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This blog focuses on self-improvement and increasing success with women.

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Getting the Fundamentals right

If you are a regular, feel free to skip directly to the Blog for the latest posts, or to the Index of all posts by category. And always remember what we covered in the section on Fundamentals, since it’s the foundation over which everything else is built upon.

The signature dish in here is daygame, and I will write on the subject extensively, sharing practical and actionable things, but I need to complete the section on Fundamentals first: the two “High Value” words are there for a reason.

If you are more of a nightgame kind of guy, nothing to worry about: in due time I will write on that as well, and it will be what you need to either get you started or improve your results, and more. And I will also explain why I decided to write nightgame off after extensive experimenting, but I’m getting ahead of myself now (you will read these last few words fairly often around here…). [update: I wrote four actionable posts on nightgame and you can get started looking at my openers]

My “secret” Nightgame openers

If your area of expertise is online dating, there is something for you as well in this blog. I welcome you to the one and only daygame blog in the entire World Wide Web where one single Tinder post has been viewed many more times than all the other posts put together (so much for daygame and self-improvement…). [note: that’s actually no longer true]

Women show us how they use Tinder

And now a few words about me: I’m 33 [or at least I was in 2019 when I launched the blog], and two years ago I went back into the SMP after a six-year LTR. What I found was a dating scene which had changed quite significantly in the meantime: new dating apps, new social platforms, different social conditioning. After quickly writing off online dating first and nightgame next, I went back to meeting girls in the most beautiful and most natural way of all: during the day. I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and I’m here to share learnings and thoughts from my journey with you.

Everything you read on this website comes from my first-hand experience. All learnings have been carefully reflected upon and field-tested by me, where relevant. And considering that I’m here “only” to share my ideas and not to make a buck, you won’t find anything for sale around here, not even affiliate links, since I decided to keep the message as pure as it gets.

The posts are divided into the following four main categories:

● Out of the matrix = Life
● Building your aura = Fundamentals
● Using your aura = Game
● Diary

Then there is an additional category which is still in the making, plus an off-topic section:

Readers’ questions

I tend to reflect quite a lot on what I experience and what I see around me, and my opinions are solid as a result. Still, at times I may come on a bit strong with my position: if you ever feel like my words are either attacking you or criticising you, please remember that I’m not taking a shot at you, I’m just expressing my view on the matter.

Feedback is always appreciated, whether just to say “thank you” or to suggest improvements, so feel free to contact me. And also, feel free to subscribe to the mailing list to receive notifications by email and never miss a post ever again.


PS: it should be clear by now, but just to stress it a bit more. This blog is not of the male-hamstering feel-good type, nor of the “get-laid-quick” type, hence I’m afraid you won’t find any of that in here, if that’s what you are looking for. On the contrary, if you are looking to improve yourself both as a person and in terms of image first, and increase your success with women then, you have come in the right place my friend :)

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