e. a woman who is a go-getter, works really hard, makes their own money, is ambitious.”

FACT #14 = A masculine man with his shit together is extremely turned-off by a combative corporate woman who is a go-getter and ambitious. And the fact that you think, even just for a split second, that being a go-getter and ambitious will win you any point with a Man, that really goes to show the feeling of delusion modern feminists live with.

ADVICE #14 = Please understand that the act of being attracted to a woman is something where the shameful feminist propaganda and the despicable SJW inquisition have no say into. You can discriminate men as much as you want, and you can censor men as much as you want, but you cannot force men to be attracted to you. A woman of “value” is a woman who is kind, sweet and feminine, she’s a woman who cares about her family and works very hard, yet without slamming her fists down onto the table afterwards, and most importantly, she’s a woman who has pleasure in giving pleasure to his man. Simply put, a woman of value is not you.


PRETENSION #15 = “Please do not mix in people like me and my friends who have something going on with your other girls who have nothing going on. Quite frankly, we take it as an insult if we find out that you are also talking with five thottianas who have nothing going on.”

FACT #15 = She takes it as an insult that the attraction you feel for the younger girls is much more compared to the attraction you feel for her.

ADVICE #15 = It is not men who have destroyed traditional family values and the original meaning of marriage, rather it was you bitter feminists and your SJW pets. And since men finally woke up, and as of now they understand more and more how getting married is a terrible choice indeed, which most likely leads to a future of emotional and financial misery, considering all that men finally gave up on the idea of getting married and starting a family, and started pursuing young and attractive women for fun. In turn, this means that once a woman is no longer in her prime, she becomes transparent to men, and pretty much of no use to society. That was part of your plan, right?


PRETENSION #16 = “Value ‘value’, and don’t mix me and my girlfriends with the girls who are kind of happy going through the motions of life, not super ambitious, haven’t really found themselves yet, don’t really have anything going on other than they are pretty.”

FACT #16 = Ah, the girls who are not ambitious and happy going through the motions of life, how adorable they really are!!

ADVICE #16 = See Advice #14.


PRETENSION #17 = “There are a lot of women out there that I know and are my good friends, who have amazing jobs and work really hard, but they can’t seem to find a decent guys even if the go up in age to five to ten to fifteen years, because those guys all want to be with 21-year-olds who have nothing going on.”

FACT #17 = There are a lot of men out there that I know and are my good friends, who have amazing jobs and work really hard, but they can’t seem to find a decent woman even if the go up in weight to five to ten to fifteen kilos, because those women all want to be with the hot jock.

ADVICE #17 = Tomi, seriously, please understand that the world is not about you and your friends. And as I said at the very beginning, don’t hesitate to reconsider your own position every now and then.


PRETENSION #18 = “Women who are ambitious and have something going on are going to be much more fulfilling to you, you are going to actually enjoy your time with them. And if you actually may want sustainable, a healthy and a stable relationship, that’s probably the kind of girl you are going to need to find.”

FACT #18 = You are kidding right? A relationship with a Strong Independent Woman is going to be just the opposite of fulfilling for a Man who is masculine, determined and non-needy (I take it from your rant that this is the kind of man you are interested in – there you go another example of Feminist Cognitive Dissonance, a personality disease which needs to be introduced as a matter of urgency in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders [1]).

ADVICE #18 = See Advice #6.


PRETENSION #19 = “If all the young and pretty girl you like does is posting Instagram stories, probably Huston we have a problem.”

FACT #19 = She is attacking her perceived enemies not on the real gist of the matter (i.e. those young girls being prettier than her) but rather on a different element which is more socially acceptable to attack. Gaslighting 101.

ADVICE #19 = Please understand that any man of reasonable experience has a good understanding of the despicable shaming techniques and gaslighting techniques used by you ill-intentioned harpies and your SJW pets, and since I don’t think your video was intended for SJW pets or hypocritical simps, the Men your video was intended for can easily see how ridiculous your gaslighting attempt really was.


PRETENSION #20 = “Consistency. It really does not help me or my friends or any woman in general if you are really cool and you are really interested when you first start talking to them, and then give it three, four, five days, and all of a sudden you are not consistent anymore, you don’t make plans, you don’t really care, you kind of fade in and out, you are talking to five other thottianas… consistency is important.”

FACT #20 = A woman talking about consistency in an age when women consistently flake on men and ghost them as if it was something even remotely acceptable… Do I need to add anything? Ah yes. “It really does not help me or my friends…” I don’t think any Man with his shit together has any interest in helping out combative Strong Independent Women like you and your friends.

ADVICE #20 = Ding dong. The Captain would like to remind you and your friends that the world is not about you. And now please get off the plane, will you?


PRETENSION #21 FACT = “Once I’m turned-off, I am turned-off, and I don’t care anymore. ‘Cause at one point I probably did care […], but if you are not consistent and you fall off the radar, I’ll give you maybe one to two chances to fix that, but afterwards I’m done and I don’t care anymore.”

ADVICE FOR GUYS = That is the concept of “auto-rejection”, and it’s important that you keep the girl you are interested in far away from that. Needless to say, the girl you are interested in is not going to talk about the very same concept in such an aggressive and entitled way.


PRETENSION #21 = “I’m a very direct communicator, and I will let you know that more effort is needed.”

FACT #21 = You will let me know that more effort is needed, meaning that I’m currently falling short of your expectations, but you are so generous that you will give me another chance and put me in a recovery plan 😱.

ADVICE #21 = I think the situation is beyond what can realistically be recovered, and as such Tomi you’d better start thinking of what colour you want your cat or your SJW pet.


PRETENSION #22 FACT = “If you have lost a woman of ‘value’ like myself or my friends, and then we don’t really care anymore, don’t be a bitch, don’t be butthurt, you did it to yourself.”

ADVICE FOR GUYS = If your girlfriend has decided that it’s over, it means she has already thought about the situation quite extensively, and she will be unmovable about it. I understand that you still think about her and you miss her, but at the same time delete all of her contact details and never ever get back in touch with her.


PRETENSION #22 = “If I’m not interested because your effort is shitty, that’s not me being a bitch, that’s not me being difficult, that’s me having a standard. I do have high standards and high expectations, my friends have high standards and high expectations, do you want to know why? We’ve worked for those, we work hard, we are successful, we take care of myself, we try to look cute, we have a desire to be more each day. That’s why we have the ability to be somewhat what you call ‘difficult’, it’s not us being ‘difficult’, we just have a baseline standard, and if you can’t meet that standard, that’s ok, a lot of men cannot.”

FACT #22 = Just a Strong Independent Woman getting to grips with the fact that the determined Man she likes is not attracted to her. Oh well.

ADVICE #22 = See Advice #6.


PRETENSION #23 = Allegedly there are men contacting her on “social” media and asking, “what would it take to be with someone like you? what would it take to be with your friends”. Then she continues, “in order to have a shot with a girl like me or girls like my friends…’”

FACT #23 = She really can’t stop thinking that she and her friends are the prize, and she uses the low-value attention provided by needy SJWs/simps on “social” media to reinforce that thesis of hers.

ADVICE #23 = See Advice #20.


PRETENSION #24 = To be with Tomi or with her friends, you need to show that,  “you can handle women with standards, it’s not going to turn you off, you are going to put in the effort to be with somebody like myself or my friends, we deserve that, and we will not compromise our standards.”

FACT #24 = A male human being (“man” is too much here) needs to be severely effeminate and unquestionably submissive to want to share the bed with a woman talking like that.

ADVICE #24 = See Advice #6.


PRETENSION #25 = “I’ll tell you this: it will be a cool day in hell when I chase a man, and I know it is the same things for my friends as well. And if my friends are listening, and they are thinking of chasing a man, for the love of God, do not.”

FACT #25 = She is just reminding the world that she and her friends are Strong Independent Women Who Need No Men®. By the way, at this point of the video she is pretty much screaming in anger.

ADVICE #25 = See Advice #21.


PRETENSION #26 = “There is not one single man on planet Earth that is worth making feel any woman feel like she is not good enough.”

FACT #26 = If we define a “woman” as a respectful female human being full of humility and good intentions, then she’s right. Problem is though, combative and entitled harpies can’t really be mixed in with the wonderful women out there, can they? And as such, it’s actually wise to make those disdainful and condescending harpies feel as not enough, because they are surely not “women” enough.

ADVICE #26 = See Advice #6.


PRETENSION #27 = “We have all dealt with men who treat us like we are not worth enough. No, the problem is that we are too enough, and you can’t handle it.”

FACT #27 = As I was saying above, the sooner Feminist Cognitive Dissonance gets added to the DMS together with the other personality diseases, the better. On a side note, Social Media Dependency Disorder needs to be recognised as a real disorder as well.

ADVICE #27 = See Advice #7.


And this is it for the un-reframing exercise. Needless to say, the reason why Tomi is so bitter and resentful is because she has finally discovered the falseness of the Original Feminist Lie, that lie being the “dream” which was sold to young girls that they could have transformed themselves into sub-par masculine creatures, and the proper Men out there would have still been attracted to them.


I’m actually tempted to re-register on Twitter just to send this post to Tomi herself, but I doubt she will have the chance of reading my message first, and this post then.

Tomi, if you are reading, no hard feelings. The un-reframing I’ve done is for the best, because if on one side your generation cannot be saved, no doubt about it, the next generations of girls who have not turned say five/ten years old yet, those girls and Western society as a whole can still be saved, if we act now.

[1] Wikipedia – DMS

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