Glasses and Sunglasses: common mistakes

Two things to avoid, and one to get

There is some unawareness and/or misinformation when it comes to choosing the right pair of glasses or sunglasses. In particular, when someone goes for one of the following items, they are making a mistake:

Round glasses
✗ Non-polarized lenses (sunglasses)
✗ Blue lenses (sunglasses) Continue reading “Glasses and Sunglasses: common mistakes”

I’m not taking a shot at you

I’m just expressing my view on the matter

Earlier on today, while I was writing the guide on maximising Looks [1], I kept thinking of the “no affiliate links in here” post, and I felt compelled to add a couple of sentences there to clarify an important point. Because here in the blog, as in my real life, I come on strong with my own opinions. And in my everyday life, having learnt the art of reading body language quite effectively, I can clearly see that some people are “offended” by the fact that I have some strong opinions, when those strong opinions of mine are not aligned with theirs that is. Continue reading “I’m not taking a shot at you”

Happiness is only in the present moment

Common problems with visualization and future projections

This is the first of the two posts I need to share with you before starting to write my advice on how to maximize the three pillars supporting High Value (Looks, Vibe, Social Calibration). Let’s consider this scenario: it has been long time since you last did any kind of sport, and you have now decided to join a gym. This time around you are taking things seriously, and after two weeks of regular workouts you start noticing little changes in your body already. It feels amazing, the results are showing already! And it can only get better! You get carried away, and start projecting a future image of you looking just like the jacked dude you saw on some advertisement. Continue reading “Happiness is only in the present moment”

Peripheral vision is mandatory

Playing the game on an equal footing

Imagine this situation: there is a waiting room with one single row of four seats aligned next to the wall, and a man is sitting down  _ M _ _ . A woman enters the room, greets the man out of politeness, and sits down to his right leaving one empty seat between them  _ M _ F . The man has noticed the woman is kind of hot. They both look at their phones for one minute, then he has an urge to have another quick scan at her. He thinks she won’t notice since she keeps looking at her phone, and he not-so-discretely turns his head around by 90 degrees. Needless to say, she catches him doing so, hence he loses and she wins. Continue reading “Peripheral vision is mandatory”

The importance of understanding body language

Introducing a new dimension in your reality

Roughly ten years ago, for reasons that had nothing to do with girls, I decided to learn the art of reading body language. At the time I was thinking of going into management consulting, and I thought that kind of skill could have been useful in my toolkit. In the end I did not become a management consultant, but I developed a new and invaluable skill – the ability to understand people’s feelings and emotions without them saying anything. Continue reading “The importance of understanding body language”