Nightgame venue selection

When I went back into nightgame, the first month or so I kept going always to the same place, and I was staying there all night. That place looked similar to the ones I used to frequent when I was single a few years earlier, the only difference being that at the time I was going out with my cool group of friends, and now I had just arrived alone in a different country. Continue reading “Nightgame venue selection”

My “secret” nightgame openers

Two for the venues, one for the street

You have just entered a not-so-big cocktail bar. The lights are low, some catchy music is playing in the background, and there is a good vibe overall. Some people are standing up, sipping their drinks while talking to their friends, some are gathered around the high tables spread throughout the venue, and some are sitting down on the sofas next to the walls. Continue reading “My “secret” nightgame openers”

Nightgame “Quick Turnaround” Method

Especially good when going out alone

When I went back into the dating market roughly 30 months ago, online dating and nightgame were my initial default options for meeting some new girls, and I’d say most guys tend to follow a similar pattern initially. Fact is, in terms of “barriers to approach” nightgame and especially online dating are much more forgiving compared to other types of Game. Continue reading “Nightgame “Quick Turnaround” Method”