What is High Value?

Simply put, High Value is what gets people to notice you and remember you. It’s what gets you a constant stream of attention throughout the day, what gets people to be kinder to you and treat you better [1] [2], what gets a sales assistant to remember the model of trousers you bought when you last visited the shop one year prior, you get the idea. High Value is what to aim for.

So, the next question is, how do you develop High Value? Continue reading “What is High Value?”

Women show us how they use Tinder

Thanks for that, much appreciated

Let me kick off this post starting from the conclusion: if you live in the Western world and you don’t legitimately look like a male model, or at the very least like the newly created figure of the “male instagram model” [1], then don’t even bother with online dating (and by the way, deluding yourself into thinking that you look like that doesn’t count). And let me follow up with a promise: this will be my last post on Western world online dating before moving on to some more productive topics. Continue reading “Women show us how they use Tinder”

Understanding women: after online dating

Newly single in summer 2017, I quickly realised that during the six years I spent in a relationship quite a few things had appeared on the market: a bunch of dating apps led by Tinder on one side, a variety of “social” platforms the most deleterious of which was certainly Instagram on the other side. I must say that I’m not into “social” networks myself, hence the effects of these new platforms on everyday life had been transparent to me until that point in time [1]. Continue reading “Understanding women: after online dating”

Understanding women: before online dating

I grew up in a very traditional and loving family, and since when I was a little kid I was taught to follow the rules and behave respectfully towards others, and I was also urged to study hard, get high grades at school, and do sport. Long story short, I was raised as a typical Nice Guy, and if on one side the happy ending of the journey was never explicity mentioned, on the other side it was always implied nevertheless: you will graduate with very high grades (this part happened) so that you will find a very good job (this happened as well), and you will meet a caring woman who will become your loving wife and with whom you will start a family and live happily ever after. Too bad that by the time I finished the university and got a job, that sort of mindset on marriage and family was outdated by at least 20 years… Continue reading “Understanding women: before online dating”

What?! Another pick-up website??

And this would be a very legitimate question indeed, my dear reader. The World Wide Web is currently clogged by material revolving around the modern intersexual dynamics, and just by looking at the sheer volume of resources available online on that subject, one can quickly get an idea that something is not quite right. Because if things were right, there would be no need talk so extensively about it. Continue reading “What?! Another pick-up website??”