The most pointless click of your life

Things will get better, eventually

Back in the day when I was still listening to music through YouTube, one day I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while listening to the music through my external speaker connected to the iMac via Bluetooth. I had launched an initial song, and then the autoplay would have taken care of playing other songs on similar genre one after the other. All proceeded normally for quite a while, until the music stopped. Strange. Continue reading “The most pointless click of your life”

I’m not taking a shot at you

I’m just expressing my view on the matter

Earlier on today, while I was writing the guide on maximising Looks [1], I kept thinking of the “no affiliate links in here” post, and I felt compelled to add a couple of sentences there to clarify an important point. Because here in the blog, as in my real life, I come on strong with my own opinions. And in my everyday life, having learnt the art of reading body language quite effectively, I can clearly see that some people are “offended” by the fact that I have some strong opinions, when those strong opinions of mine are not aligned with theirs that is. Continue reading “I’m not taking a shot at you”

Women show us how they use Tinder

Thanks for that, much appreciated

Let me kick off this post starting from the conclusion: if you live in the Western world and you don’t legitimately look like a male model, or at the very least like the newly created figure of the “male instagram model” [1], then don’t even bother with online dating (and by the way, deluding yourself into thinking that you look like that doesn’t count). And let me follow up with a promise: this will be my last post on Western world online dating before moving on to some more productive topics. Continue reading “Women show us how they use Tinder”

Understanding women: after online dating

Newly single in summer 2017, I quickly realised that during the six years I spent in a relationship quite a few things had appeared on the market: a bunch of dating apps led by Tinder on one side, a variety of “social” platforms the most deleterious of which was certainly Instagram on the other side. I must say that I’m not into “social” networks myself, hence the effects of these new platforms on everyday life had been transparent to me until that point in time [1]. Continue reading “Understanding women: after online dating”