Men’s Fashion rule #3 – Fabrics

The conversation on men’s fashion gets a little more complex now. And when you look at the level of details we are going to cover in this post, it will be clear why, after you have put a lot of effort into maximising your Fundamentals, you can afford to “just be yourself” with the girls, catching smiles and glances left and right as the day goes by, being catcalled the odd time, and having life literarily smiling at you: you have become a much better version of yourself. You have put a lot of effort in the process, to then have some meaningful results out of the very same process. Continue reading “Men’s Fashion rule #3 – Fabrics”

Men’s Fashion rule #2 – Fit

After identifying the fashion Style(s) you want to adopt, the next step is for you to start looking for the relevant clothes to buy. This part can take some time, or at least it took some time in my case, because as I kept trying clothes and doing online searches, I wasn’t compromising on what I was looking for with what was available in the shops in town. Continue reading “Men’s Fashion rule #2 – Fit”

The Daygamer’s gym outfit

Distinguishing yourself the right way

The gym can be an interesting place to meet girls, if you do things right. It’s actually one of my favourite daygame environments, and I will write several dedicated posts about it when I finally start writing on Game. That moment is getting closer guys, but for the time being we need to wrap up the section on Fundamentals first, since the gist of my game is letting my Fundamentals do most of the work for me, or at the very least most of the initial work. Hence, in this post we will focus exclusively on getting the gym outfit right. Continue reading “The Daygamer’s gym outfit”

Gym rule #1 – Don’t injure yourself

Three years ago, I went back to the gym and started training regularly again after five years of inactivity. Yes, you read it right, five years of inactivity! Not that there were any medical reasons why I couldn’t do sport, but rather it was the case of me having gone through two different extremes during those years. Continue reading “Gym rule #1 – Don’t injure yourself”