Happy Birthday High Value Day Game!!

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday High Value Day Game,

Happy Birthday to you!!

Today High Value Day Game gets one year old, and I’ve arranged a little something to celebrate the milestone.

A little something to celebrate the milestone

One year has already passed since launching this blog, and the most interesting thing is that never could I have imagined that after one year I would still be writing here!!

That’s right, because reaching this milestone was never on the agenda to start with. Rather, the idea was to do a knowledge dump proj… ehm, I meant the idea was to do a knowledge sharing project, in order to share relevant learnings and thoughts from my journey, and that plan of mine came with three big advantages:

● Offload all the disorderly learnings/thoughts from my head
● Structure those learnings/thoughts in an orderly format
● Share those learnings/thoughts with other Cool Guys and with Cool Guys In The Making

Most of the work should have been done by March, and then by May/June the entire project should have been completed, after sharing some more insights about my spring daygame activities and the relevant learnings from them.

That was the original plan.

But then, as you may know already, on February I got distracted by different things, and on March I decided to temporarily mothball the entire project, because I had bigger fish to fry on one side, and I had lost inspiration to write on the other side.

For five months straight, I really couldn’t be bothered to write anything for the blog. And incidentally, that made me realise that, should I have been somehow forced to keep writing posts instead, I would have resented this blog just like I resent the corporate rat race. And this is why it’s so important to find an escape plan, and to start living life as a real “free man”, rather than the counterfeit version of it pushed by society.

Anyway, moving back to lighter topics, in August inspiration stroke again, and I started writing posts at full steam once again, also because free time is quite abundant right now, as you can imagine. This isn’t going to last forever, hopefully, and as such I’d better strike while the iron is hot. We are now well ahead in the Game section, and with every post a new chapter gets added to the book which I’m writing in blog format. And since I’m basically writing a book here, pretty much never talking of what currently goes on in my life when it comes to girls, let me share some insights with you.

By the end of April, it became fully clear to me that 2020 would have been a write-off, not only in terms of getting girls, but also in terms of any other social activity pretty much. I’ve been living like a hermit since March, because I need to pay particular attention due to health, and this has created a huge amount of free time available to progress on the multiple interests of mine, one of which is this blog. It’s incredible how much stuff I got done in the seven months of lockdown so far, it’s incredible indeed. And another incredible thing is just how magical the city centre can be without all the crowd and all the noise, and during the nationwide lockdown I had the city centre all to myself pretty much, it was fantastic!

In the grand scheme of things, what I’ve really missed so far is going to the gym first, going back home to see my family the odd time then, and being able to stop a cute girl when I feel like finally. You could argue that nothing prevents me from stopping a girl right now, and technically speaking that would be true, but I’d argue back that doing so would be pretty retarded. First of all, daygame is not that easy to start with, never mind adding some extra diffidence on the girls’ side due to fear of the virus and all the social conditioning which goes with it. Then, the point of doing daygame is not approaching a certain number of girls in order to update a spreadsheet afterwards, but rather approaching a certain number of girls to find some who are willing to come out on a date with you, then back home with you, and finally to have sex with you: this is all well and good, if it wasn’t for the “minor detail” that we are in the middle of a pandemic, and as such that level of closeness with a complete stranger is best avoided. Finally, a girl who lets herself being picked up by a complete stranger in the middle of a pandemic, let’s just say that I’ll give her a miss.

Anyway, the pandemic is like the Tesla share price folly: eventually it will be over. And actually guys, the pandemic will be over much sooner compared to when the Tesla share price starts making sense again, because this latter situation is purely linked to the Greater Fool Theory, while the quest to have the vaccine ready is not.

As such, it’s important to keep the Fundamentals sharp for when the day we are able to freely hit the streets again finally comes.

In terms of building muscle, on March and April I kept training religiously four times a week in my lounge. Then in May and June I was erratic in my workout schedule, and in July/August I couldn’t be bothered anymore, since training at home isn’t exactly fun compared to training at the gym. In September I found some renewed motivation and I started training again four times a week religiously, and I’m confident I will keep this rhythm until the end of the pandemic, because I’ve thought of a few tricks to make the home workouts more enjoyable.

In terms of the workouts themselves, my current routine is:

Upper Body A:

● Dumbbell Bench Press = 3×8
● Military Press = 3×8
● Incline Dumbbell Bench Press = 3×10
● Lateral Raises 1 arm = 2×15
● Dumbbell Curl = 3×12
● Triceps Extensions = 2×15

Lower Body A:

● Romanian Deadlift = 4×8
● Lunges = 4×10

Upper Body A = Upper Body B

Lower Body B:

● Lunges = 4×10

As you can see, all the Upper Body exercises are of the “push” type, and there is nothing in terms of “pull”, which makes sense when considering that “pull” exercises are done with special machines at the gym, or with a bar for push-ups/chin-ups. In terms of Lower Body, I’m not doing any Squat, which is bad, but setting up a squat rack here in my apartment would really be an overkill, and my lounge would be too crammed then.

I bought all the gym equipment at Decathlon, and with roughly 110 euro I got myself a good bench and a good dumbbell kit. You can go directly to the Decathlon website of the country you live in, and look for these reference numbers:

● Dumbbell kit = 8491831
● Incline bench = 8380453
● Extra disk weights = 1042303

Needless to say, when you start lifting weights again after a pause, you need to start again from ridiculously low weights, because Gym Rule #1 is extremely relevant in that circumstance: don’t injure yourself. Just to give you an idea, I started the Military Press at -60% of the pre-lockdown weight, because while I was doing the pre-set warm-up, I noticed I had a strange pain on my right pec, a strange pain on my right lat, and a strange pain around some right ribs – I guess I was a bit too stiff in July and August… As such, I decided to take it extremely easy, and I re-started at -60% set weight. Session after session, the muscles relaxed and the pain went away, and currently I’m at only -35% there.

In terms of Diet Plan, I obviously needed to scale down my Macros, since I burn much less in a continuous lockdown situation. Here’s how I revised my Diet Plan:


And this is the new weekly average caloric intake:


As you can see, I’m currently eating roughly 400 Kcal less every day, and I’m not differentiating between training days and rest days. If you remember the guidelines provided when discussing my Macros, there should be a difference between training days and rest days, but considering that back in August I was surely closer to 15% body fat rather than the 12% target, I decided not to increase Carbs on training days, because before doing any future bulking, I surely want to go back to 12% first.

In terms of haircut, I’ve been cutting the hair by myself since March, and actually it’s a pretty interesting experience, because it gives me full control over the haircut. On the sides and on the back things are really straightforward, electric razor 5-7 mm and all is good, while on the top I have dedicated scissors. The execution is surely subpar, no doubts about it, but I’ve had the opportunity to experiment different things, and as of now I have the hair a bit longer than usual on the top. That is quite a good thing indeed, since it elongates the shape of my face even more, and once I eventually go back to the saloon, I will suggest to my hairdresser to do the same. He has the final say on my haircut, because he’s gay and he has a better sense of masculine beauty compared to me, hence I fully trust his judgement.

And this is it guys, let’s keep the Fundamentals sharp while waiting for the situation to go back to normal.

Before wrapping up the post, I wanted to remind you that donations are always appreciated – donations to yourself that is: donate yourself a healthy body by eating well and doing regular physical activity; donate yourself some positivity by not reading the news and by cutting out of your life ill-intentioned people who transmit you negativity; donate yourself some quality free time by ditching pointless and demoralising activities; donate yourself some mental wellbeing by steering clear of SJW echo chambers and keyboard jockey hugboxes online.

More actionable posts are coming, but for today let’s just enjoy the celebration!



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