Getting the Fundamentals right

High Value, as defined in this blog, is made of three pillars:

● Looks
● Vibe
● Social Calibration

And these are the relevant guides to bring them up to scratch:

I – Maximising your Looks
II – Constructing a dominant Vibe
III – Sharpening your Social Calibration

Some things can give a rapid boost to your Fundamentals, like implementing the quick wins related to Looks, and paying attention to the external conscious movements related to Vibe. Other things, like building muscle, haircut, Inner Core Vibe, Social Calibration, etc, require more time.

Fashion is particularly important because, together with grooming, is where you can have the quickest boost to your Looks. When it comes to fashion, these are the things to pay attention to:


If you wear glasses or use sunglasses, also make sure you avoid some common mistakes there.

Building muscle can greatly enhance both your physique and your masculine Vibe. I’d recommend you go at the gym with the Daygamer’s gym outfit, and it’s also important for you remember the Rules of the Gym at all times:

#1 = Don’t injure yourself
#2 = Warm-up
#3 = Proper technique
#4 = Progressive overload

Nutrition diet is also extremely important, and here is some info that may come in useful when building your bulking diet plan:

My Macros
My Diet Plan

In the Links page, you can also find the most important external sources which I personally used back in the day to get my Fundamentals back on track, and whose information I still use every day.

Armed with all this knowledge , you can now start your Improvement Journey to max out your Fundamentals, or you can make some refinements to your already ongoing journey. In both cases, just make sure you are aware of the five phases typical of an Improvement Journey, in order to understand where you are in the process, and what to do to move all the way to the top.

At the beginning of your journey and all the way through, always remember that:

Happiness is only in the present moment
Effort vs. Result is non-linear
There is such a concept of “being good enough”

And also, in preparation to going back into Game, you can start:

● Reading body language
Practicing peripheral vision

For the full list of all posts ever released in this category, have a look at the index of the Fundamentals section.