Using your aura


• Comparing different types of Game
• Male Attractiveness Scale

Reading Girls’ Signals

• Indicators of Attraction
• Diva IOAs
• Bitchy IOAs
• Indicators of Disinterest
• Approach Invitations

Understanding Girls

• Most girls only want your attention
• They don’t make mistakes. They don’t do random.
• Her sexual availability
• Social Pressure: a big thing for girls
• Don’t treat girls like commodities
• Three reasons she will sleep with you

Screening Girls

• Types of girls
• My letter to a Diva
• The Dealbreaker Triangle
• Screening types
• Girls I can’t be bothered with
• Female Attractiveness Scale

Routine Circle Game

• Introducing Routine Circle Game
• The Law of Equilibrium of Interests
• The 1-2-3 Method
• Escalating teases


• My daygame opener
• After the opener


• Nightgame “Quick Turnaround” Method
• My “secret” nightgame openers
• Nightgame venue selection
• Common mistakes in nightgame

Online Dating

• Women show us how they use Tinder

Various Coolness

• A brilliant idea

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