The most pointless click of your life

Things will get better, eventually

Back in the day when I was still listening to music through YouTube, one day I was preparing lunch in the kitchen while listening to the music through my external speaker connected to the iMac via Bluetooth. I had launched an initial song, and then the autoplay would have taken care of playing other songs on similar genre one after the other. All proceeded normally for quite a while, until the music stopped. Strange. Continue reading “The most pointless click of your life”

The importance of walking the right way

The first time I thought about writing this post was back in March, when the pandemic started spreading throughout Europe and we started wearing masks. Something fairly surprising happened when I started going around with the mask, and part of me really wanted to share that good news with you, since it’s good news for anyone interested in improving his Fundamentals really, but at the time I refrained from writing this post for two reasons. Continue reading “The importance of walking the right way”